april sweat - pele

This Sunday at 3.30pm we will be celebrating the coming New Moon in Aries – sign of new beginnings – new renewals and awakening to the self.

The God [Mars] and Goddess [Venus] are still both together here and this cycle of dance between them has just begun a two year orbit of coming together – which of course symbolises the energies of these two coming together within you. These are powerful planetary alignments and are supported by the Yod [finger of god] continuing through the month and the beginning of the eclipse cycle for late april and may.

april swewat - sun and moon

And with both the sun and moon here in Aires supported by the master of sudden and unusual movements Uranus – well the stage is set for a wonderful combination of energies to celebrate the new zodiac year and our movement towards winter.

So on this night ladies we shall dance with the goddess Pele and all her wonderment. The Pantheon of Polynesia and Melanesia are considered in mythological terms as the remnants of the ancient world of Lemuria.

Worlds built by the ancient fire of volcanoes, immersed in deep and vast oceans. A people deeply immersed in the the natural world forged from this fire and water, yin and yang – focused on the balance between the two forces of god / goddess – masculine and feminine and the thinking heart that results from this.

On this night we will encounter the souls journey as it is supported by the gods and goddesses of the oceans, volcanoes and nature.

april sweat - aumakua

We shall journey with the Aumakua – our spirit connection – and utilising traditional methods we shall journey to that which is ready to transform using sound to embrace and bring to light that which is not yet seen.  We shall journey around the medicine wheel and acknowledge what Kane brought the people.

The oceans into the care of Kanaloa, the storms that wash things clean and bring life into the care of Tawhiri, the care and safety of the people from invaders and from breaking the Tapu’s [taboos]  into the care of Dakuwaga the shark god, the forests and food to eat to Ka and Lono and the fire of the belly of the earth – the volcano from which the mother herself grows the earth upon which we walk – builder an destroyer – into the care of Pele.

Ike – the world is what you think it is

Kala – there are not limits

Makia – energy flows where attention goes

Mana Wa – Now is the moment of power

Aloha – Heart, love, connection.

Mana – all power comes from within

Pono – effectiveness is the measure of truth.

april sweat - fire of anger

And we shall invoke Pele as we journey – the sleeping power of a volcano in waiting – the power of patience and its ability to surrender – the release of the built up years of feminine anger, that must be released if we are to come home to balance.

We shall dance upon the lava and let it rise through the chakras filling them with magma for release and cleansing. Then the final release and the replacement of that energy with something else – something new and gentle.

And then we shall encounter her – Pele – in the heat of the sweat and hear her gift for us.

april sweat - kava

And then we shall finish in true polynesian ritual with a bowl of Kava – to honour the Journey and each other.

The sweat lodge encompasses both beginnings and endings. Each time we take part in a ceremony, we take a journey to the centre of our being, joined with the others in the sweat lodge and yet also alone. It is about birth, death and rebirth. We change as a result of participating.

Great richness flows from maintaining this focus. We chant to help us concentrate on the journey and not the uncomfortable physical environment and our fears. Chanting also helps us to breathe easily and to compose ourselves.

Physiologically, the lodge helps to tune the autonomic nervous system, creating a new internal balance, smoothing out the peaks and lows of emotional and energetic changes. Psychologically, it fosters feelings of wellbeing, peace and self-worth. It is a powerful tool for growth and also for specific kinds of life difficulties, emotional turbulence and trauma.

So for only $20 come and join us on this fine and beautiful afternoon – bring a plate of sumptuous food to share after fasting for the day and contact me at prue.blackmore@thrivebydesign.com.au for more details and directions.

Much more in the newsletter coming out over the weekend – I have been so busy translating the conscious parenting programme into a webinar I am waaaaay behind lol

Blessings of the coming moon energies on all xxx