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friday 13th


What an interesting day is next Friday 13th – along with all the usual brouhaha of the mysterious bad luck of such a day [the only one for this year] it is also a Full Moon in Sagittarius – highlighting these serendipitous nuances – and this wont be seen again until 2049.

Thirteen has long been associated with the mysteries – 13 moons in a year which was the old calendar of the world lol, 13 witches in a coven, the last supper of death and betrayal with 13 members, 13 is all over the american flag and symbology, 13 Buddha’s, 13 snake gods of the Mexicans, and many hotels and motels refuse to have a 13th floor or rooms with that number and on and on it goes. Friday for similar reasons to do with the feminine and superstition and fear of Freya – the Norse Goddess whose day it is. This is not the place for a discussion on such foolishness of demonising the feminine – just be mindful that for those who are aware, the number 13 holds other powers of Dominion and Strength.


The month began with Mercury retrograde in Cancer from June 7th until July 1st with all the usual communication glitches that can flow here although the introspection here in this watery sign is very much about the examination of old emotional issues surfacing now – people from the past and issues may surface now for re-examination as we figure out what works and what no longer does at this time of tumultuous and ongoing change. Because of the square to Neptune there is also real possibility of getting caught in the illusion and delusion of rumours and mischief making – pay attention to your intuition here rather than what you are told or shown. We are invited by the interplay back and forth in Gemini to rise above the meanderings of the mind – for it to be the servant of our being rather than dictating energy movements.

On the actual Friday the 13th Mercury also interacts with a most unpredictable and potentially explosive continuance of the Cardinal Grand Cross with Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn and this baby is not done with us yet lol. The energies with be very volatile and it will behove us to stay zen and not react to the madness we will in all probability be obliged to deal with. All of your angst and demons are a self generated state of mind and control your mind and you will control your reality.

sag-moon june 14

The weather around the place is likely to be quite mad this day also and seismic activity is also highlighted around the globe. Again stay zen, observe, be kind and compassionate to all you encounter – everyone is struggling now. And what ever the drama is about that you are invited to? It is not worth it – quite simple really.

This will be made easier on the day by Venus being in her ruling of sign of Taurus at the Full Moon also and this will invite us [along with the Grand Trine of Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter [with Mercury] in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio] to allow the healing qualities of the waters to nourish and sustain us – so on the day spend some time at the water, or bathing in luxurious salts and pay close attention – very close attention to your dreams on the 3 days either side of this Moon. This is a moon of portents so if you are paying attention a sign post of importance will be shown to you. With Chiron thrown into the mix here the healing potentials are very real.

On the 9th [just before the Full Moon] Neptune in Pisces moves into retrograde and this can cause confusion to come into the mix for this magical moon. The illusions and delusions can rise very quickly now and don’t be surprised to see lots of folks escaping into alternate realities with what ever means possible – all things in moderation peeps and while some pathways can open you up to what is possible – it is also very easy at this time to get led down a rabbit hole you may struggle to arise from.

shamans drum

The key is to be open to what your Soul wants for you now – remember the Soul in its journey seeks intensity – it truly does not matter whether this is good bad or indifferent from its perspective – the more intense the better for that facilitates movement and growth. Let love guide you not fear and you will be taken where you need to be for insight and renewal.

As the Full Moon in Sagittarius rises at 22 degrees on the 13th trust that emotions may run high and the wave of energy of righteousness can get right out of hand here. People will be passionate about their causes and what injustice they may be perceiving going on at this time and it will be important not to get caught in arguments about what is truth. Seven billion people on the planet and seven billion truths – who are we to say that ours is the ‘right’ truth lol.

The cosmic alignments here with star systems will also awaken the dark depths of our psyche and this will come hard and out of left field with this Moon. Forbidden fruit may beckon, that which we know is not ours or not good for us can rise like a dark addiction – be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and wants to be sorted once and for all. There is trickery here and we may be in an old pattern before we are aware – looking for someone to blame and punish.

soul journey

Remember your shadow is as much a part of you as any other pretty light aspects that may have more appeal to your ego and requires expression and integration if you are to become whole and complete. It is only in the shadow because it was unacceptable to your primary carers and is as much unrealised potential as the mad Id and its desires for chaos. So dance the dance well with these aspects as they rise – give them expression but moderate it well and see what is ready to come home to you to influence your life as your grow and evolve into a more authentic version of yourself. Jupiter’s alignment with the Moon here will give you a sense of humour and optimism and the Moon itself in Sagittarius opens you up to a more open and philosophical interpretation of what is on offer during this time.

