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friday 13th


What an interesting day is next Friday 13th – along with all the usual brouhaha of the mysterious bad luck of such a day [the only one for this year] it is also a Full Moon in Sagittarius – highlighting these serendipitous nuances – and this wont be seen again until 2049.

Thirteen has long been associated with the mysteries – 13 moons in a year which was the old calendar of the world lol, 13 witches in a coven, the last supper of death and betrayal with 13 members, 13 is all over the american flag and symbology, 13 Buddha’s, 13 snake gods of the Mexicans, and many hotels and motels refuse to have a 13th floor or rooms with that number and on and on it goes. Friday for similar reasons to do with the feminine and superstition and fear of Freya – the Norse Goddess whose day it is. This is not the place for a discussion on such foolishness of demonising the feminine – just be mindful that for those who are aware, the number 13 holds other powers of Dominion and Strength.


The month began with Mercury retrograde in Cancer from June 7th until July 1st with all the usual communication glitches that can flow here although the introspection here in this watery sign is very much about the examination of old emotional issues surfacing now – people from the past and issues may surface now for re-examination as we figure out what works and what no longer does at this time of tumultuous and ongoing change. Because of the square to Neptune there is also real possibility of getting caught in the illusion and delusion of rumours and mischief making – pay attention to your intuition here rather than what you are told or shown. We are invited by the interplay back and forth in Gemini to rise above the meanderings of the mind – for it to be the servant of our being rather than dictating energy movements.

On the actual Friday the 13th Mercury also interacts with a most unpredictable and potentially explosive continuance of the Cardinal Grand Cross with Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn and this baby is not done with us yet lol. The energies with be very volatile and it will behove us to stay zen and not react to the madness we will in all probability be obliged to deal with. All of your angst and demons are a self generated state of mind and control your mind and you will control your reality.

sag-moon june 14

The weather around the place is likely to be quite mad this day also and seismic activity is also highlighted around the globe. Again stay zen, observe, be kind and compassionate to all you encounter – everyone is struggling now. And what ever the drama is about that you are invited to? It is not worth it – quite simple really.

This will be made easier on the day by Venus being in her ruling of sign of Taurus at the Full Moon also and this will invite us [along with the Grand Trine of Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter [with Mercury] in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio] to allow the healing qualities of the waters to nourish and sustain us – so on the day spend some time at the water, or bathing in luxurious salts and pay close attention – very close attention to your dreams on the 3 days either side of this Moon. This is a moon of portents so if you are paying attention a sign post of importance will be shown to you. With Chiron thrown into the mix here the healing potentials are very real.

On the 9th [just before the Full Moon] Neptune in Pisces moves into retrograde and this can cause confusion to come into the mix for this magical moon. The illusions and delusions can rise very quickly now and don’t be surprised to see lots of folks escaping into alternate realities with what ever means possible – all things in moderation peeps and while some pathways can open you up to what is possible – it is also very easy at this time to get led down a rabbit hole you may struggle to arise from.

shamans drum

The key is to be open to what your Soul wants for you now – remember the Soul in its journey seeks intensity – it truly does not matter whether this is good bad or indifferent from its perspective – the more intense the better for that facilitates movement and growth. Let love guide you not fear and you will be taken where you need to be for insight and renewal.

As the Full Moon in Sagittarius rises at 22 degrees on the 13th trust that emotions may run high and the wave of energy of righteousness can get right out of hand here. People will be passionate about their causes and what injustice they may be perceiving going on at this time and it will be important not to get caught in arguments about what is truth. Seven billion people on the planet and seven billion truths – who are we to say that ours is the ‘right’ truth lol.

The cosmic alignments here with star systems will also awaken the dark depths of our psyche and this will come hard and out of left field with this Moon. Forbidden fruit may beckon, that which we know is not ours or not good for us can rise like a dark addiction – be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and wants to be sorted once and for all. There is trickery here and we may be in an old pattern before we are aware – looking for someone to blame and punish.

soul journey

Remember your shadow is as much a part of you as any other pretty light aspects that may have more appeal to your ego and requires expression and integration if you are to become whole and complete. It is only in the shadow because it was unacceptable to your primary carers and is as much unrealised potential as the mad Id and its desires for chaos. So dance the dance well with these aspects as they rise – give them expression but moderate it well and see what is ready to come home to you to influence your life as your grow and evolve into a more authentic version of yourself. Jupiter’s alignment with the Moon here will give you a sense of humour and optimism and the Moon itself in Sagittarius opens you up to a more open and philosophical interpretation of what is on offer during this time.

