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Shamanic Bodywork and Sound Healing – August 23rd – 24th 2014

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The workshop for Shamanic Bodywork and Sound Healing is being offered in August 23rd – 24th – 2014

This exciting workshop will teach you how to enter your client’s spiritual landscape and meet them as their Totemic being – their medicine – their connection with Spirit nature and how to navigate that landscape in the service of the client – and this will also incorporated powerful sound techniques for healing – setting up a vibrational field in which  nothing that is disharmonious to the client may remain within.

When any part of the Human system is out of balance – it is important to look at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of what is going on along with the map of the world of which they are a part.

shamans mask

Then by entering the client’s landscape – their stream of consciousness – the practitioner learns how to enter the stream of alternate possibilities, moving by being still – a foot in both worlds. A transformative process occurs within this from binding to freedom – from passivity and non movement to energy and movement.

When balance is restored in this landscape – so then does this healing flow out into the life of the client in the here and now.

I will be co-facilitating this workshop with Tim Healy from The Western Most Omastry – who has been working with sound healing for over 20 years and is an amazing teacher and practitioner!

shamans journey

I am sooo looking forward to this one and follow the link at
to book your place and register!!

We have shifted this around a bit everyone and sorry to mess you about – it will be worth the wait though!!

You will learn about visionary practice – state change – how all elements of the self are available in multiple streams of consciousness – how to enter those streams in the service of your client – enact change – gain the gifts therein and return with them to this ordinary waking world we inhabit.

You will learn about the power of sound as a healing tool – vibrationary medicine and how to apply it – both with sound instruments and your own voice

This is going to be fun peeps – book now at the link above and sooooo looking forward to sharing it with you lol xxx



Wesak Festival – On May the 15th this year is the Wesak Full Moon and a very powerful full moon it is – we will be holding space for this in a venue yet to be discovered and will be inviting all to attend for a minimal cost for a full blown Tibetan Buddhist Ceremony for this and a meditation with St Germaine and whom ever else arrives lol.

This is a powerful time of year when the great energies of the east and west come together for the enlightenment of mankind.

The Energy to Gautama Buddha from the East comes together in the closest spiritual union with the Christ Consciousness of the West to develop love, wisdom and awakening within the minds of humanity.

This occurs each year at this full moon under the sign of Taurus – the eye of the bull and under the full moon itself in Scorpio.

TAURUS – I see and when the eye is opened, all is illuminated

SCORPIO – Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant.

This is a blessing for the world – Buddha custodian and Christ recipient and from there transmitted to all of humanity.

We welcome this energy to bathe us all, to uplift us, transform and initiate us. We ask that the blessings of this moon and Wesak flow to us throughout this ceremony and flow into this bowl of water in the wheel so that when we drink of it in the morning we receive its blessing in the body itself – the temple of the soul

When the sun enters Taurus at this time a great stream of light charges humanity and we experience the opening of our third eye – the eye of the bull
Insight deepens, new values are seen, visions and meanings in life unfold and our whole life and relationships are illuminated.
The light in this constellation is the penetrating light of the path.
This allows contact with the highest fire within you, with the fire of spirit and with the center where all things are known.

This is the time in which opportunity is given to you to expand your consciousness and enter into a new level of divine awareness.
Here our being is filled with energies from the source of all, which supports us during which time we are absorbed in our inner divinity.

The moon in Scorpio allows us to come out of Maya and deception. Here we must conquer the love of illusive phenomena and cease deceiving ourselves. We must set our will to give up our attachment to the false self, the drama and then we may use this energy of Scorpio for spiritual advancement.

This is the energy of the warrior and the battle is waged upon the field of the personality, upon the fields of the body, emotion and mind. This is the time to register great victories upon our own natures.

We are always triumphant here if we set our intention will and desire  for there is a wave in the ocean of our lives which always keeps us up.

The light that shines on this path is called the light of day. The full power of the Inner Self, the Soul shines on the path and in that light we walk as the triumphant Warrior

So on this afternoon and evening there will be ceremony, chanting and meditation to maximise the benefits of this sacred time for all of us and the planet

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Shamanic healing is a very ancient form of working with a client and these practitioners have been around in recorded history for over 60,000 years – from the Tungus in Siberia, from the rock art deep in the mountains of Europe, to the living art of the first people of Oz – in fact they are recorded in all cultures that have occupied this planet through the rituals and ceremonies handed down through the ages.

