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Full Moon in Scorpio – Wesak – Buddha’s Birth, Awakening and Ascension


At 5.52 in Adelaide on the 15th the full moon rises in a dance of planetary activity that continues the tearing down and surgical clean out of all that does not work for you and the trajectory that the human species is on.

The Cardinal Grand Cross, the eclipses, the retrogrades and alignments of all of this, along with the greater cosmos forming powerful symmetry with Neptune, Lillith and Mars amongst other things, cast us all into the depths of our being, the murky waters down in the swamp that we have avoided most of our life if not life times.

The boil that has to be lanced, the festering wound that has to be surgically cauterised, compounded by Venus conjunct the Uranus – Pluto square. We shall indeed plummet the depths of magical journeys, mystical meetings, red eyed demons in the night.

This Moon carries wonderful energies for emptying the proverbial slop bucket we persist in carrying around to our own and other’s detriment. You are being asked to lighten the load, to make sacrifices for your own evolution. After this Moon do a detox – physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

full moon

That which causes pain asks for patience – be patient no more, do not listen to such entreaties within or without. Cut it out of your zietgiest. And with the moon conjunct Saturn you are being asked to be responsible and approach the world with impeccable integrity.

Scopio rules the 8th House of sex, death, other peoples money and transformation. This is really very intense energy and can go either way – inflamed or explosive or darkly brooding or great joyous passion for something. A time for secrets to be revealed and permanent decisions to be made.

Relationships are again the playground of these energies as are the global events that will draw the whole worlds attention and demand for action.

So this is a time for inner reflection – responsibility – non judgement to be practiced. The Buddha’s birthday and transformation is here. We will be celebrating this on the evening to maximise all the energies available. Follow the link if you wish to come.

spirit transcends

These energies genuinely will promote a rising of ideas and examinations so question everything, examine why you do the things you do. The Mercury, Venus and Uranus connection will open your mind to wonderful ideas and solutions, to what have sometimes been felt impossible situations or intractable problems – any thing is possible here so be open.

This unusual line up actually opens avenues to the other dimensions allowing us to avail ourselves of higher levels of insight, communication and awareness are possible. The unique individual inside the ever evolving mass consciousness.

Because of the recent eclipse and the very close alignments of the Moon to Saturn, the energy is ramped up significantly and will – will – reach deeply within you, opening the path to your own soul and what is now required for your fulfillment. Look at your motivations in life – what are they about.

As you willingly work with what ever arises during this time and consciously seek healing and letting go, then so shall it be. You are ready and it is time. Because of the nature of the energies at play, some of the wounds may hold an intense emotional power which can lead to addictive processes or obsession or rage and terror.


All that you are being shown is what holds you back from self love and self acceptance. Just because you have been taught to feel guilty or ashamed in certain realities does not mean the feelings are appropriate to the reality – you are carrying someone else’s emotional baggage there is all and it is time to shine the light in – with gratitude for what it has taught you and love for all of its journey which was only designed to help you survive at the time. It is no longer needed and you can be free.

And look on the world’s events that will come with this with the same compassion and empathy for all concerned – with blessings in your heart for the victims of suffering, blessings in your heart for the perpetrators of it and with blessings in your heart for all who witness such things. Here is where you will change things lol.

There are likely to be many endings and beginnings with this moon and her cosmic companions. Ride the waves peeps and pick carefully which ones you want to surf lol.

We will grow through this and in the weeks and months ahead – the crescendo is building so stay zen and allow yourself new steps forward.

phoenix rising - libra

This Moon is all about the deep feminine power and she will express the depths of herself through transformation, intimacy and emotional truth. She will not tolerate us hanging on to any thing that is not essential for the next step and here the symbol of the final stage of Scorpio – the Phoenix rising from the ashes – comes powerfully into play.

So be of brave heart as the Cosmic doors open with this Moon – the initiatory field has been set in readiness – the frequencies are rising and we are now strong enough to face what needs to be faced. And as we do this for ourselves so do we do it for the collective.