The thing is there will be so many possibilities and potentials shown to you with this moon it will be important to let the net sweep wide and allow your thinking heart and feeling mind to make the decisions that best serve you and your community – with love and compassion and the master of calm being the guide here.

The Mars square Pluto at this moon [14th] is also likely to be reflected in political upheaval and social unrest as the population around the world see further and further into the corrupt and death making policies of those who have ruled this planet for far too long. It is not over yet peeps and yet with this aspect there is likely to be a sense of the absurd as we look around and see what is unfolding on the world stage.


There is a strong predatory energy to this with deep sexual disturbances rising from the depths so the likelihood of seeing corruption and scandal exposed is high and in our own lives we are likely to see violence and bullying occurring in the lives of those around us if not directly. Vastly clever and determined this energy may bring some very disturbing trends and manipulations to the surface so be aware of this in yourself and those around you. This can really fire up political activism too as the sense of outrage and injustice rises seeking vengeance at this time.

And so the Moon will summon the people to be real and the aspects of an exalted Jupiter will give them the faith that the time is right – here – now – to take risks, to feel strong and powerful in their desire for a better world and this will be fed by all kind of unresolved dark matter needing exposure and resolution – all in a mix of illusion and delusion and dark sexual power and predation all hidden under a smiling exterior – you can see why it is going to be a kind of crazy week lol. The oppositions here are potent however this is also the possibility of the Warrior Spirit rising with strength and love that can provide insight, understanding and a clear recognition that this is no longer how we wish to live.

After the moon from the 14th to the 25th Mars in Libra continues to make some very tense aspects to the Uranus – Pluto square and its machinations and the intensity will continue to rise during this time and there will be an internal demand to address that which has been illuminated by the Moon. Again the choice is yours how you deal with this – you can use this intensity to revitalise your path and the movement forward or to rail against the machine and go to war in your personal world. It will play out in interesting ways in the global sphere as well now.

Look to areas in your life where issues of power, sexuality, trust and cooperation are highlighted to see where you are likely to be challenged here lol. These are the energies to provide long term solutions to entrenched patterns if you work with it.

solstice tree winter

During this time also we will experience the Winter Solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere and we will be taking a group of women up into the hills to weave these fated energies to work for us for the year ahead as we work also to use these magical times to release all that no longer serves – if you wish to come to this follow the link to register and it is truly a magical night of weaving the fates to our desires for growth lol   We had such fun with this last year and I am still amazed at how much my life has changed since that time!!

The Sun also enters the home and hearth of Cancer at this time – highlighting our personal lives, family, emotional maturity, love and compassion for our larger family of humanity and all other life we share the planet with. A couple of days later Venus enters Gemini and this will allow for the community of humans to interact and share ideas that have emerged from the cauldron of energies been shaken and stirred and the new moon that arrives in Cancer on the 27th allows us to plant the seeds of all this into what our new family looks like – the family of man – how to nourish and sustain us all as well as all other life forms among us. The tight Neptune trine at this moon encourages us to be open to the divine and allow extraordinary creativity available here to flow with ease.

We will be holding a Full Moon Meditation on the evening of the Friday the 13th to maximise these energies and if you wish to attend let me know as places as you know are limited. Contact me at if you wish to book a place.

witch tips

A Ritual for the Moon

If you are not joining us for the meditation or for the Solstice Night – here is a beautiful simple thing to do at this moon.

During the day gather some things from nature that represent what it is that your have endured this year and what it is that you are ready to release. Has a relationship ended, an illness been experienced, a job finished, a pattern of behaviour that causes disruption in your life recognised, a broken heart that wants to heal or an addiction that regularly disrupts your life been exposed? Gather things from nature and bind them into a fetish or representation of what it is and bring it before your sacred place as the moon rises.

Also during the day make a list of what you want to bring into the year ahead and write it down on a piece of paper. Take a white candle and mark it with oil from the centre to the top and the centre to the bottom and then carve your name into the candle, then wrap the list of what you desire around the candle. Place this in the centre of your space.

Open the four directions with some smudge or incense and welcome the energies of water, earth, fire and air into the cosmic wheel of life with the four directions – giving thanks for what they have taught you this year. Light a candle for each of the four directions as you do this. Thank them for the gifts of abundance, new beginnings, creativity, healing, acceptance, shadow, and the ebb and flow of your life as you have moved through the many little deaths of the year.