This profound and powerful way of release and renewal is based upon the principle that what ever is occurring in your current life – break down, break up, illness, grief and loss, guilt and shame, addiction, anxiety and terror, inadequacy and feelings of lack of worth or value – what ever pain or life circumstances you are currently dealing with – it is all based on a disturbance of equilibrium within you.

Something is out of balance. And if it is manifesting in external or internal symptoms to point this out to you, it is doing so that you may do what ever is required to restore balance.

shamans mask

This presupposes a very deep truth. That you are never a victim. That what ever is occurring for you is being co-created by you – with others or with your own physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual reality in order for you to heal [not cure] yourself of the imbalance and allow your life to return to equilibrium.

And you have the power to do this – absolutely. The placebo effect is a classic observation of this ability.

We are taught in the west that an illness is beyond your control and must be medicated or cut in order to subdue it, control or eliminate it and the same with your emotional and psychological world – that it is like a Newtonian clock in that when it breaks – replace the broken bit and all will be well.

Again let us drug the heart and mind into submission. And as for spirituality – well we actually don’t get much of that on the planet currently – we have religion instead which is all about giving your power to the priest and they will get you to “god” lol. Crowd control really.


From the moment of your birth unto the moment of your death everything is connected to the web of life – of all creation and your life is a rhythm of ebb and flow, waxing and waning and we are forever experiencing the ‘little deaths’ of life’s changes, release and renewal.

But we are also taught in the west that we can only flow – forward – forcefully – and that change is to be resisted at all costs and the only movement allowed is expansion – there is no room for letting go, for the cycles of life, the seasons, we are death deniers and terrified of our own mortality and this whole process creates an immense imbalance that leads absolutely to the pain and heartache that has become the given norm of the world we currently dwell in.

When a client comes to a Shamanic practitioner for a healing – all of this is understood and woven into the experience. Where the client is – in the long journey between life and death – in the fabric of their social world, included or excluded, valued or not – in the balance of their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual bodies – is all taken into account as they present – willing to change.

shamans journey

A Shamanic healer will have already done a divination for the client before they present for the treatment – to see what is there in the landscape of the soul’s journey.
And when the client arrives and the process begins – the healer enters this landscape to see what is there – they meet the client as their medicine – their connection with spirit nature – bird, animal, a creature that may swim or crawl – and if that creature is bound or trapped or wounded in that landscape – that deep and primordial landscape – then that is resolved in that world in the service of the client.

The are the earliest navigators of consciousness, skillful to a high degree in journeying and bringing back the resources needed to aid the client in the ‘here and now’ process of their lives.
They have many resources and skills at their disposal to ascertain what has led to the client’s symptoms – as they present to them. No matter what the problem, while addressing those symptoms and restoring balance to the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual realms of the client – they are always at heart observing the flight of the soul and where the client is in the journey of their life between birth and death.

soul flight

The Shaman is a healer, a priest or priestess, a medium and story teller, an actor or entertainer, a trickster and prophet, a world builder and sorcerer, a mage and magician and many possibilities besides. There is a great deal of misinformation out there but in truth it is a lens through which the world can be viewed in new and visionary ways and is the oldest medicine ways practiced in human society.

This profound and deep healing will then flow out into the external world of the client – over the next hours, days, weeks, months and years and it continues to flow into the river of their life.


There may things that the client needs to do after the treatment – what is there is there and instructions are given as required however the balance is restored in a deep and powerful way that then allows other things of imbalance in the clients life to fall back into place.

If you wish to experience this unique and powerful way to discover the depths of your being and journey to that which awaits you – contact Prue on 0419819089 or at to set up an appointment x

Solstice Full Moon Sweat and Ceremony


This Saturday the 22nd June we will be holding a Full Moon and Solstice Sweat at 9am – however due to the nature of the ceremony it is important to be there at 8.30am sharp.

At the winter solstice the divine light reaches into us and into the earth, signifying the rebirth of the sun, a new growth cycle begins and we are made ready for a fresh beginning. All that has transpired through the year before can be sorted and released and the new seed of the new sun is implanted as we step into a new cycle of the light, heightened and aware.
when women wake - mountains move

For the women attending the Mid Winter Retreat later that day this will be a wonderful process for opening to be ready for the magical journey ahead for the rest of the weekend!!

super moon

We are well into the Grand Water Trine now and this is powerfully affecting the already strong pull of the Super Moon in Capricorn under the Sun sign of Cancer – known as the Super Moon due to it being the closest to the earth it has been for nearly 3 years now! This will have a strong pull on us all and the grand water trine acutely adds to the energy.

