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Full Moon in Scorpio – Wesak – Buddha’s Birth, Awakening and Ascension


At 5.52 in Adelaide on the 15th the full moon rises in a dance of planetary activity that continues the tearing down and surgical clean out of all that does not work for you and the trajectory that the human species is on.

The Cardinal Grand Cross, the eclipses, the retrogrades and alignments of all of this, along with the greater cosmos forming powerful symmetry with Neptune, Lillith and Mars amongst other things, cast us all into the depths of our being, the murky waters down in the swamp that we have avoided most of our life if not life times.

The boil that has to be lanced, the festering wound that has to be surgically cauterised, compounded by Venus conjunct the Uranus – Pluto square. We shall indeed plummet the depths of magical journeys, mystical meetings, red eyed demons in the night.

This Moon carries wonderful energies for emptying the proverbial slop bucket we persist in carrying around to our own and other’s detriment. You are being asked to lighten the load, to make sacrifices for your own evolution. After this Moon do a detox – physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

full moon

That which causes pain asks for patience – be patient no more, do not listen to such entreaties within or without. Cut it out of your zietgiest. And with the moon conjunct Saturn you are being asked to be responsible and approach the world with impeccable integrity.

Scopio rules the 8th House of sex, death, other peoples money and transformation. This is really very intense energy and can go either way – inflamed or explosive or darkly brooding or great joyous passion for something. A time for secrets to be revealed and permanent decisions to be made.

Relationships are again the playground of these energies as are the global events that will draw the whole worlds attention and demand for action.

So this is a time for inner reflection – responsibility – non judgement to be practiced. The Buddha’s birthday and transformation is here. We will be celebrating this on the evening to maximise all the energies available. Follow the link if you wish to come.

spirit transcends

These energies genuinely will promote a rising of ideas and examinations so question everything, examine why you do the things you do. The Mercury, Venus and Uranus connection will open your mind to wonderful ideas and solutions, to what have sometimes been felt impossible situations or intractable problems – any thing is possible here so be open.

This unusual line up actually opens avenues to the other dimensions allowing us to avail ourselves of higher levels of insight, communication and awareness are possible. The unique individual inside the ever evolving mass consciousness.

Because of the recent eclipse and the very close alignments of the Moon to Saturn, the energy is ramped up significantly and will – will – reach deeply within you, opening the path to your own soul and what is now required for your fulfillment. Look at your motivations in life – what are they about.

As you willingly work with what ever arises during this time and consciously seek healing and letting go, then so shall it be. You are ready and it is time. Because of the nature of the energies at play, some of the wounds may hold an intense emotional power which can lead to addictive processes or obsession or rage and terror.


All that you are being shown is what holds you back from self love and self acceptance. Just because you have been taught to feel guilty or ashamed in certain realities does not mean the feelings are appropriate to the reality – you are carrying someone else’s emotional baggage there is all and it is time to shine the light in – with gratitude for what it has taught you and love for all of its journey which was only designed to help you survive at the time. It is no longer needed and you can be free.

And look on the world’s events that will come with this with the same compassion and empathy for all concerned – with blessings in your heart for the victims of suffering, blessings in your heart for the perpetrators of it and with blessings in your heart for all who witness such things. Here is where you will change things lol.

There are likely to be many endings and beginnings with this moon and her cosmic companions. Ride the waves peeps and pick carefully which ones you want to surf lol.

We will grow through this and in the weeks and months ahead – the crescendo is building so stay zen and allow yourself new steps forward.

phoenix rising - libra

This Moon is all about the deep feminine power and she will express the depths of herself through transformation, intimacy and emotional truth. She will not tolerate us hanging on to any thing that is not essential for the next step and here the symbol of the final stage of Scorpio – the Phoenix rising from the ashes – comes powerfully into play.

So be of brave heart as the Cosmic doors open with this Moon – the initiatory field has been set in readiness – the frequencies are rising and we are now strong enough to face what needs to be faced. And as we do this for ourselves so do we do it for the collective.

Journey well with her divine self dear peeps and see you on the other side lol xx

Shamanic Bodywork and Sound Healing – August 23rd – 24th 2014

shamanic healing 2


The workshop for Shamanic Bodywork and Sound Healing is being offered in August 23rd – 24th – 2014

This exciting workshop will teach you how to enter your client’s spiritual landscape and meet them as their Totemic being – their medicine – their connection with Spirit nature and how to navigate that landscape in the service of the client – and this will also incorporated powerful sound techniques for healing – setting up a vibrational field in which  nothing that is disharmonious to the client may remain within.

When any part of the Human system is out of balance – it is important to look at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of what is going on along with the map of the world of which they are a part.

shamans mask

Then by entering the client’s landscape – their stream of consciousness – the practitioner learns how to enter the stream of alternate possibilities, moving by being still – a foot in both worlds. A transformative process occurs within this from binding to freedom – from passivity and non movement to energy and movement.

When balance is restored in this landscape – so then does this healing flow out into the life of the client in the here and now.

I will be co-facilitating this workshop with Tim Healy from The Western Most Omastry – who has been working with sound healing for over 20 years and is an amazing teacher and practitioner!

shamans journey

I am sooo looking forward to this one and follow the link at
to book your place and register!!

We have shifted this around a bit everyone and sorry to mess you about – it will be worth the wait though!!

You will learn about visionary practice – state change – how all elements of the self are available in multiple streams of consciousness – how to enter those streams in the service of your client – enact change – gain the gifts therein and return with them to this ordinary waking world we inhabit.

You will learn about the power of sound as a healing tool – vibrationary medicine and how to apply it – both with sound instruments and your own voice

This is going to be fun peeps – book now at the link above and sooooo looking forward to sharing it with you lol xxx