Speak aloud and acknowledge what you are releasing – with gratitude for all it has taught you – and then light a fire [in a metal bowl if you are inside] and offer the effigy into the fire – offering it up to spirit as you do.

Then take a sip of wine and some seeded cake and eat of these with gratitude for the promise of renewal they offer for the year ahead as the sun returns to its zenith in the months of spring and summer ahead. Then light the white candle that has your wishes for the year ahead around it and let it burn down through the night.

Give thanks to the four directions – complete the ceremony and then take some seeds out into the garden and spread them around – both as feed for the little creatures who struggle in winter and as a promise of faith in spring renewed.

Have a safe week in these wild times and be kind to each other xx


Shamanic Bodywork and Sound Healing – August 23rd – 24th 2014

shamanic healing 2


The workshop for Shamanic Bodywork and Sound Healing is being offered in August 23rd – 24th – 2014

This exciting workshop will teach you how to enter your client’s spiritual landscape and meet them as their Totemic being – their medicine – their connection with Spirit nature and how to navigate that landscape in the service of the client – and this will also incorporated powerful sound techniques for healing – setting up a vibrational field in which  nothing that is disharmonious to the client may remain within.

When any part of the Human system is out of balance – it is important to look at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of what is going on along with the map of the world of which they are a part.

shamans mask

Then by entering the client’s landscape – their stream of consciousness – the practitioner learns how to enter the stream of alternate possibilities, moving by being still – a foot in both worlds. A transformative process occurs within this from binding to freedom – from passivity and non movement to energy and movement.

When balance is restored in this landscape – so then does this healing flow out into the life of the client in the here and now.

I will be co-facilitating this workshop with Tim Healy from The Western Most Omastry – who has been working with sound healing for over 20 years and is an amazing teacher and practitioner!

shamans journey

I am sooo looking forward to this one and follow the link at
to book your place and register!!

We have shifted this around a bit everyone and sorry to mess you about – it will be worth the wait though!!

You will learn about visionary practice – state change – how all elements of the self are available in multiple streams of consciousness – how to enter those streams in the service of your client – enact change – gain the gifts therein and return with them to this ordinary waking world we inhabit.

You will learn about the power of sound as a healing tool – vibrationary medicine and how to apply it – both with sound instruments and your own voice

This is going to be fun peeps – book now at the link above and sooooo looking forward to sharing it with you lol xxx



vajra eclipse

Well as I am sure you can all attest this month with its Cardinal Grand Cross, Uranus- Pluto Square, Solar Magnetic Storms and Eclipses is keeping us all on the edge of our seat. There is so much going on as we dwell right in the midst of it and all around I am seeing murder and mayhem, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms etc. and while this will intensify over the next few days the results will actually flow out for the next 18 months.


Eclipses have been used by forecasters of many ilk’s over countless aeons to predict tumultuous events both personally and globally – what affects us [depending on our own chart] and where the eclipse falls – affecting the grand sweep of humanity and the globe. Lunar eclipses are much more about letting go and shedding on a personal level while solar eclipses are the initiators of action and while affecting us absolutely personally – are also often counted in terms of what will happen to the leaders and countries over which they pass.

 human wolf

Where the eclipse falls in the zodiac – which elemental alchemical energy will be engaged – will show up in the consequences of the eclipse itself. If it falls in a water sign [Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces] – what raging tempests may unfold? If it is in a fire sign [Aries, Leo and Sag] then what monstrosities will mankind inflict upon his fellow man as he falls into the role of the Humanous Lupus – the human wolf preying on its own. Should the eclipse enter an air sign [Libra, Aquarius or Gemini] then what social unrest and upheaval across the globe may unfold and what windstorms may blight the world. This one falls at 8 degrees in Taurus [along with Virgo and Capricorn making the Earth signs] and so we may see the earth afflicted with drought and famine, earthquakes and volcanoes.

This is then also influenced by the Ruler of that sign – in this case the planet Venus – turning wisdom into knowledge – seeking resolution of the duality – light and dark – of which we have both, when we are not pretending lol.

With the solar eclipse the Moon is casting the shadow upon the face of the sun and in this case is a partial eclipse due to distance etc. However it does fall over Australia so our dear leader [not quite kim ong ill lol] and nation may see some interesting times ahead indeed.

 thinking heart feeling mind_n

The Solar Eclipse is the initiator of new beginnings and the effects are felt for up to 6 months or more beyond and as the moon impacts blocking the sun then the sun and moon energies merge mixing intuition with logic, warmth with coldness, ebb with flow, dark with light. This is powerful however which way you go is up to you. Aim for the thinking heart and feeling mind and you will be led well to your new phase.


