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Solstice Full Moon Sweat and Ceremony


This Saturday the 22nd June we will be holding a Full Moon and Solstice Sweat at 9am – however due to the nature of the ceremony it is important to be there at 8.30am sharp.

At the winter solstice the divine light reaches into us and into the earth, signifying the rebirth of the sun, a new growth cycle begins and we are made ready for a fresh beginning. All that has transpired through the year before can be sorted and released and the new seed of the new sun is implanted as we step into a new cycle of the light, heightened and aware.
when women wake - mountains move

For the women attending the Mid Winter Retreat later that day this will be a wonderful process for opening to be ready for the magical journey ahead for the rest of the weekend!!

super moon

We are well into the Grand Water Trine now and this is powerfully affecting the already strong pull of the Super Moon in Capricorn under the Sun sign of Cancer – known as the Super Moon due to it being the closest to the earth it has been for nearly 3 years now! This will have a strong pull on us all and the grand water trine acutely adds to the energy.

This all is having a powerful effect at this time of the Sun Standing Still or Winter Solstice!

Cancer is most powerfully associated with the Luna or Moon reality and when the Sun is here there is lots of active energy that runs on the feeling state.
Capricorn is oppositional to this state however provides strength and focus for the powerful work of transition and transmutation from the old to the new that is available under these most auspicious of stars for transcendence.

The tides rise and fall based on the pulling power of this energy and so do the emotions as the family and past are observed for anything that needs shedding.
The Wild Hunt

This beautiful Sweat will start the day well for you as we journey in the sacred space of the lodge – riding with the wild hunt – without fear and in exhilaration at the release of all from the end of the solar year and the death of the sun and the summoning of what is to come.

Before we begin there will be a ritual burning of the effigy of all that is being let go of from the year just gone and after the ceremony the ritual of lighting the candle and offering a blessing to the person next to you and the gift of seeds.

As we journey around the medicine wheel in this ceremony it is to cast off the dead wood that binds us to old ways of being.
We seek to know what holds us and we call upon the journey with Spirit and with our personal medicine – our totem, our connection with spirit nature to release these old binds.

To journey to the wall of our obstacles, to see them for what they are – the wounds carried inside us – reflected back to us in the external world for our illumination and release.
To offer them up with gratitude for all that they have taught us and then to flow within the earth – deep within the womb to connect with all that is.

And then to connect with our ancestors and guides to inform us how to bring this new world into life.

spiritual rebirth
The grand water trine which began on June 11th has Jupiter lining up in Cancer [from the 26th] along with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces and all three of these outer giants all in retro now facilitating a deep introspection and connection with the divine self to guide your journey back to remembrance of who you really are.

Jupiter in Cancer will open up the past for you – to examine who you are, where have you come from, what fires forged you and what connections matter. It will facilitate an expansion of security and groundedness based on where you have come from – over the whole of your journey on this planet.

Saturn in Scorpio in here continues to push on your relationships and require you to sort the wheat from the chaff and to move beyond the poison of the mind to take responsibility not just for yourself but for your co-operation with others – to work towards a better understanding in relationship and to bring this into the world as well from a place of love only.

divine nature

And Neptune in Pisces awakens the numinous nature of our being, the mystery of the life force, the fecund, expansive and unfettered imagination of creativity and the soul’s journey here. To remind us of our divine nature and the unconditional love that we truly are – despite appearances to the contrary and the story we are told. This powerful energy asks us to rise above the mundane of our existence and meld with the force that guides us in our transformation.

The transformation Back to who we are. Creator gods – beginning to work out how powerfully we have been conditioned to think a certain way to maintain the status quo – without awareness of our power or our susceptibility to such manipulation – but not for much longer.

The three retro planets together reveal a serious review of our terrors of change, our blind spots, our addictions and denials. However the power of Neptune is again to remind us of the collective – the recognition that is powerfully growing – that we are all one reality, one consciousness, that we create it all absolutely – we are simply conditioned to create in a certain way that is powerfully destructive and conducive to forgetting who we are.

It is an opportunity to enter the collective womb as it were and truly examine what is working for us and what is not. A rebirth will follow – from the powerful, primal, formless, fruitful darkness of the magnetic feminine void – the place of mystery from which all creation flows.

So do come and connect with yourself and with all – for release and renewal. Jump the bonfire back into life, plummet into your true nature and divine essence and return to the world one step closer to the transformation that is coming – as inevitable as the light returns from the dark at the Winter Solstice.

violet flame

And as a special treat we are working to have a special guest present that day to lead us in meditation as part of the ceremony. This is not confirmed yet but with all good juju working with us we will have a llama from the Tibetan Buddhist journey who has worked for years with the Dalia Llama himself to be with us on this day to bring the blessings of all that journey with him to our journey.

To prepare for this create an effigy during the week of all that you are letting go of out of things of nature that they may be brought to the fire for the letting up and letting go.

