aquarian moon 2014

Aquarian New Moon and commencing the Year of the Wood Horse

A Meditation for Release and Renewal

This beautiful portentious New Moon is the second new moon of the month making it a “Black Moon” and it is also a ‘Super’ new moon, being very close to the planet this month.

The Aquarian Moon is making a close aspect to its ruler Uranus and this means that the unusual and erratic may pop up and that you are less inclined to follow the rules!


This is an energy that seeks to liberate us from convention and ‘what has always been’ and show us what is unique and possible within our differences while at the same time having us seek like minded souls to dance the dance of life with – a contradicion within a paradox of the most delicious kind. It behooves us to seek a group social consciousness and a greater sense of communal connection.

Here is an energy that has us powerfully question authority and the status quo – particularlay in any way that suppresses our life force and creativity and idealism. The world will continue to reflect this upheaval in politics and the middle east, financial markets and exposure of scandal.

At this time things you thought were set, may fail and things you had no idea about, may turn up in your existence to help you along.

jupiter in cancer 2

On this same period of time we will have an exact Jupiter – Pluto opposition and this explosive and potent line up may trigger world events of a very powerful and unexpected nature.  This of course is part of the Cardinal T-Square that is completed by Uranus in Aries. On the same day as a part of this, Venus moves direct following a 5 week long retro period in Capricorn and this will bring quite a transformational mood to our connections with others.

What ever trouble may have been brewing in your relationships of any kind will now be seeking resolution and structure in that inimitable Capricornian way – while it is part of this dynamic set up – that may take awhile.

It is interesting to note that during this retro period it often brings people to us from our past to turn up in our dreams, daydreams or in fact in reality – people we may have thought not to see again and this is all part of sorting the wheat from the chaff and giving us an opportunity to sort through the files as it were.

This can also be true of our sense of self and security and recently we may have been worried about how we will manage and get along in the year ahead.

So the new beginnings that begin this night will help us get a new handle on old patterns to do with relationships and financial security in particular and because of the square these new beginnings may have quite an intensity and and passion about them.

wood horse 3

And as this day also heralds the Chinese New Year and brings in the Year of the Wood Horse an impetuous year indeed is also upon us from that tradition. See our last newsletter at fo gain insight into all the astrology from both east and west perspectives to see how to prepare well for this lol.

So do know with this moon that your perceptions will be heightened and your intuition on fire and is the catalyst for great growth and an ever widening awareness of your reality! Because this is an auspicious “black moon” considered by magicians and alchemists to be most fortuitous to begin new quests and visions and do magical work!

So whatever seeds you plant this day – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually – will carry a powerful punch to bring them into being. There is also a greater awareness of the larger reality at this time, bringing a sense of peace, even when witnessing chaotic events.

So be mindful of this – set your intentions clearly – for the greater good of all that lives – release all that stands in your way now, so that when the moon rises full on February 14th in Leo the magnificent energies of this will bring home the crown.

This is indeed a powerful time to form alliances with the gods – to open yourself to their touch and awakening and remember for each step you take towards them they will take ten thousand towards you.

aquarian moon

Aquarius rises from the myth of Ganymede who was taken to the heavans to serve wine and water to the Gods but being the inventor that he is he devised a way to create a perpetual water dispenser from the stars themselves, leaving him free to play and explore the world of possiblities.

So connect with him by breaking out of your own limitations – where are you stuck – what are the negative ego games that hold you back – where do you grumble about life but do nothing about it. Where does your soul want to spread its wings and fly towards but you always have a reason to not to!

Dare to connect with that which is progressive and inventive and ready to break through however first you must stop indulging your bad habits, your petulant moods and your every day present busyness to do this.


What is going on in the inner planes will be mirrored in the outer planes of our current reality. What kind of world do you want to live in and what are you doing to create this? Shake up the dead wood. Energise some water and put it in an atomiser and spray all the rooms in your house this Friday 31st.

Put some essential oils of pine or cedar wood in to enhance the power of this simple rite.

Honour the Goddess Venus on this day and as Mercury goes retro in February honour this also that you may gain the insights from this examination of the inner planes.

All that you have read here shows what a cracking start to the month is unfolding – potentially explosvie and also amazingly potent for transformation and transmutation and transcendence of old patterns held over many generations and many incarnations – be bold here but don’t be rash lol!!

Connect with the Gods and the angels and have the group consciousness and the greater good of all that lives as your hearts desire in all that you want to create and you will start the year very well indeed. Trickster is here – casting lightning bolts about the place – to blow out the old and usher in the new!


So know where you are most stuck – is it old patterns of self loathing or fear of financial abundance or blockage in love. Is your creativity bursting at the door but cannot get a chance to sing or dance or paint. Let the lightning bolts of Uranus peirce this darkness – illuminating all – burning off the dross and allow a visionary landscape of possiblities and magic unfold before you for this is the night for it lol!!

See your body as it really is – a vast repository of worlds and universes and systems of worlds evolving and growing and expanding in the light – treat it with the reverence it deserves this night – let it dance, let it drink of the amyrict nectar of life – for the forces are real and the magic is possible! Release from this temple all out moded, out dated, feelings and thoughts and judgements – honour them as they leave but let them leave! Breathe deeply and always remember you are always safe and divinely protected.Trust what comes to you at this time and know the seeds you plant now will indeed bear powerful fruit

To honour this magical evening we will be holding a new moon ritual at 7pm to release the old and plant the seeds of the new and we will be journeying with what ever channeled entities manifest this night through the Tibetan Buddhist trained Vajra – to guide us lovingly into the inner planes that we may manifest a new reality in the outer plane of our lives.

If you wish to journey with us this night contact Prue on 0419819089 or inbox me to book a place as places will be limited – but oh so worth the effort lol!!!

And on the coming Sunday Em will be running a new moon sweat at 6pm – contact her on 0405 585 682 and these powerful ceremonies also bring much love and healing xxx