The Grand Cardinal Cross remains intact for now and wanes about mid May – around the time that Mars goes direct. So all that was in the last blog or two [] is still playing out here and the admonition to stay detached remains strong. Do not react or over react, to people, situations, nutbags, etc. You are being invited to change your life and so it will not behove you to behave in the same old ways lol. What ever you are encountering now it is just to show you what needs transforming. The Piscean age of masculine war and horror is dying and the group awareness and selfless care is rising as the Aquarian age begins. It is not all going to happen overnight peeps but you can all see the signs and the crisis point is only about a year away now. You can see the changes in the masses and on the internet – the only place it is not being seen or reported is in those who control the world and their lackeys in government and mainstream propaganda and this will be the last place it changes lol.

 dissolving duality

The collective is rising – unity with diversity and equality and freedom within it. As the duality is resolving we are also recognising that spirit and matter are one and the same. We see the lie we have been fed that says spirituality is with some imaginary friend in the sky that only some man with a special license can get you to – we are spiritual to our boot straps – here having a human experience and they are one and the same lol.

The freedom that comes with this awareness is the freedom to be completely responsible for ourselves and what we create and co-create and for each others wellbeing-ness, with love and compassion for all. We come to recognise in this that we don’t need anything to do it for us – we don’t need government – banks or religion – peddling their lies to maintain their power. I heard the other day that the world is 40 Trillion dollars in debt. What madness – in debt to who exactly – Jupiter? Nutbags all and the storm is coming for them. There is no saviour folks – we are the ones we have been waiting for and we are waking up lol.

So while the first eclipse was heavily about relationships – personal and business – with lots of triangular equations involved – the second eclipse on the 29th is about values and what we believe in and what security is to us. What are our goals and dreams that serve the greater good and how do we bring them into fruition. You may revisit a dream that someone convinced you was unachievable or not possible – now it may seem like it is – particularly if it impacts on others [the relationship theme is still active lol] and the life force that comes with an eclipse may give you the very boost you need to rise up and make it your own.


Because it is connected to the Grand Cardinal Cross there is a powerful healing trine pointing towards Pluto and there is a sense of something big being revealed to the masses. A scandal of huge proportions pointed at. And with both Sun and Moon conjunct Mercury we have issues of health arising and with both sextile to Neptune then the collective and deception may come into play. So there may be a charismatic leader brought to their knees for their involvement in a cover up of health issues or we may be blinded by someone promising an answer [Sun trine Pluto]. This is an energy that confounds the machinations of men of greed and manipulation.

The Neptune factor also creates a powerful energy for spiritual practice and meditation etc. and these will help you avoid the egoic eruptions promised by these stellar events also. Do not do your habitual reaction to things – take time instead to respond in ways that serve you and others, do not judge anything – just let it go.

So beware of fools and tyrants peeps and keep your eyes and ears wide-open lol. Do not believe anything you see on mainstream media, as this is a way of blinding you to the truth. The power of sorcery to baffle and blind and numb you is here with this eclipse and also is the power to trust yourself and heal – first empty your body, mind, heart and soul of toxins so that you can listen well to the truth within. The concept of propaganda and lies and cover up is very big with these energies so question everything. Whistle blowing looks like it might light up the skies too lol.

 eclipse taurus

It is time to be free and over the next few months some serious exposure is being pointed at and while the truth will set you free it will indeed seriously piss you off first lol.

Because of the Taurean factor issues may come up around resources, finances and the banking sector, food security and other basic needs. Eclipses also suggest someone leaving of note or someone of note being born around now. So work the Taurus factor. What do you need in your new vision of yourself to create a comfortable lifestyle in what ever you want to do. How can you care for yourself and care for your future.

This is the time to do your manifesting list based on these things – use your mail order to direct the universe as to what you want by being grateful for what you have and what you desire. When you are expressing gratitude for what you have [a love based vibration] then the universe in its wisdom will give you more of what you are grateful for – so use that stubborn Taurean energy to manifest your needs for your new life and your family and do this every day – then watch what happens. Let this list reflect what is good for the group as well as yourself for this is the new energy coming in. All must benefit.


An eclipse is like a storm of the spirit – it cleanses and blows and clears the debris allowing change. They shake the tree and unhouse us from our comfort zone – the soul requires intensity for growth and movement – it does not matter to it if the intensity is painful or joyful – it is just required. Think about that and your habits of emotion lol.

