Taurus moon

November 17th – a Taurus Full Moon Sweat @ 10am this Sunday

The moon shines in all her fully illumintated glory this day as she opposes the earth from the sun and as always this is a time of completion and celebration.

The Taurean Full Moon is an earthy, get down and feel everything, sensual energy ripe for he celebration of the now moment in the flesh as it were lol.

The powerful energy of All things Scorpio continue to bring intensity to this time and allowing us to truly see the power and grace of all things in creation.

This is a beautiful time to celebrate life and a sweat lodge is a wonderful, sensual, connected and alive way to embrace who we are and honour the power and reality of the physical form.

creating new worlds

These physical forms we are walking around in are an extraordinary art form that allows us to experience what we came to experience as a spiritual being – having a human experience.

We have been so conditioned to see ourselves as apart from nature – above or separate to nature – that we have genuinely lost the mystery and magic of acknowledging we are indeed nature.

We are nature aware of itself but nature none the less – and in our desperate bid to not be nature, we have lost a vast swathe of our true power. The earthed feminine.

spirit transcends

Our bodies speak to us all day every day – about our reality and what works for us and what does not.

We are so conditioned not to listen to it we will actually cut bits of it off, or out, that are too uncomfortable for our western paranoid mind to hear – we will cut it out rather than hear what we need to hear about what needs to change in our insane world lol.

This moon is for the opposite of that – it is to celebrate the body – to journey with it – to hear what it wants us to know and to change accordingly. It is a time to celebrate the sacred vehicle of the soul.

sacred bath 2

This is also a time to pamper and honour the body – to indulge in some very basic and clear nurturing of it – for your body is the vehicle of change and as we are awakening and shifting in consciousness – it is the vehicle that is being rewired as it were, hormonally adjusted – and thus is the vehicle that experiences first hand the brunt of the chaos.

It is the one doing a lot of the hard work and it is time to stop punishing it for the aches and pains, the knocks and bumps it offers you as part of your awakening and to start listening instead – to start asking the questions – what do I need to know to release this tension and to listen to the answers.

There is much to be learned in this simple process.

sweat lodge 3

So at 10 am this Sunday 17th, we shall journey around the medicine wheel in the lodge and we shall journey with the body and gain the wisdom and insights that are held there – into any issue we are currently wrestling with – physical or otherwise.

This matters now. We have been so taught to distrust our bodies, the repository of all wisdom of our karmic journey, our unresolved wounds, that what we don’t cut out we drug into submission. The recent expose on the complete futility and travesty of prescribing cholestrol medication in preventing heart attacks, shows just how monstrous the lie has become.

So pamper the body this weekend – a sweat, a swim at the beach, a wonderful brunch at all the secret and not so secret wineries and exceptional cafes while you are down in the Vales – or any other way you can find to tune in and indulge your greatest gift in this life – your physical form

If you wish to come for this beautiful experience – to discover what your body wants you to know for healing, to hear and release this, to gain insight into your future steps then contact me at prue.blackmore@thrivebydesign.com.au or inbox me on facebook or contact me on 0419819019 to gain the mudmap to come.

thrive tree

For more info on the sweat lodges visit us at http://www.thrivebydesign.com.au and see if this amazing accelerated healing tool speaks to you xxx