On Monday Morning of this long weekend here in South Aust we will be holding a sweat lodge for women for the new moon in Pisces to followed by an invocation to Kukulcan – the Mayan deity – for vision, connection and strength utilising a stone struck by lightening to open the third eye to vision.

This shall begin at 9am at the sweat site in the Vales and that gives you plenty of time to get there from the city as you will catch the freeway down!

moon in pisces

This moon is very powerful with both Sun and Moon in Pisces and as it transits this constellation we again are all called to sleep, to dream, [or to drink and escape!!]

It will affect us all in different ways depending on your natal chart but is some way or other it is an invitation to enter the dream world and be still as the boundaries between this and other dimensions blur and dissolve.

It can call us to the spiritual or artistic within, the muse and the mystic of our internal world to come to us in edge of reality, on the edge of dreams, on the edge of our visions – to awaken our creative spirit and let it guide us.

Now is the time to draw on your helpers on all levels of your existence to make the most of these energies rather than lose yourself in them.


Meditating in a sweat lodge, followed by an ancient ritual to access the Godhead within, the combination of earth and sky, sun and moon, yin and yang, bird and snake – in the form of the feathered serpent Kukulcan – to awaken us to our vision, to lift us up for another step in our spiritual journey, our creativity or divine expression.

This moons’ trine with the north node means we can gain a foothold into our own future of a truly aware kind and how cool could that be! Let the dreams of this beautiful water sign take you to heights, not to depths and this will serve you well for the next stage of your journey.

planeary alignment

This is a cracker of a day in fact – with Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Neptune and Chiron all joining the moon in this Piscean energy – ramping up the divine energies of home coming, dissolving the mundane boundaries and allowing us to see that we are part of a much bigger reality unfolding.

This is a true opportunity to be the bridge between heaven and earth!! A glorious moment to let go of the past, of grudges, wounds and all other illusions.

lightning on stone

The sweat itself will be followed by time in the medicine wheel outside during which we will do a ritual with Kukulcan as diviner – seeking what we need as the equinox approaches, the magnetic field is diminished and information flows much more readily to us from the divine source that we are.

Taking a stone from the source and connecting it to a stone struck by lightning [lightning being the source of all life and awakening in this pantheon] we shall indeed open ourselves up to the vision from within, for the season and year ahead!

The stone chosen will then go home with us for us to decorate and remind us of the vision received and to carry the energy of the lightning itself for creation and manifestation of the vision.

fruit platter

So all in all, this shall be a beautiful morning and ceremony – all held early before the heat of the day reaches us – to be followed by a simple feast of fruit and goodies for breakfast before we go about the day.

It is a truly beautiful way to start the day and as you are now near the beach and the wine trails – perfect after all this to go for a swim, follow a wine trail or three or any thing else that may intrigue you in this beautiful part of the world.

There is some info on the sweat below and if you wish to come to this lovely day, contact me at prue.blackmore@thrivebydesign.com.au for instructions and directions and for only $20 and a plate of something yummy to share for breakfast, you can begin the new season from a grounded and connected place.

spirit matter
The sweat lodge encompasses both beginnings and endings.

Each time we take part in a ceremony, we take a journey to the centre of our being, joined with the others in the sweat lodge and yet also alone. It is about birth, death and rebirth. We change as a result of participating.
During the ceremony, much will be asked of you. It may be hot, dark and claustrophobic. But each of us needs to call upon our inner strength (not bravado) and move into and through the discomfort with quiet dignity. Indeed, dignity is a central value in the sweat lodge.Great richness flows from maintaining this focus.

We chant to help us concentrate on the journey and not the uncomfortable physical environment and our fears. Chanting also helps us to breathe easily and to compose ourselves.
Physiologically, the lodge helps to tune the autonomic nervous system, creating a new internal balance, smoothing out the peaks and lows of emotional and energetic changes.
Psychologically, it fosters feelings of well being, peace and self-worth. It is a powerful tool for growth and also for specific kinds of life difficulties, emotional turbulence and trauma.
There is an intrinsic value arising from participation in the sweat lodge. It is a powerful healing tool.

moon goddess

The Moon represents the physical manifestation of the Goddess.
The Moon Goddess created time with all the cycles of creation, growth, decline and destruction.
The Dark Moon symbolises death, the void, transformation and rebirth.
The Dark Moon sweat lodge is a celebration of great mystery. It represents the fruitful darkness from which all creation flows.
The Moon represents the subtle yet powerful force of cycles upon the planet and our bodies.
As she shifts the tides, she shifts our receptivity. The dark moon is a time to retreat, to meditate, to claim this power the power that creates all form.
We enter the lodge to hear the voices of grandmother moon. We emerge strong with the knowledge of our power and the truth of who we are.