So on the evening of the 29th at 7pm we will be having a meditation and those of you that have your representation of the cosmic egg bring it along for manifesting.

And in the interim think of key things – health and healing, duality dissolving, self serving sorcery, poisonous pedagogues, wise wendings, hidden and forbidden fruit, stealthy secrets, mass media madness, fiery freedom, transmutation and transformation lol.

And stay Zen!!!

Contact Prue at to attend any meditations or for other healing work.



goddess and serpent


This Moon Sweat will have us feeling lots of emotions and also quite clouded as Neptune begins its slow moving retrograde turn the day before hand. Which means we are likely to be feeling quite ‘all over the shop’ for this week as we come to this energy!!

This process makes it hard to see the wood for the trees and also to lose sight of our vision for the future. As this is a moon in Gemini – we will be wanting to communicate lots of things however it may be useful to wait until the dust settles and we become a little more focused and grounded before we launch into anything.

Due to all that we are wrestling with this week it is very possible that due to confusion  and a heightened state of awareness we may well easily get caught in arguments or hassles with others so make a point not to engage darker energies that would want to do that both within and without.

goddess blessing

And because of the Grand Water Trine beginning next week it will also open the doors to the inner knowing very powerfully. This moon prepares the way very powerfully for the coming Solstice and the rising of the Sacred Feminine if you engage it well!

[And we still have some places left for the Mid Winter retreat for women so let me know if you want to come for this Super Moon in Cancer is all about the watery rising of this.]

winter solstice sign

As the feminine rises up there is much to overthrow in our own conditioning about the feminine and how we must not let it shine – how this is not safe. But rising it is and will not be thwarted now so if you can be open and vulnerable at this time and move through the dark facets of being and relationship that would hold you back then you will open a window to extraordinary vision for your own and the planets future. Observe if you are jealous of another or envious or hateful towards them and remember to own that stuff as your own and romance the shadow enough to make it yours. There is strength in this.

 You will be able to tap into the larger field of consciousness with this moon and allow the heart and mind to meld into a vastly larger awareness beyond the petty and the mundane and see that the rest is all just a part of the process.

New ways of relating are required and healthy boundaries are needed and this may be awkward at first but it too is a necessary step along the way. You will find that you are no longer interested in maintaining one sided friendships or relationships from this moon. There is nothing in it? Then walk away. You are doing all the work? Then walk away.

You must take time for yourself – the world has become insane with us all being on line and available 24 hours and day and we are all becoming quite addicted to it all – checking our pages all the time and having a panic if a gadget is left behind. With a moon in Gemini this awareness will be heightened and it is not necessarily useful. Unplugg now and then – our evolutionary reality has Not kept pace with our technology.

And so with this moon we shall journey to the sacred feminine for vision, for preparation, for seeing what no longer serves and to tap into the larger reality of which we are all a part to see our path as we move towards the rising of the sacred feminine in the world!

sweatlodeg 5

Physiologically, the lodge helps to tune the autonomic nervous system, creating a new internal balance, smoothing out the peaks and lows of emotional and energetic changes. Psychologically, it fosters feelings of well being, peace and self-worth. It is a powerful tool for growth and also for specific kinds of life difficulties, emotional turbulence and trauma.

So for only $20 come and join us on this fine and beautiful morning [it truly is a wonderful way to start the day]  – bring a plate of sumptuous food to share after fasting overnight

Come and join us at the sweat to maximise these beautiful energies as we travel around the medicine wheel to gain vision from the east, strength from the north, healing from the west and insight from our medicine and ancestors in the south and bring all back to the centre of the lodge and the centre of ourselves where we truly discover ourselves as the axis mundi – the tree of life and the bridge between heaven and earth!!


The sweat lodge encompasses both beginnings and endings.
Each time we take part in a ceremony, we take a journey to the centre of our being, joined with the others in the sweat lodge and yet also alone. It is about birth, death and rebirth. We change as a result of participating.