Journey well with her divine self dear peeps and see you on the other side lol xx

goddess and serpent


This Moon Sweat will have us feeling lots of emotions and also quite clouded as Neptune begins its slow moving retrograde turn the day before hand. Which means we are likely to be feeling quite ‘all over the shop’ for this week as we come to this energy!!

This process makes it hard to see the wood for the trees and also to lose sight of our vision for the future. As this is a moon in Gemini – we will be wanting to communicate lots of things however it may be useful to wait until the dust settles and we become a little more focused and grounded before we launch into anything.

Due to all that we are wrestling with this week it is very possible that due to confusion  and a heightened state of awareness we may well easily get caught in arguments or hassles with others so make a point not to engage darker energies that would want to do that both within and without.

goddess blessing

And because of the Grand Water Trine beginning next week it will also open the doors to the inner knowing very powerfully. This moon prepares the way very powerfully for the coming Solstice and the rising of the Sacred Feminine if you engage it well!

[And we still have some places left for the Mid Winter retreat for women so let me know if you want to come for this Super Moon in Cancer is all about the watery rising of this.]

winter solstice sign

As the feminine rises up there is much to overthrow in our own conditioning about the feminine and how we must not let it shine – how this is not safe. But rising it is and will not be thwarted now so if you can be open and vulnerable at this time and move through the dark facets of being and relationship that would hold you back then you will open a window to extraordinary vision for your own and the planets future. Observe if you are jealous of another or envious or hateful towards them and remember to own that stuff as your own and romance the shadow enough to make it yours. There is strength in this.

 You will be able to tap into the larger field of consciousness with this moon and allow the heart and mind to meld into a vastly larger awareness beyond the petty and the mundane and see that the rest is all just a part of the process.

New ways of relating are required and healthy boundaries are needed and this may be awkward at first but it too is a necessary step along the way. You will find that you are no longer interested in maintaining one sided friendships or relationships from this moon. There is nothing in it? Then walk away. You are doing all the work? Then walk away.

You must take time for yourself – the world has become insane with us all being on line and available 24 hours and day and we are all becoming quite addicted to it all – checking our pages all the time and having a panic if a gadget is left behind. With a moon in Gemini this awareness will be heightened and it is not necessarily useful. Unplugg now and then – our evolutionary reality has Not kept pace with our technology.

And so with this moon we shall journey to the sacred feminine for vision, for preparation, for seeing what no longer serves and to tap into the larger reality of which we are all a part to see our path as we move towards the rising of the sacred feminine in the world!

sweatlodeg 5

Physiologically, the lodge helps to tune the autonomic nervous system, creating a new internal balance, smoothing out the peaks and lows of emotional and energetic changes. Psychologically, it fosters feelings of well being, peace and self-worth. It is a powerful tool for growth and also for specific kinds of life difficulties, emotional turbulence and trauma.

So for only $20 come and join us on this fine and beautiful morning [it truly is a wonderful way to start the day]  – bring a plate of sumptuous food to share after fasting overnight

Come and join us at the sweat to maximise these beautiful energies as we travel around the medicine wheel to gain vision from the east, strength from the north, healing from the west and insight from our medicine and ancestors in the south and bring all back to the centre of the lodge and the centre of ourselves where we truly discover ourselves as the axis mundi – the tree of life and the bridge between heaven and earth!!


The sweat lodge encompasses both beginnings and endings.
Each time we take part in a ceremony, we take a journey to the centre of our being, joined with the others in the sweat lodge and yet also alone. It is about birth, death and rebirth. We change as a result of participating.

