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seasonal wheel

OCTOBER 31st – Beltane

Here in the Southern Water based Feminine Hemisphere we are celebrating Beltane while in the northern hemisphere they are celebrating Halloween or Samhain.

This is the first official day of Summer or the Summer Quarter in the Goddess Calendar.

The festival of warming lands, baby animals and birds everywhere and flowers blooming celebrating the fertility of the Goddess and the Fire energy of the God as represented by the Sun returning to full power.

beltane blessing

This is a wonderful time to celebrate what is desired for growth in the summer ahead. A growth in work or new career, babies, a garden full of vegetables, a more loving and compassionate heart.

Celebrated approximately halfway between the spring equinox and the midsummer Solstice – Beltane traditionally marked the arrival of summer in ancient times. The Sun is returned the King from the icy winter’s bondage and bring life renewed to all.


This time [like Halloween] is a time when the veil between this world and all other worlds is thin and we can journey out and all manner of creatures can journey in and magic is rife lol.

The faeries come out of their winter seclusion, the divas return to nourish plant life, a carefree and joyous energy fills the air.

We all begin to stretch and grow and enjoy the fruits of the earth after winters harsh fare. We feel the warm winds return and are drawn to the ocean to bathe in her still cool waters to cleanse from the winters gloom.

Beltane translated means “fire of Bel” or “bright fire” – the “bale-fire”. And is known as the bright and shinning one, a Celtic Sun God. Bel is the father, protector, and the husband of the Mother Goddess.
The Bel fire is a sacred fire with healing and purifying powers.

beltane fire

The fires further celebrate the return of life, fruitfulness to the earth and the burning away of winter.

The main color of Beltane is green.
Green is the color of growth, abundance, plentiful harvest, abundant crops, fertility, and luck. White is another color that is customary. White brings the energies of cleansing, peace, spirituality, and the power to dispel negativity.
Another color is red which brings along the qualities of energy, strength, sex, vibrancy, quickening, health, consummation and retention.
Sun energy, life force and happiness are brought to Beltane by the color yellow.

beltane bread

The foods used to celebrate Beltane are vibrant seasonal fruits and bread filled with spices like cinnamon and cloves etc.

A Beltane Ritual

beltane box

As this is a time for bringing dreams and aspirations to life it can be wonderful to create a magical box to usher in your desires.

Remember that we reap what we sow and so now is a time to let go of what troubles you and put your energy into what you desire.

So get a shoe box [or a similar cardboard box], some rose petals, sunflower and poppy seeds, some brightly coloured paper, a piece of willow and an acorn and a fetish to represent your wish [instructions below]

beltane magic key

Suggested Symbols For Your Wish Box:

Love & Marriage – gingerbread
New Job – copper coin
Abundance – silver coin
Difficult Task – glove
Hearth & Home – thimble
Seeking the Truth – sprig of rosemary
Health, Healing, Renewed Strength – blue & green ribbon entwined
Happiness, Good Luck – cinnamon stick
Seeking Knowledge – apple
To Find A Lost Item – feather
Protection – key (an old iron key is best if you have one)

Now take a piece of paper and write your wish on it while visualizing it coming to life and growing.

You can do this alone or with friends and children or as part of a community.

beltane triple moon

You can decorate the lid of the box with the triple moon, a pentacle, a heart or diamond or any symbol of your choice. Put some holes in the lid to help your wish – your plants to grow lol.

Sprinkle some earth in the box and then what you have written on the paper and your fetish and some of the seeds, willow and acorn.
Cover it all with earth again.
Mix the rose petals with some more of the seeds and scatter it on top. Cover with a final layer of earth – put the lid on [leaving enough seeds for a final layer for when you bury the box]

Planting the Wish

You can do this on the day of the new moon [On Sunday the 3rd here – a most potent eclipsed new moon] or any time after a good downpour to freshen the air and the earth.

Dig a hole a couple of inches deeper than your box and lower it in while concentrating and visualizing your wish already coming true.

beltane spell

Say the following…

“Dreams that lie within the earth – awaken to me now.
Rise and ripen to the sky – the stars await and so do I
I summon you, come home to me – by my will so mote it be
Summer faeries, divas and sprites – unfold for me what is mine by right
With thanks to all that dances with me – gratitude and blessed be”

Remember your wish cannot involve another person – you cannot ask for a specific person to love you for example but you can draw the perfect love to you – in whatever form it takes lol.