Great richness flows from maintaining this focus. We chant to help us concentrate on the journey and not the uncomfortable physical environment and our fears. Chanting also helps us to breathe easily and to compose ourselves.
Physiologically, the lodge helps to tune the autonomic nervous system, creating a new internal balance, smoothing out the peaks and lows of emotional and energetic changes. Psychologically, it fosters feelings of well being, peace and self-worth. It is a powerful tool for growth and also for specific kinds of life difficulties, emotional turbulence and trauma.
There is an intrinsic value arising from participation in the sweat lodge. It is a powerful healing tool.
The Moon represents the physical manifestation of the Goddess.
The Moon Goddess created time with all the cycles of creation, growth, decline and destruction.
The Dark Moon symbolises death, the void, transformation and rebirth.
The Dark Moon sweat lodge is a celebration of great mystery. It represents the fruitful darkness from which all creation flows.
The Moon represents the subtle yet powerful force of cycles upon the planet and our bodies.
As she shifts the tides, she shifts our receptivity. The dark moon is a time to retreat, to meditate, to claim this power the power that creates all form.
We enter the lodge to hear the voices of grandmother moon. We emerge strong with the knowledge of our power and the truth of who we are.
These Sweats focus on the new moon of each month and the gifts that are available for us to draw upon and bring in to our daily lives.

inbox me or contact me at to get a mud map on how to find us and hope to share the journey with you! xx

solstice tree winter

The age of the Feminine is here – it is time to claim our heritage ladies !!!

There is a wild Mid – Winter Gathering to claim these energies for change.

On this overnight stay we shall draw on the Energies of the Divine Feminine to immerse ourselves deeply in the water element for transformation and renewal of the engine room of our creativity – our emotions. We shall draw upon the power of the earth element to renew the flesh. We shall draw upon the fire element to invigorate our spirit and soul and we shall draw upon the air to empty the mind!

This beautiful energy can be deeply inspirational or deeply escapist – the choice, as always, will be yours.

solstice man

On this most magical of evenings we shall gather at a location in the Adelaide Hills for a mutual garnering of energies for the beginning of the New Year as the Sun promises return after the shortest day! Solstice – we shall honour the passing of the old year and honour the promise of life renewed by the coming spring.

They day will begin early with a Sweat on the Saturday the 21st at 9am for those who wish to attend at the usual site and this will be recommended as a wonderful way to tune in.

fire dance

And then we shall gather down on the penisula to awaken the divination wheel, to honour what is being released from our personal lives, to ascend the path to the cauldron of fire, to let go, to sing the old songs as we dance and weave a new fate, then honouring the new with a feast and libation of merriment, laughter and play.

And before we leave – an exchange of trust and life renewed before we return to the world.

The energies are powerful and we shall dance upon them as we weave a new fate, a new world.

The planetary energies continue to support change and letting go at this time so come and dance the dance of life ladies.

If you are aware and watching and working with the transformational energies – none of this is surprising to you and you will navigate through this as with all things – observing and working for a better world.

we are writing the new myths, creating the new rituals, weaving the new songs and story lines for a new shared future.

The sweeping changes will get stronger and more violent for some people as they continue to resist the changes that are required.

What this essentially means is that any story you are holding onto to deny your need to grow and evolve – what ever it is – is very likely to be the one thing in your face that requires you to change now.


the Cosmic egg is cracking from the inside out folks and that which is broken from the inside begets new life!!!

there are many categories of challenge to this awakening – the hungry ghosts of our past, the demons of our own creation in the battlefield of our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual bodies. there are dark and destructive forces who tempt us with what appears beautiful and escapist but lead us down a dark path – strangling and suffocating all our promise. the void does not exist and yet the world depends upon it lol.

It may well appear that all is well for these energies can lead to growth and expansion – however this will be temporary and not even available to all and the walls are still cracking, the early warning seismic shifts are still mounting, even though the institutions appear to be going about their business with nothing changing – nothing could be farther from the truth.

dissolving duality

Water is cleansing and sweeps all before it and it seeks the deepest place to gather – water upon water – feminine energy – creating the void – that which appears barren and empty however is the fruitful magnetic darkness from which all creation flows – offering regeneration and renewal once the storm has passed.

This event can bring very deeply suppressed emotions to the surface, feelings of anxiety, not being good enough, lost love and longing for poor choices, guilt and shame re negative behavior that will allow you to finally face and be accountable for your actions, your defensiveness and reactionary tendencies will be brought home now.

During such times is when we want to crawl back into the hole, the familiarity of old patterns and beliefs that allow us to play victim and wait for the savior to come and save us – well that’s not going to happen lol.  Do not fall for this – it will make the next hit even more painful.

There is no going back – not ever again – the door is closed to that reality and new doorways in new dimensions are opening up all over the place and some of this is so strange and unfamiliar, again you are tempted to crawl back into the hole – but no.

goddess blessing

It is time to leave our comfort zones and grow. Just be present. Don’t Judge anything. Just experience and ask, what do I need to know from this, to grow – what ever the hell it is, that is flooding down, lol.