This all is having a powerful effect at this time of the Sun Standing Still or Winter Solstice!

Cancer is most powerfully associated with the Luna or Moon reality and when the Sun is here there is lots of active energy that runs on the feeling state.
Capricorn is oppositional to this state however provides strength and focus for the powerful work of transition and transmutation from the old to the new that is available under these most auspicious of stars for transcendence.

The tides rise and fall based on the pulling power of this energy and so do the emotions as the family and past are observed for anything that needs shedding.
The Wild Hunt

This beautiful Sweat will start the day well for you as we journey in the sacred space of the lodge – riding with the wild hunt – without fear and in exhilaration at the release of all from the end of the solar year and the death of the sun and the summoning of what is to come.

Before we begin there will be a ritual burning of the effigy of all that is being let go of from the year just gone and after the ceremony the ritual of lighting the candle and offering a blessing to the person next to you and the gift of seeds.

As we journey around the medicine wheel in this ceremony it is to cast off the dead wood that binds us to old ways of being.
We seek to know what holds us and we call upon the journey with Spirit and with our personal medicine – our totem, our connection with spirit nature to release these old binds.

To journey to the wall of our obstacles, to see them for what they are – the wounds carried inside us – reflected back to us in the external world for our illumination and release.
To offer them up with gratitude for all that they have taught us and then to flow within the earth – deep within the womb to connect with all that is.

And then to connect with our ancestors and guides to inform us how to bring this new world into life.

spiritual rebirth
The grand water trine which began on June 11th has Jupiter lining up in Cancer [from the 26th] along with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces and all three of these outer giants all in retro now facilitating a deep introspection and connection with the divine self to guide your journey back to remembrance of who you really are.

Jupiter in Cancer will open up the past for you – to examine who you are, where have you come from, what fires forged you and what connections matter. It will facilitate an expansion of security and groundedness based on where you have come from – over the whole of your journey on this planet.

Saturn in Scorpio in here continues to push on your relationships and require you to sort the wheat from the chaff and to move beyond the poison of the mind to take responsibility not just for yourself but for your co-operation with others – to work towards a better understanding in relationship and to bring this into the world as well from a place of love only.

divine nature

And Neptune in Pisces awakens the numinous nature of our being, the mystery of the life force, the fecund, expansive and unfettered imagination of creativity and the soul’s journey here. To remind us of our divine nature and the unconditional love that we truly are – despite appearances to the contrary and the story we are told. This powerful energy asks us to rise above the mundane of our existence and meld with the force that guides us in our transformation.

The transformation Back to who we are. Creator gods – beginning to work out how powerfully we have been conditioned to think a certain way to maintain the status quo – without awareness of our power or our susceptibility to such manipulation – but not for much longer.

The three retro planets together reveal a serious review of our terrors of change, our blind spots, our addictions and denials. However the power of Neptune is again to remind us of the collective – the recognition that is powerfully growing – that we are all one reality, one consciousness, that we create it all absolutely – we are simply conditioned to create in a certain way that is powerfully destructive and conducive to forgetting who we are.

It is an opportunity to enter the collective womb as it were and truly examine what is working for us and what is not. A rebirth will follow – from the powerful, primal, formless, fruitful darkness of the magnetic feminine void – the place of mystery from which all creation flows.

So do come and connect with yourself and with all – for release and renewal. Jump the bonfire back into life, plummet into your true nature and divine essence and return to the world one step closer to the transformation that is coming – as inevitable as the light returns from the dark at the Winter Solstice.

violet flame

And as a special treat we are working to have a special guest present that day to lead us in meditation as part of the ceremony. This is not confirmed yet but with all good juju working with us we will have a llama from the Tibetan Buddhist journey who has worked for years with the Dalia Llama himself to be with us on this day to bring the blessings of all that journey with him to our journey.

To prepare for this create an effigy during the week of all that you are letting go of out of things of nature that they may be brought to the fire for the letting up and letting go.

Bring a beautiful plate of something scrumptious to eat – involving seeds if possible to represent this time of year. Contact me at or inbox me on facebook if you want to come along and I will send you the mud map!!

solstice tree winter

The age of the Feminine is here – it is time to claim our heritage ladies !!!

There is a wild Mid – Winter Gathering to claim these energies for change.

On this overnight stay we shall draw on the Energies of the Divine Feminine to immerse ourselves deeply in the water element for transformation and renewal of the engine room of our creativity – our emotions. We shall draw upon the power of the earth element to renew the flesh. We shall draw upon the fire element to invigorate our spirit and soul and we shall draw upon the air to empty the mind!