Other Beltane Activities

Stay out all night, gathering the green, watch the sunrise and make love. Wash your face in the morning dew.

Dress your home and/or altar with greenery – Ask permission from the tree before you take anything.

Dress a tree. This is the perfect time to go out and celebrate a tree. Especially a hawthorn, rowan or birch – but the tree spirit will welcome you attention whichever kind of tree it is. Sit with it, talk to it, dance around it (maypole), honour the tree and its fertility. Hang ribbons from its branches, each ribbon represents a wish or prayer.

beltane flowers

Flowers, flowers and more flowers. This is the festival of Flora. Make a flower crown to wear – the daisy chain in the simplest of all. Make a traditional flower basket. Fill it with Beltane greenery and all the flowers and herbs you can find. Think about, and honour, their magical and healing properties while you do so. Give it someone you love.

Make some Hawthorn Brandy. You will need a bottle of brandy and at least one cup of hawthorn flowers, plus a little sugar to taste. Mix the ingredients together and leave away from direct light, for at least two weeks. Shake occasionally. Strain, bottle and enjoy. Hawthorn is renowned as a tonic for the heart.

A meditation with Cemunnos the Horned Warrior God


[this is a wonderful meditation to discover both sides of the paradox of your journey – what it is to be the hunter and the hunted – an interesting insight for these awakening times]

You can do this around the medicine wheel or by an alter you regularly use or any other meditative space you use.

Centre your self – regulate your breathing and begin.

You will need a symbolic weapon. This needn’t be large or elaborate. A small stone pendant shaped like an arrow can be used.
Even a pointed stone would do, or a small stick with the point sharpened.

Pick up your symbolic weapon. Hold it in both hands as you invoke the god:

“Cemunnos the mighty – thou art the grey mist, the forests of the green.
Cemunnos, lord of the creatures of the earth – in thee is the sacred victory of my life as seen by me
Cemunnos I await thee”

Stand in meditation, visualizing before you the figure of a horned warrior. He may seem frightening or foreign, but you should not be afraid. He may appear sitting cross-legged on the ground or on an altar, and is frequently joined by one or more animals.

Hold out your weapon to him:

“Cemunnos – ancient god – accept this gift in thy honour – may my actions be swift and true as the arrow of the hunter – show me what I need to know”

Remain in meditation for a moment, concentrating on the forest surrounding you. Hold your sacred weapon in your dominant (power) hand (for most people, the right), with the point facing outward and your arm extended

“I am the hunter!”

Journey now with the god and see what is there to be hunted down – complete the journey with him.

Observe everything and when it is done, write it down.

Put your symbolic weapon in your non-dominant hand, with the point facing toward yourself. Take a few steps backward, and with each one repeat:

“I am the hunted!”

Visualize yourself as a forest animal, the target of hunters.
You can be any animal (a deer can be most useful but trust your instincts), choose one with whom you have some knowledge and feel some understanding or resonance.

What do you do to preserve your life?

This may depend quite a bit on the nature of the animal you have chosen.

This time, do not let your unconscious decide the outcome.
Decide that you will escape from the hunters, and visualize yourself doing so.

beltane writing

Write down what you have learned – thank Cemunnos and release him back to the wild.

beltane trick or treat

And because we are all under the global influence of the American reality – of course most people will be looking at this night as Halloween – so have your bags of goodies ready for any small people that come knocking for they are not yet aware of the reality of it all lol xx

sun in scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio Annual Solar Eclipse –  a Sweat for Women to be held Sat 2nd Nov at 10 am and a sweat for men to be held with Lez at 8.30am on Sunday 3rd at 8.30am [Full Moon sweats are mixed]

On November 1st there is another major hit of the Uranus – Pluto phenomenon – forming an exact square – just two days before the Solar Eclipsed New Moon in Scorpio – hang on to your hats peeps – the cosmic weather is about to get a little stormy lol.