Great richness flows from maintaining this focus. We chant to help us concentrate on the journey and not the uncomfortable physical environment and our fears. Chanting also helps us to breathe easily and to compose ourselves.
Physiologically, the lodge helps to tune the autonomic nervous system, creating a new internal balance, smoothing out the peaks and lows of emotional and energetic changes. Psychologically, it fosters feelings of well being, peace and self-worth. It is a powerful tool for growth and also for specific kinds of life difficulties, emotional turbulence and trauma.
There is an intrinsic value arising from participation in the sweat lodge. It is a powerful healing tool.
The Moon represents the physical manifestation of the Goddess.
The Moon Goddess created time with all the cycles of creation, growth, decline and destruction.
The Dark Moon symbolises death, the void, transformation and rebirth.
The Dark Moon sweat lodge is a celebration of great mystery. It represents the fruitful darkness from which all creation flows.
The Moon represents the subtle yet powerful force of cycles upon the planet and our bodies.
As she shifts the tides, she shifts our receptivity. The dark moon is a time to retreat, to meditate, to claim this power the power that creates all form.
We enter the lodge to hear the voices of grandmother moon. We emerge strong with the knowledge of our power and the truth of who we are.
These Sweats focus on the new moon of each month and the gifts that are available for us to draw upon and bring in to our daily lives.

inbox me or contact me at to get a mud map on how to find us and hope to share the journey with you! xx

winter solstice

Greetings Thrive Tribe.

And so the new Solar Year comes this month for the water based feminine hemisphere in the south – the Sun standing still and then returning as the days become longer. This solar year reality is the acknowledgement of the natural rhythms and cycles of life and is the natural reality upon which all the patriarchal myths of the dead king risen after three days emerged from.

We have many celebrations lined up for the magical night of the 22nd – the largest moon of the year will be present that night – pulling at us for change and renewal and the mid winter gathering is going to be great fun with wonderful juju to be gained for all.
Well what a crazy ride we are on. The eclipse season has been really quite harrowing for many people and the incidence of break up, break down, spin out, shuffle off, illness and madness has been quite phenomenal!!

I am not aware of anyone getting through quite unscathed and the interesting thing is that this is just ramping up further and further through the grand water trines and other things over the next few months – right up to the mid point direct hit [no 4] of the Uranus/Pluto square and the solar eclipse in November – which I think will be the truly mad month of this year lol. More in Cosmic Connections below.

aus election

The electioneering has hit full stream here in Aus. I cannot believe the lies and the shutting down that abbot’s spin team is doing with him. They are pretending he is an ok guy, he says nothing to anyone and rarely seen on the ABC where they attempt at least to ask real questions. He is dropping clues though – this talk of an ‘emergency’ budget situation – a recipe for change as soon as he gets in and the ‘independent audit’ that he holds after he is elected [very arrogant in his confidence] will of course provide the means to slash and burn further than promised.

He will crucify the unions and I get people don’t have a lot to do with unions now – but never forget they are the reason children do not work down the mines here [as they still do in multi-national mines in third world countries] – they are the reason you get a decent wage for a decent labour [sort of] where as in Africa 54 miners were shot dead by the police for daring to ask for a pay rise of an extra $1 a day on top of the $2 a day they already work for.

hear, see, speak not evil

Remember the police force was created originally to protect the possessions and property of the elite and emerging middle class from the peasants – it still works in the same way really.
These are the lackeys of the system as are all mini empires and do not have the people’s best wishes at heart.

Unions are the reason you live as well as you do and the conservatives know it and they have always wanted to tear it down. All superannuation was created by the work of the unions. Only a labour government has increased it – despite the conservatives having many opportunities.

aus unions

Universal health care came in under labour and was butchered by the conservatives. They will butcher the NBN and give you a crap internet system [they will have the best for themselves of course] because that is how they roll.
The only reason they accepted the NDIS for half a million disabled people and their families is because the loss of face would have been too great just prior to an election – but they did nothing about it in all the years they had a chance to.
That little toad Costello as treasurer took 50 billion dollars and put it in a scheme to pay commonwealth public servants extravagant super schemes – all of it – no billions put aside to help the rest of us or any other infrastructure.

abbott and rinehart

Abbots good friend Rinehart banging on about how the mining industry is not the country’s ATM – the arrogant greed of the woman – as though through an accident of birth it all belongs to her and her alone – being the worlds richest woman is not enough – she will influence the abbott agenda, as will pell and all kinds of other dark creatures.