This beautiful energy can be deeply inspirational or deeply escapist – the choice, as always, will be yours.

solstice man

On this most magical of evenings we shall gather at a location in the Adelaide Hills for a mutual garnering of energies for the beginning of the New Year as the Sun promises return after the shortest day! Solstice – we shall honour the passing of the old year and honour the promise of life renewed by the coming spring.

They day will begin early with a Sweat on the Saturday the 21st at 9am for those who wish to attend at the usual site and this will be recommended as a wonderful way to tune in.

fire dance

And then we shall gather down on the penisula to awaken the divination wheel, to honour what is being released from our personal lives, to ascend the path to the cauldron of fire, to let go, to sing the old songs as we dance and weave a new fate, then honouring the new with a feast and libation of merriment, laughter and play.

And before we leave – an exchange of trust and life renewed before we return to the world.

The energies are powerful and we shall dance upon them as we weave a new fate, a new world.

The planetary energies continue to support change and letting go at this time so come and dance the dance of life ladies.

If you are aware and watching and working with the transformational energies – none of this is surprising to you and you will navigate through this as with all things – observing and working for a better world.

we are writing the new myths, creating the new rituals, weaving the new songs and story lines for a new shared future.

The sweeping changes will get stronger and more violent for some people as they continue to resist the changes that are required.

What this essentially means is that any story you are holding onto to deny your need to grow and evolve – what ever it is – is very likely to be the one thing in your face that requires you to change now.


the Cosmic egg is cracking from the inside out folks and that which is broken from the inside begets new life!!!

there are many categories of challenge to this awakening – the hungry ghosts of our past, the demons of our own creation in the battlefield of our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual bodies. there are dark and destructive forces who tempt us with what appears beautiful and escapist but lead us down a dark path – strangling and suffocating all our promise. the void does not exist and yet the world depends upon it lol.

It may well appear that all is well for these energies can lead to growth and expansion – however this will be temporary and not even available to all and the walls are still cracking, the early warning seismic shifts are still mounting, even though the institutions appear to be going about their business with nothing changing – nothing could be farther from the truth.

dissolving duality

Water is cleansing and sweeps all before it and it seeks the deepest place to gather – water upon water – feminine energy – creating the void – that which appears barren and empty however is the fruitful magnetic darkness from which all creation flows – offering regeneration and renewal once the storm has passed.

This event can bring very deeply suppressed emotions to the surface, feelings of anxiety, not being good enough, lost love and longing for poor choices, guilt and shame re negative behavior that will allow you to finally face and be accountable for your actions, your defensiveness and reactionary tendencies will be brought home now.

During such times is when we want to crawl back into the hole, the familiarity of old patterns and beliefs that allow us to play victim and wait for the savior to come and save us – well that’s not going to happen lol.  Do not fall for this – it will make the next hit even more painful.

There is no going back – not ever again – the door is closed to that reality and new doorways in new dimensions are opening up all over the place and some of this is so strange and unfamiliar, again you are tempted to crawl back into the hole – but no.

goddess blessing

It is time to leave our comfort zones and grow. Just be present. Don’t Judge anything. Just experience and ask, what do I need to know from this, to grow – what ever the hell it is, that is flooding down, lol.

For the new doorway you stand before will open to new possibilities and on the retreat we shall draw on the moon, the solstice, the Goddess and all things that love and support us on every level of our being to rise up, release and renew – to husk the corn of all that is dead and to plant the new seeds deep into our soul and psyche for rebirth and regeneration!!

This will be different for all of us for we all walk a different path and we all have had different experiences to get here to this point – however by being willing to walk in our own shadow and to confront the delusions and illusions we hold then so shall we find the mystery that is our own personal journey while recognizing we are part of the collective as well.

when women wake - mountains move

Because these energies involve emotion, intuition, soul and spirit, the divine feminine and the unseen realms and because they call us to action, to leadership and right action – there is so much here to be gained for the journey ahead.

If we do this well we shall soak up the blessings and immediately put them to good use [which is also required with the rest of the year’s energies]. We shall form new dreams, renewed hope and feel the love of the cosmic grace that is sweeping us all at this time.

Every sound in every cell of our bodies is singing in profound harmony for the miracle of changes rising up within us now. We are being showered with multiple blessings and opportunities to create a new symphony of being and so the possibilities here are limitless to sow the seeds for a profound new future. On the retreat we shall indeed sow such seeds and honour our transition.

