vajra eclipse

Well as I am sure you can all attest this month with its Cardinal Grand Cross, Uranus- Pluto Square, Solar Magnetic Storms and Eclipses is keeping us all on the edge of our seat. There is so much going on as we dwell right in the midst of it and all around I am seeing murder and mayhem, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms etc. and while this will intensify over the next few days the results will actually flow out for the next 18 months.


Eclipses have been used by forecasters of many ilk’s over countless aeons to predict tumultuous events both personally and globally – what affects us [depending on our own chart] and where the eclipse falls – affecting the grand sweep of humanity and the globe. Lunar eclipses are much more about letting go and shedding on a personal level while solar eclipses are the initiators of action and while affecting us absolutely personally – are also often counted in terms of what will happen to the leaders and countries over which they pass.

 human wolf

Where the eclipse falls in the zodiac – which elemental alchemical energy will be engaged – will show up in the consequences of the eclipse itself. If it falls in a water sign [Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces] – what raging tempests may unfold? If it is in a fire sign [Aries, Leo and Sag] then what monstrosities will mankind inflict upon his fellow man as he falls into the role of the Humanous Lupus – the human wolf preying on its own. Should the eclipse enter an air sign [Libra, Aquarius or Gemini] then what social unrest and upheaval across the globe may unfold and what windstorms may blight the world. This one falls at 8 degrees in Taurus [along with Virgo and Capricorn making the Earth signs] and so we may see the earth afflicted with drought and famine, earthquakes and volcanoes.

This is then also influenced by the Ruler of that sign – in this case the planet Venus – turning wisdom into knowledge – seeking resolution of the duality – light and dark – of which we have both, when we are not pretending lol.

With the solar eclipse the Moon is casting the shadow upon the face of the sun and in this case is a partial eclipse due to distance etc. However it does fall over Australia so our dear leader [not quite kim ong ill lol] and nation may see some interesting times ahead indeed.

 thinking heart feeling mind_n

The Solar Eclipse is the initiator of new beginnings and the effects are felt for up to 6 months or more beyond and as the moon impacts blocking the sun then the sun and moon energies merge mixing intuition with logic, warmth with coldness, ebb with flow, dark with light. This is powerful however which way you go is up to you. Aim for the thinking heart and feeling mind and you will be led well to your new phase.


The Grand Cardinal Cross remains intact for now and wanes about mid May – around the time that Mars goes direct. So all that was in the last blog or two [] is still playing out here and the admonition to stay detached remains strong. Do not react or over react, to people, situations, nutbags, etc. You are being invited to change your life and so it will not behove you to behave in the same old ways lol. What ever you are encountering now it is just to show you what needs transforming. The Piscean age of masculine war and horror is dying and the group awareness and selfless care is rising as the Aquarian age begins. It is not all going to happen overnight peeps but you can all see the signs and the crisis point is only about a year away now. You can see the changes in the masses and on the internet – the only place it is not being seen or reported is in those who control the world and their lackeys in government and mainstream propaganda and this will be the last place it changes lol.

 dissolving duality

The collective is rising – unity with diversity and equality and freedom within it. As the duality is resolving we are also recognising that spirit and matter are one and the same. We see the lie we have been fed that says spirituality is with some imaginary friend in the sky that only some man with a special license can get you to – we are spiritual to our boot straps – here having a human experience and they are one and the same lol.

The freedom that comes with this awareness is the freedom to be completely responsible for ourselves and what we create and co-create and for each others wellbeing-ness, with love and compassion for all. We come to recognise in this that we don’t need anything to do it for us – we don’t need government – banks or religion – peddling their lies to maintain their power. I heard the other day that the world is 40 Trillion dollars in debt. What madness – in debt to who exactly – Jupiter? Nutbags all and the storm is coming for them. There is no saviour folks – we are the ones we have been waiting for and we are waking up lol.

So while the first eclipse was heavily about relationships – personal and business – with lots of triangular equations involved – the second eclipse on the 29th is about values and what we believe in and what security is to us. What are our goals and dreams that serve the greater good and how do we bring them into fruition. You may revisit a dream that someone convinced you was unachievable or not possible – now it may seem like it is – particularly if it impacts on others [the relationship theme is still active lol] and the life force that comes with an eclipse may give you the very boost you need to rise up and make it your own.


Because it is connected to the Grand Cardinal Cross there is a powerful healing trine pointing towards Pluto and there is a sense of something big being revealed to the masses. A scandal of huge proportions pointed at. And with both Sun and Moon conjunct Mercury we have issues of health arising and with both sextile to Neptune then the collective and deception may come into play. So there may be a charismatic leader brought to their knees for their involvement in a cover up of health issues or we may be blinded by someone promising an answer [Sun trine Pluto]. This is an energy that confounds the machinations of men of greed and manipulation.

The Neptune factor also creates a powerful energy for spiritual practice and meditation etc. and these will help you avoid the egoic eruptions promised by these stellar events also. Do not do your habitual reaction to things – take time instead to respond in ways that serve you and others, do not judge anything – just let it go.

So beware of fools and tyrants peeps and keep your eyes and ears wide-open lol. Do not believe anything you see on mainstream media, as this is a way of blinding you to the truth. The power of sorcery to baffle and blind and numb you is here with this eclipse and also is the power to trust yourself and heal – first empty your body, mind, heart and soul of toxins so that you can listen well to the truth within. The concept of propaganda and lies and cover up is very big with these energies so question everything. Whistle blowing looks like it might light up the skies too lol.

 eclipse taurus

It is time to be free and over the next few months some serious exposure is being pointed at and while the truth will set you free it will indeed seriously piss you off first lol.

Because of the Taurean factor issues may come up around resources, finances and the banking sector, food security and other basic needs. Eclipses also suggest someone leaving of note or someone of note being born around now. So work the Taurus factor. What do you need in your new vision of yourself to create a comfortable lifestyle in what ever you want to do. How can you care for yourself and care for your future.

This is the time to do your manifesting list based on these things – use your mail order to direct the universe as to what you want by being grateful for what you have and what you desire. When you are expressing gratitude for what you have [a love based vibration] then the universe in its wisdom will give you more of what you are grateful for – so use that stubborn Taurean energy to manifest your needs for your new life and your family and do this every day – then watch what happens. Let this list reflect what is good for the group as well as yourself for this is the new energy coming in. All must benefit.


An eclipse is like a storm of the spirit – it cleanses and blows and clears the debris allowing change. They shake the tree and unhouse us from our comfort zone – the soul requires intensity for growth and movement – it does not matter to it if the intensity is painful or joyful – it is just required. Think about that and your habits of emotion lol.

So on the evening of the 29th at 7pm we will be having a meditation and those of you that have your representation of the cosmic egg bring it along for manifesting.

And in the interim think of key things – health and healing, duality dissolving, self serving sorcery, poisonous pedagogues, wise wendings, hidden and forbidden fruit, stealthy secrets, mass media madness, fiery freedom, transmutation and transformation lol.

And stay Zen!!!

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