Partnership to Empowerment – Conscious Parenting for the Child and Family to be held weekly for 10 weeks from 7.30 to 9pm from Monday 10th June 2013.

As a special offer for this wonderful programme – if you bring 3 people to sign up to do this – you will get to do it for free!!

What is it – A 10 week programme that takes you step by step about what to expect through all the developmental stages from pregnancy to adolescence – providing understanding and help to deal with all the challenges along the way.

How does it work – by helping you understand your parenting style and how that impacts on your child and teaching you how to relate differently in clear and easy to understand exercises that make everyone’s life easier.

When does it start – 7.30 to 9.00pm commencing as required

 How much does it cost – $250 for the whole series which can be paid up front or week by week depending on the needs of the family.

What if I miss one – all sessions are fully recorded with the slides and available for your permanent record and once you have completed the course you may arrange to attend any future webinars free of charge to refresh things.

Why choose this course – Prue has a long history of expertise in this field and is a mother of three and a grandmother to eight. She provides simple, powerful and effective insights and tools that profoundly change not only your relationship with your child but with all significant people in your life – for the better!

Follow this link to register your interest – payment options will be sorted later and you may choose the $25 per week to pay or pay it up front once invoices go out but for now follow this-

parenting - why this course matters

Thrive by design is excited to be offering our Partnership to empowerment series now as a live interactive webinar.

This means that you can log in from the comfort of your own home on the couch once small people are in bed.

You can be anywhere in Australia or the world and take advantage of this amazing and transformative program.

[Normally $550 – the webinar series is available for just $250 or $25 per session so reserve your place now!]

parenting hand and finger

Raising children whether it is single parenting, or blended families or couples creating a new life can be fraught with confusion, there is either too much or not enough help for parents, often little parental support and practical parenting skills and this makes it difficult to manage the whole world of parenting in a busy and time poor world.

What do we need to know about parenting and how to do it differently from the way we were parented?

Parenting is a sacred task and one of the single most important activities that you will participate in – in your life. It is a task for which little training is available and what is available and what is out there focuses predominately on the child and their cognitive development.

In this course, the focus is on the every day working relationship between the parents and the child – and addresses the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of the whole family.

parenting - what is real

It doesn’t matter what kind of family you come from or are currently creating – if it involves a child, this course is for you.
It looks at how we were shaped and formed and is designed to help you to not ‘unconsciously’ hand on the things that may have made your childhood a difficult and painful journey.

How to create a loving, safe and supportive environment in which your child may flourish and fulfill their own potential while you can heal the wounds of your own childhood in learning to do things differently.

family hands of healing

We cover all the normal developmental stages from conception to adulthood, what the child is capable of and geared to learn at what ages.
The problems and difficulties you will encounter at each of those stages and how to effectively deal with them, for the benefit of the whole family.
This course is an extraordinary opportunity to do things differently, to maximise the potential of all family members and to heal the pain and grief of your own childhood – thus extending the arcs of possibility for all participants.

Broad Paradigms of Understanding the Process

There are no gurus in parenting, only works in process. A lot of work has been done on understanding the nature of adults and of children but not much has been on the nature of the connection between them.

parenting - second chance relationship

Our choice of partner as adults is affected by the unconscious internal picture we carry inside ourselves of our parents. The way we parent our children is powerfully influenced by the way we were parented ourselves.

Conscious parenting is a healing activity in which ordinary experiences and interactions become the vehicle for emotional and spiritual growth.
When a parent provides the child with what he or she needs, the parent returns to themselves the care they need to heal their own wounds, thus completing a circle of love that reaches far beyond the two of them.

Every parent and every child is unique and every relationship is more amazing and filled with possibility than you can possibly imagine. This course is for all, single parents, couples, blended families, parents who have had therapy and those who have not.