The intense revolutionary and unexpected reality of Uranus in Aries will be powerfully working to tear down the authoritarian institutions of the world as symbolized by Pluto in Capricorn and all of this fed by intense, unpredictable, rising from the depths of who knows where, passionate, Scorpio reality – bringing new beginnings to wild madness – as with all new moons and the solar eclipse is now to bring into reality that which was gained at the lunar eclipse last month lol.

scorpio eclipse

The likelihood of regional warfare, the economy, pharma-medical madness is all likely to hit the headlines over the rest of the year folks and it is all ok remember – this is what we came for!

This is the fourth of seven direct hits of these two uber planets and we have seen from past history that a single glancing blow between them has changed the world in wild and unpredictable ways – you can be sure the world as we know it will no longer exist once this merry dance is done lol.

The chaos will be complete, the transformation unstoppable, and the remembrance of who we are fulfilled before we are done.

And so with the Sun in Scorpio, the retro Mercury the same and with Saturn forming a trine to Jupiter in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces – the world and its materialistic grasping will continue to destabilize powerfully with the coming eclipse and we are again made aware that as we are growing and awakening personally – the structures that have enslaved us throughout this civilization [I use the term loosely lol] will continue to be torn down – as violently as necessary.

So it is important during these times to support your local community and to stay grounded in the truth of who you are.

mud and lotus 2

This chaos of destruction and the mud it forms will indeed provide the basis for the most beautiful lotus emerging – the lotus of the remembered feminine – coming home again after a long absence – and we are ready indeed dear ones lol.

Look to your own chart for anything at 9 degrees in Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer to see where the seismic shifts are shaping up in your own reality.

egg break

And so for this new eclipsed moon here is a time to contemplate and do ritual for what you want to establish and create in your life – where you need to unshackle your self from old paradigms and where you need to crack apart to allow the light to shine from within you.

This is a great moon for initiating new beginnings lol. It is a powerful time of transformation and renewal so reach for the stars here and allow all those passionate emotions to come to the surface here for firing up your new world – for it is the clear setting of your intention and the passion and gratitude for which you feel has already arrived for you – that in fact draws the reality to you lol.

This moon is also the most beneficial for letting go of all the accumulated baggage you have been carrying around and which does not serve you at all – so whether you come to the sweat or do some other form of process – use this time wisely to release as well as renew!!

The effects for this are building now and in the 2 days before the actual eclipse [exact 10.20pm on Sunday 3rd our time in SA] is the most powerful time for this work.


Pay attention folks – feelings will run high – life’s big existential questions come up for examination now and having done an existential journey in this life I know how profoundly destabilizing and unsettling they can be – you know the issues – life, death, meaning etc – dark stuff that most people avoid until their death bed when it can no longer be avoided.

Be careful this week and for several weeks after – do not take any unnecessary risks and keep a calm head on your shoulders remembering that everything passes.

economic slaves

The oppressive regimes of economic slavery are coming to an end and the awakening is continuing unabated and will get a big hit this weekend so keep your head as many people around you will be losing theirs lol.

This is the time where the Sun and the Moon are one – the marriage between the masculine and feminine are possible and we all have aspects of both – your gender simply demonstrates to you which aspects of self are not to be expressed.

Here with this eclipsed new moon we can have union on all levels of our being.

phoenix rising

The darkest of the dark that moves us is now available to us under this scorpio energy as outlined above and all can be brought into the light and held in the mercy of a loving heart – “the quality of Mercy is not strained but falls as the gentle rain….” – and so here the invitation is to release with love and without judgement.

To release the poison that has crippled us and our loved ones, to accept the duality within and to remember that we are neither of the extremes of any duality – they simply show us our possibilities – that we are greater and more powerful than that and as things turn to ashes around us to always remember the phoenix that rises from this – a good ritual matters here lol.

Cleanse and renew.

All eclipses are about the rising of a new consciousness – they always are – and a powerful opportunity to connect with your own divine essence and all that loves and supports you on every level of your being!

An awakening to the light that we are, while also an obligatory review of the shadow – to heal or destroy is up to you – but it will be there! Scorpio remember.

solar eclipse and change
We only get solar eclipses on the new moon that arises between earth and the sun and this alignment opens the doors for awareness. An inner awakening is summoned and how we manifest this in the world is our responsibility – the more awareness of our shadow world we have and the better able we are to step back and see the larger picture.
Trust that you are unfolding exactly as it is proscribed and meant to be – if you were meant to be somewhere else doing something else right now you would be – it is that simple.