Creatures who believe they were born to rule, that they ‘know’ best and who have demonstrated again and again their willingness to screw the little man, to steal as much as they can get away with, to pour billions of dollars into wealthy schools where they send their children while allowing the rest to fall behind. He will abolish the gonsky reforms – make no doubt about it.

I think soon enough the education system as we know it will come to a screaming halt anyway – already they are failing the new kids quite profoundly for they simply will not be taught irrelevant nonsense that makes no sense.

It appears as if the world is limping along however it really is like a tipping point being reached and like the glancing blow of Uranus and Pluto back in 1965 – it took four years before it exploded all over the world. This round is seven direct hits and same thing – it will really explode in a couple of years – if it limps along that far – and then we shall rewrite the rule books for living.

I genuinely find it hard to understand that people cannot remember what the conservatives did with health, the morning after pill, the appalling work choices legislation. This is ideological folks. One of the very first things howard did when he came to office was to abolish a scholarship for 2 aboriginal kids per annum to get an opportunity to attend university. A lousy pittance – and he got rid of it because these cretinous people are born into a place of wealth and secturity and by all means they will keep it. They do not like the ‘riff raff’ rising above their station.

Very disturbing. They will do it again – please think about your vote. Although I have never been inspired by the voting mentality of this country – that negative fear based reality the conservatives cling to and beat you over the head with. Filth – all of it. Remember – all decent social policy has been initiated in this country by the labour party – yes they have their problems – as do the others – what kind of a country do you want in the long run is all.

parenting - why this course matters

The First webinar series on Conscious Parenting completed last month with another due to kick off on the 10th! It went really well and it was such a reminder that if we get it right with kids we really will change the world – especially these new kids coming in. And good feedback again from some of the families that they found it was helping their adult relationships as much as the relationship they have with their child!!

So if you have any kind of a relationship with a child, a niece or nephew, a grandchild or you are a day care worker or teacher etc – for only $25 a week you can learn how to do it entirely differently, healing your own childhood wounds along the way [yes we all have them lol] and all from the comfort of your own home!! Come and play – you will learn a great deal about how you ended up they way you are and some wonderful simple skills to rewrite that!!

After my vision late last year of women rising all over the world and saying NO – in a way that will not be able to be resisted – there is a lot of information coming in now as to what this will look like.

It is becoming sooooooo apparent that what is rising is the power of the feminine in both women and men.
It is quite disturbing to some people – both to those to whom it is happening and those who are the friends and family of those to whom it is happening.
What I see in people is a new kind of truth and an increasing inability to tolerate the old ways of playing dormouse or what ever else has been needed to be, in order to stay safe.
There is a strange kind of detachment that goes with this – in other words it does not matter what other people think about it [and they are thinking some very dark things I can assure you lol] this is who I am and take it or leave it – that is just how it is now.

There is also a weird kind of body awareness that is coming with this as well, a new level of sensitivity to the environment, a new awareness of sensuality and emotional reality, and an awareness of oceans of grief and spiritual rage at what has been done to women for countless thousands of generations. It is very powerful and is motivating women to move in different ways.


The Eve-Olution – a Women’s Initiation – to be held this year from 18th to 20th of October – will focus very powerfully on this.
Even though the journey will, as always be into the deep aspects of self for awakening and restoration – we will be working powerfully this year to awaken this new aspect of the feminine rising and accessing the gifts she brings – so we may return them to the world where they belong.

For an age now the emphasis has been on power and subjugation of nature rather than having a relationship with it and the return of the Sacred Feminine – with all of its mysteries – is now returning to consciousness.