For all who have worked diligently, put their growth ahead of the mundane, refused to sell their soul to gain the material world, who have placed their inner voice above their public mask – you are now coming to reap the rewards of such endeavours.

feminine soul arising

So on the midwinter retreat we shall set the tone for the time ahead, we shall awaken the cosmic wheel, we shall speak of the change to the horned god, we shall release the old and welcome the new, we shall dance around the cauldron and fire as we weave what we seek, we shall feast and have merriment, play and have fun – and as we leave the next day after further immersion – we are clear – we are firmly on our path of love and laughter, light and allowance.

We shall rise above and set ourselves free, we shall unchain ourselves from the egoic desire to rule, we shall release ourselves from the longing for the light and embrace both aspects of the duality within us – we shall become the vessel that holds the light and rise accordingly into our true natures.

That in truth all the sparks of the divine need to do is dream of a better world and plant those seeds and trust it will unfold.

tree of life

That you can recognize the roots of the tree of which we are all a part, that the roots join to form a tree of life in which we can love and create a better world by dreaming new branches of possibility for each other!!

For this is how the universe forms and continues to form, because you are spirit and spirit grows and continues without end – it is the essence of it all – the power within your divine imagination, dreams, grace and hope – the Power of becoming – the Power to Be Yourself!!!

So if you have been through the profound changes of initiation, if you wish to continue stepping forward into life for the planet and your self and your tribe, if you wish to renew yourself again and prepare for the changes ahead – then follow the link and register. Soon you will all be sent an email outlining what to bring, where to bring it to, information on how to prepare and the cost involved.

This indeed shall be a gathering of the wild women in all of us – to celebrate, to dance, to sing and to howl at the moon should the mood take us, to sit by the fire and drink and feast and to dream in the warm blankets of the circle of women divine!!

Follow this link to register or visit us at the website – notices for prep coming out soon xx


There is a technique for healing that is beyond transpersonal counseling, beyond psychotherapy, beyond mindfulness and cognitive change, beyond behavioral challenges.

We all carry things that have accumulated within us both genetically and over life times. Things that erupt in our lives in patterns of familiarity ( not this again!!) and in patterns of pain. As the veil is thinning and we are evolving more and more of this is ‘bleeding’ through into our current existence for healing.

prues sign

Anxiety, guilt, shame, inadequacy, powerlessness, frustration, lost, grief and despair ……

The technique used takes these wounds back to the source – whatever that may be – and rewires them, allowing real resolution in the current life being lived – in an hour.

sacrad geometry

Utilising deep emotional release, personal connection with your own Higher Self, hands on balancing of the fields around you and harmonic sound – this process reaches you deeply at the heart, mind, body and soul aspects of your reality in a profoundly healing way!

This work has grown out of many years of work in psychiatry and mental health, Psychodynamic and Lomi Lomi bodywork, Harmonic Overtones, Shamanic Practice, Transpersonal Counseling and Art Therapy – amongst many things in my life time of learning and unfolding.

This process follows the pattern of pain around the body, then takes it to the core emotion of that pain and using joint toning, ancient instruments of vibrational healing, ancient words of harmonic power, intent and symbology – a process is set up of a vibrational movement in which nothing that is disharmonious to the system can reside within.

spiritual rebirth

“it felt as though layers of light and healing were being built up around me – I was in my body but also not and I felt hollow and yet incredibly grounded”

“I feel amazingly light and my whole body seemed to be vibrating – there were places that got hot or heavy and then it would just melt away”

“I had a vision of many lives as a healer, and paying a price for those lives and of of that falling away as I existed under this bell of light and vibration and none of it mattered any more”

sacred sound

“There was a powerful sense of a whole tribe of ancient women filling me up and lifting me up and I was flowing with them”

“I feel lighter – my head is empty – I was told that I can trust my life!”

” A very intense feeling in my chest and throat – amazing as it melted away and then at the end my third eye seemed to explode as I disappeared and then it all regathered, coming back in slivers and rejoined with new information for me”

“I went back to the beginning of time and picked up the clay that I was made with and I remade my self and then found myself standing outside my body while you worked with my [deceased] mother watching you – so peaceful”

“I could feel that my body was beginning to vibrate at a different frequency and was beginning to remember how to heal. I have felt different since then, more grounded and hopeful. My heart feels different too, lighter and more settled. I just feel that it knows the path to healing now and that as it follows this path it will become far stronger than before. I could feel your work dragging me out of the hole I was stuck in, pulling and easing me out into the lightness.”

Contact me at or via to come and experience this remarkable process.