There are no accidents ever and we are awakening powerfully. This in itself is causing some people not to cope very well – the veil is getting thin – things are bleeding through and it can be a rather terrifying thing without a map to navigate it. Do not look to western medicine for the answers – there only answer really is to drug these things into submission – the end result being that over 80% of Americans are on 2 or more prescription medications. Well that really has worked so far hasn’t it lol.


The sweat is a powerful tool of change and as we journey around the medicine wheel we seek vision from the east, release from fear in the north, healing from the west and the wisdom of the ancients and ancestors from the south.  And then we return as always – together but alone – to the center. The center of the sweat lodge, of the universe and ourselves, reborn – informed by spirit as to our next steps.

Great richness flows from maintaining this focus. We chant to help us concentrate on the journey and move beyond discomfort and fear. Physiologically, the lodge helps to tune the autonomic nervous system, creating new internal balance, smoothing out the peaks and troughs of emotional and energetic changes.

Psychologically it fosters feelings of well being, peace and self worth. It is a powerful tool for growth and also for specific kinds of life difficulties, emotional turbulence and trauma. It is a powerful healing tool.

The Moon represents the physical manifestation of the Goddess – ever changing.  The Moon Goddess created time with all the cycles of creation, decline and destruction.

The Dark Moon symbolises death, the void, transformation and rebirth. The Dark Moon sweat lodge is a celebration of great mystery. It represents the fruitful darkness from which all creation flows. The Moon represents the subtle yet powerful force of cycles upon the planet and our bodies.

As she shifts the tides, she shifts our receptivity. The dark moon is a time to retreat, to meditate, to claim the power that creates all form. We enter the lodge to hear the voices of grandmother moon. We emerge strong with the knowledge of our power and the truth of who we are.

sweat lodge 3

Men’s sweat at dawn to be held with Lez  at 8.30 am

These sweats with Lez are held on the first sunday of each month and he is a ceremonial leader of great richness and depth and has been working with the medicine ways on the Shaman’s path for over 15 years now.

His own cultural traditions and lineage lend powerful support to this and for any of you men out there wanting to spend time with like minded souls tapping into your spiritual reality – then here is a powerful vehicle for doing so. Contact him on 0417817675 if you wish to attend this accelerated healing process.

Be at peace – go within – come to the sweat or create your own ritual and dance the dance of awakening and life.

mercury retro in scorpio

Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio tomorrow peeps bringing the usual need to check communications well and laugh about the technological breakdowns that occur – you are not alone lol.

It is not negative however the next three weeks are not a great time for signing NEW contracts or undertaking new endeavours.
It is a wonderful time for catching up on paper work, revising plans, reviewing priorities etc however.

It will go direct on November 11 and such reviews and revisions can then be brought forward in life.


This is the final watery retrograde for Mercury this year and as it is in Scorpio it will take you to the depths of what is needing examining in your partnerships while you examine what is being sacrificed in your nature for such things – are the sacrifices appropriate or still useful or are you indeed being the one that is sacrificed?

This energy will focus your attention on the truth and reality of your emotional reality in relation to what motivates you, what are your values and ethics and how in tune with them are you.

This will cover taboo and other Scorpionic subject such as death, spirit, sex and manipulation however in retrograde mode you will be given the opportunity to bring creative and concerted effort to resolving your shifting consciousness in this regard.

truth spek

It will also facilitate the usual Scorpio energy of truth speaking and clarity about such issues but for now contemplate and speak when the retro period has passed for much will change during this time.

And because of all things Scorpio it will also allow for controlling, manipulative and paranoid thinking about all issues and so is not a good time to speak until clarity arrives lol.

snake shedding skin

The great mother is returning and like a snake shedding its skin we are being invited to shed out worn beliefs, ideals, self imposed limitations and to empty ourselves of the detritus of old patterns that were imposed on us in child hood but which have no relation to who we are and who we are becoming!

A wonderful period of renewal is upon us all. This will not be comfortable and with all things hidden has its own emotional memory of fear and terror from the unconscious however remember that what your emotional body feels is not all there is – simply feel these things as they arise and let them pass – they no longer belong in your life and you no longer need to let them control you from within.