Bring a beautiful plate of something scrumptious to eat – involving seeds if possible to represent this time of year. Contact me at or inbox me on facebook if you want to come along and I will send you the mud map!!

goddess and serpent


This Moon Sweat will have us feeling lots of emotions and also quite clouded as Neptune begins its slow moving retrograde turn the day before hand. Which means we are likely to be feeling quite ‘all over the shop’ for this week as we come to this energy!!

This process makes it hard to see the wood for the trees and also to lose sight of our vision for the future. As this is a moon in Gemini – we will be wanting to communicate lots of things however it may be useful to wait until the dust settles and we become a little more focused and grounded before we launch into anything.

Due to all that we are wrestling with this week it is very possible that due to confusion  and a heightened state of awareness we may well easily get caught in arguments or hassles with others so make a point not to engage darker energies that would want to do that both within and without.

goddess blessing

And because of the Grand Water Trine beginning next week it will also open the doors to the inner knowing very powerfully. This moon prepares the way very powerfully for the coming Solstice and the rising of the Sacred Feminine if you engage it well!

[And we still have some places left for the Mid Winter retreat for women so let me know if you want to come for this Super Moon in Cancer is all about the watery rising of this.]

winter solstice sign

As the feminine rises up there is much to overthrow in our own conditioning about the feminine and how we must not let it shine – how this is not safe. But rising it is and will not be thwarted now so if you can be open and vulnerable at this time and move through the dark facets of being and relationship that would hold you back then you will open a window to extraordinary vision for your own and the planets future. Observe if you are jealous of another or envious or hateful towards them and remember to own that stuff as your own and romance the shadow enough to make it yours. There is strength in this.

 You will be able to tap into the larger field of consciousness with this moon and allow the heart and mind to meld into a vastly larger awareness beyond the petty and the mundane and see that the rest is all just a part of the process.

New ways of relating are required and healthy boundaries are needed and this may be awkward at first but it too is a necessary step along the way. You will find that you are no longer interested in maintaining one sided friendships or relationships from this moon. There is nothing in it? Then walk away. You are doing all the work? Then walk away.

You must take time for yourself – the world has become insane with us all being on line and available 24 hours and day and we are all becoming quite addicted to it all – checking our pages all the time and having a panic if a gadget is left behind. With a moon in Gemini this awareness will be heightened and it is not necessarily useful. Unplugg now and then – our evolutionary reality has Not kept pace with our technology.

And so with this moon we shall journey to the sacred feminine for vision, for preparation, for seeing what no longer serves and to tap into the larger reality of which we are all a part to see our path as we move towards the rising of the sacred feminine in the world!

sweatlodeg 5

Physiologically, the lodge helps to tune the autonomic nervous system, creating a new internal balance, smoothing out the peaks and lows of emotional and energetic changes. Psychologically, it fosters feelings of well being, peace and self-worth. It is a powerful tool for growth and also for specific kinds of life difficulties, emotional turbulence and trauma.

So for only $20 come and join us on this fine and beautiful morning [it truly is a wonderful way to start the day]  – bring a plate of sumptuous food to share after fasting overnight

Come and join us at the sweat to maximise these beautiful energies as we travel around the medicine wheel to gain vision from the east, strength from the north, healing from the west and insight from our medicine and ancestors in the south and bring all back to the centre of the lodge and the centre of ourselves where we truly discover ourselves as the axis mundi – the tree of life and the bridge between heaven and earth!!


The sweat lodge encompasses both beginnings and endings.
Each time we take part in a ceremony, we take a journey to the centre of our being, joined with the others in the sweat lodge and yet also alone. It is about birth, death and rebirth. We change as a result of participating.

Great richness flows from maintaining this focus. We chant to help us concentrate on the journey and not the uncomfortable physical environment and our fears. Chanting also helps us to breathe easily and to compose ourselves.
Physiologically, the lodge helps to tune the autonomic nervous system, creating a new internal balance, smoothing out the peaks and lows of emotional and energetic changes. Psychologically, it fosters feelings of well being, peace and self-worth. It is a powerful tool for growth and also for specific kinds of life difficulties, emotional turbulence and trauma.
There is an intrinsic value arising from participation in the sweat lodge. It is a powerful healing tool.
The Moon represents the physical manifestation of the Goddess.
The Moon Goddess created time with all the cycles of creation, growth, decline and destruction.
The Dark Moon symbolises death, the void, transformation and rebirth.
The Dark Moon sweat lodge is a celebration of great mystery. It represents the fruitful darkness from which all creation flows.
The Moon represents the subtle yet powerful force of cycles upon the planet and our bodies.
As she shifts the tides, she shifts our receptivity. The dark moon is a time to retreat, to meditate, to claim this power the power that creates all form.
We enter the lodge to hear the voices of grandmother moon. We emerge strong with the knowledge of our power and the truth of who we are.
These Sweats focus on the new moon of each month and the gifts that are available for us to draw upon and bring in to our daily lives.

inbox me or contact me at to get a mud map on how to find us and hope to share the journey with you! xx