For the new doorway you stand before will open to new possibilities and on the retreat we shall draw on the moon, the solstice, the Goddess and all things that love and support us on every level of our being to rise up, release and renew – to husk the corn of all that is dead and to plant the new seeds deep into our soul and psyche for rebirth and regeneration!!

This will be different for all of us for we all walk a different path and we all have had different experiences to get here to this point – however by being willing to walk in our own shadow and to confront the delusions and illusions we hold then so shall we find the mystery that is our own personal journey while recognizing we are part of the collective as well.

when women wake - mountains move

Because these energies involve emotion, intuition, soul and spirit, the divine feminine and the unseen realms and because they call us to action, to leadership and right action – there is so much here to be gained for the journey ahead.

If we do this well we shall soak up the blessings and immediately put them to good use [which is also required with the rest of the year’s energies]. We shall form new dreams, renewed hope and feel the love of the cosmic grace that is sweeping us all at this time.

Every sound in every cell of our bodies is singing in profound harmony for the miracle of changes rising up within us now. We are being showered with multiple blessings and opportunities to create a new symphony of being and so the possibilities here are limitless to sow the seeds for a profound new future. On the retreat we shall indeed sow such seeds and honour our transition.

For all who have worked diligently, put their growth ahead of the mundane, refused to sell their soul to gain the material world, who have placed their inner voice above their public mask – you are now coming to reap the rewards of such endeavours.

feminine soul arising

So on the midwinter retreat we shall set the tone for the time ahead, we shall awaken the cosmic wheel, we shall speak of the change to the horned god, we shall release the old and welcome the new, we shall dance around the cauldron and fire as we weave what we seek, we shall feast and have merriment, play and have fun – and as we leave the next day after further immersion – we are clear – we are firmly on our path of love and laughter, light and allowance.

We shall rise above and set ourselves free, we shall unchain ourselves from the egoic desire to rule, we shall release ourselves from the longing for the light and embrace both aspects of the duality within us – we shall become the vessel that holds the light and rise accordingly into our true natures.

That in truth all the sparks of the divine need to do is dream of a better world and plant those seeds and trust it will unfold.

tree of life

That you can recognize the roots of the tree of which we are all a part, that the roots join to form a tree of life in which we can love and create a better world by dreaming new branches of possibility for each other!!

For this is how the universe forms and continues to form, because you are spirit and spirit grows and continues without end – it is the essence of it all – the power within your divine imagination, dreams, grace and hope – the Power of becoming – the Power to Be Yourself!!!

So if you have been through the profound changes of initiation, if you wish to continue stepping forward into life for the planet and your self and your tribe, if you wish to renew yourself again and prepare for the changes ahead – then follow the link and register. Soon you will all be sent an email outlining what to bring, where to bring it to, information on how to prepare and the cost involved.

This indeed shall be a gathering of the wild women in all of us – to celebrate, to dance, to sing and to howl at the moon should the mood take us, to sit by the fire and drink and feast and to dream in the warm blankets of the circle of women divine!!

Follow this link to register or visit us at the website – notices for prep coming out soon xx


There is a technique for healing that is beyond transpersonal counseling, beyond psychotherapy, beyond mindfulness and cognitive change, beyond behavioral challenges.

We all carry things that have accumulated within us both genetically and over life times. Things that erupt in our lives in patterns of familiarity ( not this again!!) and in patterns of pain. As the veil is thinning and we are evolving more and more of this is ‘bleeding’ through into our current existence for healing.

prues sign

Anxiety, guilt, shame, inadequacy, powerlessness, frustration, lost, grief and despair ……

The technique used takes these wounds back to the source – whatever that may be – and rewires them, allowing real resolution in the current life being lived – in an hour.

sacrad geometry

Utilising deep emotional release, personal connection with your own Higher Self, hands on balancing of the fields around you and harmonic sound – this process reaches you deeply at the heart, mind, body and soul aspects of your reality in a profoundly healing way!

This work has grown out of many years of work in psychiatry and mental health, Psychodynamic and Lomi Lomi bodywork, Harmonic Overtones, Shamanic Practice, Transpersonal Counseling and Art Therapy – amongst many things in my life time of learning and unfolding.