Also as in all retro periods it is likely that people from your past will return or turn up in interesting and unexpected ways – do not react to this – thank your self for the gift and for what you are now willing to learn and let go of.

journal writing

This is an important time to be keeping a journal – write down your thoughts and feelings and examine it later – whose thoughts are they anyway – how long have you been carrying them around and how well do they serve you. How do you sell yourself out to meet the needs of others or from a perception of staying safe while forgetting you are always safe and divinely protected lol.

Because of other transits [and alignments with the moons nodes for example] this period enhances the polarity of choices – a moving from the past into the future and what do we leave and what do we change.

Always remember not to focus on the polarities but see that they are just the possibilities and all truth lies in the middle ground lol. Let go of your attachments during this time!

jupiter in cancer 2

This retro period also makes a wicked trine to Jupiter in Cancer and allows for beauty, divine grace and peace during this time – especially in family harmony. There is possibility for wonderful news during this time – unexpected and even joyous. If this unfolds for you or yours there is a wonderful potential healing in this so embrace such possibilities if they arise lol xxx

So enjoy this time and make it work for you and then the second eclipse comes soon – hot on the heels of a major hit of the Uranus – Pluto square!!!!!

More on that later and in the interim if you want to know more about how it all applies to you and how to rapidly clear the decks? Contact me at or through the web site at to have an experience of rapid and powerful healing through these interesting times and relax in the meantime and remember to not sweat the small stuff – and to remember that everything is small stuff lol xxx

aries full moon oct 13

Full Moon in Aries – Lunar Eclipse – Sweat to be held on Saturday 19th October at 5pm


Under the Libran Sun this marriage of the energies of Sun and Moon, speaks to us powerfully about taking action in our spheres of partnerships and relationships.

The Aries Full Moon is always a time of powerful new beginnings and bursting free and is here powerfully opposed by Libra’s need for balance and harmony.


 The aggression and action of Aries potently opposes the harmony and balance of Libra and look to your birth and transit charts to see where this will impact you personally.


The eclipse season continues with the New Moon total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 3rd of November but more about that later!! Suffice it to say things are ramping up again folks following a relatively quiet period lol xxx

jupiter in cancer 2

This eclipse makes the energies of this Full Moon much more intense than usual and with Jupiter in Cancer forming a Cardinal T square with both Sun and Moon here – makes it even more powerful. We will be called here to rise above the lower bodies and mundane issues to support and honour the group or tribal need of all.

(Remember the cardinal signs are the initiation signs for the beginning of each season – Aires, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn – and as such are powerful indicators of new beginnings]


The Libra Sun and Aries Moon are quite oppositional – being open and conciliatory vs headstrong and wilful, finding an harmonious outcome vs conflictual stances or indeed the seeking of peace and life vs war and death!

clearing the decks


What ever has been in a bit of a holding pattern for you is about to be cracked open and old patterns of relating to the other [ie your self projected] will be highlighted and you will find your patience with these old patterns at an end. Here we are blessed to transcend the old parts of self that are holding in to old paradigms and the split duality of self and to focus on what we want to build in love.

egg break

Remember when the egg is broken from the outside – life ends, but when it is broken from the inside – life begins anew!!


So there will be a great challenge with this Moon that will require you to be standing on your own two feet and no longer selling yourself out to meet the needs of others while at the same time being aware of the greater need of the larger community – quite the challenge indeed.


And because of the intensity of these energies emotions can easily come screaming [yes literally] to the surface as the old attempts to deal with this – fall away as totally useless.

Here is the moon to call upon all that loves and supports you on all levels of your being for the inspiration you need to break free – and remain in a place of love and integrity while you do it.

human hampster wheel

This may lead to a lot of the old paradigms, relationships, friends and family – that keep you in the hamster wheel going round and round and getting nowhere – falling away as we see beyond the programming of our society and childhood for what it is.


Patterns and beliefs that are designed to keep us as a small cog in the wheel – a willing sacrificial lamb to our own slaughter of wellbeing, self esteem and self love.


This Moon offers us a way out – a way of peeling off the masks that no longer serve – that allow the sacred divine nurturing feminine in all humans to rise up and say No more! The artificial ego and its forelock tugging fear have an opportunity here to be released powerfully. The healing potency of this is actually very strong here, with all these energies so make the most of it dear ones!! Spring is upon us with all that it promises!