This is not about making you wrong for any problems you may be experiencing. It is simply to show how in our imperfect world of incomplete states of evolution – that all of us have been parented imperfectly and how we repeat this with our children – in ways that can be understood and changed in the here and now.

parenting for the world

People come together as adults for survival, hoping their partners will meet the unmet needs of their own childhood.
Children are often produced unconsciously to meet these needs as well – this places an intolerable burden on the child.
Know that what was done to you as a child will be handed on to you until it is brought to your conscious awareness.

In an adult relationship it is appropriate to grow together and learn to meet each others needs.
It is not appropriate for a parent to try and heal by having the child meet their needs. The child is not equipped to do this.

If we want to take better care of our children we need to take better care of ourselves. Your emotional, psychological and spiritual care and nurturance for yourself, will be reflected in your children.
Knowing what to do comes from knowing how to be.

parenting - baby and finger

With the birth of a child, parents experience what it is like to love unreservedly and without conditions – usually for the first time.
This ensures the survival of the young. In the presence of an infant, we are open to Martin Bubers’ thoughts on the sacredness of everyday life, we feel the connection between ourselves and the rest of creation.

We remember Buber’s sadness at the thought that babies are born forgetting their cosmic connection.

Conscious parenting is about helping them maintain the balance within the paradox of life. Separateness within connection. Our job as parents is to experience oneness with the child while helping it to grow into an independent person [who is not the parent] and to honour and appreciate the differences between us.

Each child is born with a combination of possibilities and constraints, that forms their temperament – and the interactions they have in the world with parents and society influence how the personality develops.
Here we emphasize the role of the parent to make the best of positive environmental factors and to minimise the impact of the negative ones.

baby laughing

This course is about helping you to understand that your child is born whole and how you, as parents, can help preserve this while they are under your care. It is to help you become self-reflective and make the changes you need to make as part of the process of becoming a conscious parent.

This course will help you find strategies to deal with sibling rivalry, fighting, oppositional behaviour, constant challenging of your authority, difficulty getting them to bed, dietary concerns and many other things.

So follow the link below to register for this informative and illuminating series on how to be a better parent – for your self and your family.

parenting - how to love a child


‘I did the Conscious Parenting course (through Thrive By Design) last year with my partner, when our little girl was about 7 months old. I found it easily the most useful thing I’ve done in becoming a better parent. Even as a psychologist who knows a lot about child development, I got so much out of it because it’s so interactive. It really gives you a chance to talk through, and get feedback on, situations that you might find yourself in as a parent. It’s also based on sound theory, which is very important to me. What I think sets it apart from any other parenting resources I’ve come across is that it guides you through how your own experience of being raised can affect your parenting style/approach, and gives an interactive process through which you can learn to adjust your approach, do things differently, and parent more consciously. I haven’t yet come across another parenting course that gives you that. I got so much out of it that I’ll be doing it again this year! Now that my daughter is almost a year older, I have some new questions! I would recommend this course extremely highly to any parent (or would-be parent). Given the years of benefit I’ll get from it, it’s the best investment I’ve made in my daughter’s life so far’. – Rachel – Psychologist & mother of 1 ½ year old daughter

‘The conscious parenting course has given my wife and I a deep understanding of our children as divine gifts and the enormous potential of the parent child relationship. We now have a shared philosophy through which we can guide our children into life while maintaining the amazing wholeness that they came into the world with. The bonds we formed with other parents continue to be daily support in our lives and we are now softer, gentler, and more compassionate with our children and with each other.’ – Krishan and Sarina

‘My aim in attending this programme was to gain a better understanding of children in order to learn how to create healthy relationships with them for the purposes of developing strong bonds with my niece and nephews [I have no children of my own] and for being able to work with disadvantaged children in the future. Not only was this achieved, but I also gained an amazing insight into myself, the effects of my childhood on the person I am and how this affects my relationships with people in my adult life. I also learned some excellent techniques for interpersonal communication on all levels, This programme provides extremely beneficial insight into relationships of all types, communication and self-understanding’ – Christine

‘All these times when you wished they came with a manual? – well do this program – and then ask Prue when her book is coming out!!’ – Emma