This process follows the pattern of pain around the body, then takes it to the core emotion of that pain and using joint toning, ancient instruments of vibrational healing, ancient words of harmonic power, intent and symbology – a process is set up of a vibrational movement in which nothing that is disharmonious to the system can reside within.

spiritual rebirth

“it felt as though layers of light and healing were being built up around me – I was in my body but also not and I felt hollow and yet incredibly grounded”

“I feel amazingly light and my whole body seemed to be vibrating – there were places that got hot or heavy and then it would just melt away”

“I had a vision of many lives as a healer, and paying a price for those lives and of of that falling away as I existed under this bell of light and vibration and none of it mattered any more”

sacred sound

“There was a powerful sense of a whole tribe of ancient women filling me up and lifting me up and I was flowing with them”

“I feel lighter – my head is empty – I was told that I can trust my life!”

” A very intense feeling in my chest and throat – amazing as it melted away and then at the end my third eye seemed to explode as I disappeared and then it all regathered, coming back in slivers and rejoined with new information for me”

“I went back to the beginning of time and picked up the clay that I was made with and I remade my self and then found myself standing outside my body while you worked with my [deceased] mother watching you – so peaceful”

“I could feel that my body was beginning to vibrate at a different frequency and was beginning to remember how to heal. I have felt different since then, more grounded and hopeful. My heart feels different too, lighter and more settled. I just feel that it knows the path to healing now and that as it follows this path it will become far stronger than before. I could feel your work dragging me out of the hole I was stuck in, pulling and easing me out into the lightness.”

Contact me at or via to come and experience this remarkable process.

strength and confidence

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness to Counter Anxiety and Depression

A 10 week webinar series commencing October 2014

Anxiety is a perfectly normal human emotion and without it we could not get out of bed in the morning.
We as people have highly developed anxiety traits because we are all descended from the people who survived the world of large roaming predators whom we competed with for survival.
So our ancestors were the ones that were the fastest up the tree or into the back of the cave while less anxious humanoids were consumed.
The fight- flight response is deeply embedded in our primal brain and it is hypervigilant for things waiting to kill us.

death fear

This is then laced with the most primal fear of all – fear of death. [and just quietly if anyone you know tells you they are not afraid of dying they are kidding themselves completely and the denial is just stronger in them – stand them on the edge of a cliff with your hand in the small of their back and see how at peace they are lol]

We are so afraid of death we pretend that it doesn’t exist [deep down where it actually matters] and while fear must be met and transcended, it therefore leaks into other things.


The combined result of this is that we can become very afraid of things that aren’t actually dangerous and once this starts it goes through this white anting kind of process in which it spreads out making you more and more anxious about more and more things!

This is highly destructive and becomes increasingly complicated as we then set up little rules and rituals to keep the anxiety at bay which of course only reinforces to us that there really must be something to be afraid of after all.

anxiety loop

This series will take participants through the whole process of what anxiety and depression are, what triggers it, what it produces in us, how we behave in the face of that – which simply reinforces the whole process again.

In simple clearly understood processes you will learn about the physiology of what happens, non medicated ways to deal with it, how to recognize and interrupt the thoughts that generate it and how to modify your behavior in the face of it – all of which lead to a powerful possibility that you can live free of it!!

junk in the head

We will learn about our thoughts, the monkey chatter in our heads, the 50,000 thoughts that you have the same – every day ad nauseam, all of which chips away at your self esteem, your worth, your lovablity, and fills you with negative judgement about yourself and the world – both projected and intrajected.

You will learn about how to recognise those thoughts and how to challenge and ultimately delete them. You will learn about the plasticity of the brain and how powerfully you can rewrite your destiny with care and attention to what is going on.

anxiety and depression

You will learn how to interrupt the emotional response that follows these thoughts – the panic and sadness and self loathing that comes with them. Those feelings we have been conditioned to resist, thus locking ourselves into a cycle of futile avoidance and ritualised ways of not feeling anything. You will come to know your emotional body – not as something to fear but as something that informs you of your reality moment by moment. Not in a dammed up over the spillway kind of way, overwhelming you in their intensity – but as part of the river of life that you are, flowing smoothly and effectively.

behaviour mod

You will learn to interrupt the behaviours and rituals that you have created over time to allay the anxiety but which have a paradoxical effect of making it worse. The more you try and protect your self from the anxiety by reassuring yourself, avoiding situations, doing little routines to ensure something does not go wrong – the more powerfully you are telling yourself that there is something to reassure your self against.

mindful breath

You will learn mindfulness from the Zen traditions and breath techniques to slow all things down and learn skills for dwelling in the body in the moment rather than in the mind in the past or the future!!

This series will commence on Monday evening the 18th March at 7.30pm for an hour and a half and will run for 10 weeks cost $25 per week during which you will learn many simple and effective tools for reclaiming power over your life.

the links to register for this amazing programme will be up soon