Remember that resistance to this from the dark within you and the dark around you will be strong also and will do what it can to hold you in the old patterns of fear and inadequacy – do not let that win at this stage! It is not necessary to throw the baby out with the bathwater. You have learned many things from these patterns and leave them in the way that best suits you – with love and compassion – but leave none the less. Your soul’s journey and the soul’s journey of your tribe require the shaking of the tree at this time as we birth a new way of being and a new humanity.

divine nature

Be open and trust – keep your feet firmly on the earth beneath you and know you are doing this for the benefit of all! We are all growing in exponential ways now as our multi dimensional reality is infusing itself into the dense matter of our flesh. Whether you know about it or not or like it or not it is happening. There are many painful adjustments to this – sleep disturbance, aches and pains and illnesses, bangs and knocks to the body [as much of it is processed through the physical form as it releases the old baggage] and other responses.


The result of this integration with our larger self is a transmutation of limiting and sabotaging and destructive thought patterns that have prevented us from knowing who we really are. And as this occurs the resistance to change also rises [change is the only constant and the thing we fear the most lol – ah paradox] which accounts for the rising ideological madness we see in the world today!

planet cleanse

And as we experience this for ourselves so do we assist the planet free herself from the toxins and rubbish we have inflicted upon her. As there is more of us present to heal so our ability to see the world healed and whole and at peace and love is much greater and this is really all that is required for change folks. Don’t rail against the machine for that simply binds you in it. Simply be at peace and see all things healed and whole including yourself and there is great power in this for there is great power in you and as a creator god so shall you create that which you imagine lol.


We shall not see this penumbral eclipse here in Australia [but that is not a bad thing lol – that which is under the path of the eclipses usually experiences the greatest jolt of them] but it does hit America, Africa and Europe so watch what happens there over the next few months lol. However we shall all be able to use the energies for growth and freedom if we consciously choose to.


Remember Lunar eclipses are for the inner journey – to go deep within the psyche and clear the emotional body and gain insight into what drives you. What is discovered here and healed here will be brought into the world at the solar eclipse on November 3rd. As you go within in this powerful way ask for illumination of the people in your life – that you may see what your connection is really all about with them and this too will facilitate an illumination, a lightening up and laughter at the absurdity of life and a letting go of the dramas of your existence.

spiritual rebirth

There are initiations of the Heart available with this eclipsed moon so simply ask for this, whether you can come to the sweat or not – simply create your own ritual and sit under the light of this wonderment on the night and the hours that follow and much will unfold by your conscious intent! Know that you are moving towards being the awakened balanced design of this present incarnation – fulfilling the blueprint you were born with and what you came to do lol.


Be aware that Eclipses also command respect and can produce some volatile energies for change which can cause all kinds of issues to erupt so be careful and do not take unnecessary risks around this time. And remember the energies between eclipses are very intense so the time between Saturday and November 3rd will involve being drawn deeper within ourselves for release of the aspects of being still holding on to fear and illusion and they will resist being drawn into the light creating a lot of internal pressure – do what you need to calm and centre yourself through this time – meditate, be by the water etc – for the clean out is here lol.

sweatlodeg 5

As we journey around the medicine wheel in this ceremony it is to cast off the dead wood that binds us to old ways of being.
We seek to know what holds us and we call upon the journey with spirit and with our personal medicine – our totem, our connection with spirit nature to release these old binds.

To journey to the wall of our obstacles  and see them for what they are – the wounds carried inside us – reflected back to us in the external world for our illumination and release.
To offer them up with gratitude for all that they have taught us and then to flow within the earth – deep within the womb to connect with all that is.

Physiologically, the lodge helps to tune the autonomic nervous system, creating a new internal balance, smoothing out the peaks and lows of emotional and energetic changes. Psychologically, it fosters feelings of well being, peace and self-worth. It is a powerful tool for growth and also for specific kinds of life difficulties, emotional turbulence and trauma.

So for only $20 come and join us on this fine and beautiful day  – bring a plate of sumptuous food to share after fasting from breakfast

Come and join us at the sweat to maximise these beautiful energies as we travel around the medicine wheel to gain vision from the east, strength from the north, healing from the west and insight from our medicine and ancestors in the south and bring all back to the centre of the lodge and the centre of ourselves where we truly discover ourselves as the axis mundi – the tree of life and the bridge between heaven and earth!!

Contact me if you wish to come at for directions and to register.