The power and numinosity of the Divine Feminine is emerging to provide a new vision for the new future – wholeness and balance are what is on offer and a movement away from the concept of a human born flawed and sinful, separate from divine consciousness to a recognition that we are the divine in human form – with all grace and radiance imbued in that.

goddess and serpent

Remember that the serpent, snake or dragon – long symbols of the primal feminine – is the traditional guardian of the ‘treasure’ – the mysteries of the ‘all knowing’.
The journey of the serpent goddess – the Kundalini – from the base of the spine to the radiant expansion at the crown – symbolizes powerfully the transformation of the life energy from unconsciousness to the connection with the divine essence that illuminates all.

It is the restoration of the feminine within, that we look to in this new aquarian age with hope and longing as the symbols of the last masculine age crumble and fall around us. The difference is profound for in the old world there is a god head that rules the world with commandments and eternal cruelty and damnation for failing whereas in the new world the Goddess and the divine feminine does not rule the world – She is the world!!

And so at the Eve-Olution – a Women’s Initiation this year – we seek to recognize the goddess in all – as the salvation of what we have sunk to. In this reality the divine feminine is nature and fertility – responsible for both the creation and destruction of life.

She who is immanent in nature – acknowledging the sacredness of all living things and in which the model that acknowledges the wheel of her turning – from birth, life, death, transformation and rebirth – can truly be seen as an acknowledgement of its ecology – a flourishing for all things within nature.

At this weekend we invoke the Goddess of the divine feminine and to do this is to awaken the Goddess within – to truly become that which we invoke – for the healing of all, the awakening of the feeling mind and thinking heart, the merging of spirit with the soul within and the raising of the planetary consciousness!

To become “the Woman cloaked with the Sun, with the Moon under her feet and the crown of 12 stars on her head”…as spoken of in revelation.

With this return of the power of the feminine so shall we see many things returned to the natural reflection in nature – the natural time of the cycles of the seasonal 13 moon calendar as apposed to the 12 month erratic Gregorian calendar based on time equals money.

from a seed we all grow

This is the period of incubation, of the seed murmuring under the soil and at this years Women’s weekend we shall bring it forth into life!

There is an early bird registration for this event in the Coming Up section below and if you book before July 31st you will get this life changing weekend along with all the prep beforehand – for only $450. So do come and play – discover yourself – and awaken to the new energies unfolding for you and the planet.

solstice man

And the Mid Winter gathering for Initiated women is full now but one or two may drop out so if you are keen get in touch with me or register at the link and you may still work it.

I am so excited about this one – we walked the land over the weekend and the ritual just kept unfolding in front of us – this will be a very special time of release, renewal, celebration and feasting and creativity of things for your home and healing of the energetic systems of the body – yes a lot and we are all up for it lol.




One of the most disturbing things I saw recently was one of the celebrity worshipped [oh when will we start to respect thinkers again!!!!] who decided on medical and pharma advice – to cut off two perfectly healthy breasts because of what might happen!! This completely terrified [or downright mental] creature – not only thought it was a good idea to do this – but to get up on international media – and terrify a lot of other sleepwalkers that this was a good idea!!!

Dear Goddess people – the lunatics are really running the asylum!!!

The world is changing big time my loves and it is all for the better despite the chaos – so hang in there – get in touch with your feelings and your thoughts and your body and eliminate the crap – and most of it is crap – and trust that you are a perfect note in a symphony of change that would not be the same without your note.

Your only task in this life is to discover the real truth of yourself – hidden but not depleted – and to let it rise and shine and to speak the truth of this – for each time you dare to speak the truth of yourself you show another human being that you can do this and not die and there is no greater gift that you can give to your fellow humans at this time!!!

Be yourselves – trust that you are here for a reason whether you understand it or not or remember it or not – and trust that the symphony would not be the same without your precious note. There are billions of entities that are lined up to come to this planet at this time of it’s history for the transformation of the species – many did not and will not make it – you did! Trust that and become yourselves – it is ultimately what you are here for and you cannot get it wrong.

if you wish to get our newsletter with all the information about what is going on creatively and workshop wise and all the news about the Astrology ahead for the month of June – sign up to our free newsletter at and also register to win a place at this years Eve-Olution – a Women’s Initiation – yes we are offering another free place this year lol xxx Have a great day xx