The thing is there will be so many possibilities and potentials shown to you with this moon it will be important to let the net sweep wide and allow your thinking heart and feeling mind to make the decisions that best serve you and your community – with love and compassion and the master of calm being the guide here.

The Mars square Pluto at this moon [14th] is also likely to be reflected in political upheaval and social unrest as the population around the world see further and further into the corrupt and death making policies of those who have ruled this planet for far too long. It is not over yet peeps and yet with this aspect there is likely to be a sense of the absurd as we look around and see what is unfolding on the world stage.


There is a strong predatory energy to this with deep sexual disturbances rising from the depths so the likelihood of seeing corruption and scandal exposed is high and in our own lives we are likely to see violence and bullying occurring in the lives of those around us if not directly. Vastly clever and determined this energy may bring some very disturbing trends and manipulations to the surface so be aware of this in yourself and those around you. This can really fire up political activism too as the sense of outrage and injustice rises seeking vengeance at this time.

And so the Moon will summon the people to be real and the aspects of an exalted Jupiter will give them the faith that the time is right – here – now – to take risks, to feel strong and powerful in their desire for a better world and this will be fed by all kind of unresolved dark matter needing exposure and resolution – all in a mix of illusion and delusion and dark sexual power and predation all hidden under a smiling exterior – you can see why it is going to be a kind of crazy week lol. The oppositions here are potent however this is also the possibility of the Warrior Spirit rising with strength and love that can provide insight, understanding and a clear recognition that this is no longer how we wish to live.

After the moon from the 14th to the 25th Mars in Libra continues to make some very tense aspects to the Uranus – Pluto square and its machinations and the intensity will continue to rise during this time and there will be an internal demand to address that which has been illuminated by the Moon. Again the choice is yours how you deal with this – you can use this intensity to revitalise your path and the movement forward or to rail against the machine and go to war in your personal world. It will play out in interesting ways in the global sphere as well now.

Look to areas in your life where issues of power, sexuality, trust and cooperation are highlighted to see where you are likely to be challenged here lol. These are the energies to provide long term solutions to entrenched patterns if you work with it.

solstice tree winter

During this time also we will experience the Winter Solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere and we will be taking a group of women up into the hills to weave these fated energies to work for us for the year ahead as we work also to use these magical times to release all that no longer serves – if you wish to come to this follow the link to register and it is truly a magical night of weaving the fates to our desires for growth lol   We had such fun with this last year and I am still amazed at how much my life has changed since that time!!

The Sun also enters the home and hearth of Cancer at this time – highlighting our personal lives, family, emotional maturity, love and compassion for our larger family of humanity and all other life we share the planet with. A couple of days later Venus enters Gemini and this will allow for the community of humans to interact and share ideas that have emerged from the cauldron of energies been shaken and stirred and the new moon that arrives in Cancer on the 27th allows us to plant the seeds of all this into what our new family looks like – the family of man – how to nourish and sustain us all as well as all other life forms among us. The tight Neptune trine at this moon encourages us to be open to the divine and allow extraordinary creativity available here to flow with ease.

We will be holding a Full Moon Meditation on the evening of the Friday the 13th to maximise these energies and if you wish to attend let me know as places as you know are limited. Contact me at if you wish to book a place.

witch tips

A Ritual for the Moon

If you are not joining us for the meditation or for the Solstice Night – here is a beautiful simple thing to do at this moon.

During the day gather some things from nature that represent what it is that your have endured this year and what it is that you are ready to release. Has a relationship ended, an illness been experienced, a job finished, a pattern of behaviour that causes disruption in your life recognised, a broken heart that wants to heal or an addiction that regularly disrupts your life been exposed? Gather things from nature and bind them into a fetish or representation of what it is and bring it before your sacred place as the moon rises.

Also during the day make a list of what you want to bring into the year ahead and write it down on a piece of paper. Take a white candle and mark it with oil from the centre to the top and the centre to the bottom and then carve your name into the candle, then wrap the list of what you desire around the candle. Place this in the centre of your space.

Open the four directions with some smudge or incense and welcome the energies of water, earth, fire and air into the cosmic wheel of life with the four directions – giving thanks for what they have taught you this year. Light a candle for each of the four directions as you do this. Thank them for the gifts of abundance, new beginnings, creativity, healing, acceptance, shadow, and the ebb and flow of your life as you have moved through the many little deaths of the year.

Speak aloud and acknowledge what you are releasing – with gratitude for all it has taught you – and then light a fire [in a metal bowl if you are inside] and offer the effigy into the fire – offering it up to spirit as you do.

Then take a sip of wine and some seeded cake and eat of these with gratitude for the promise of renewal they offer for the year ahead as the sun returns to its zenith in the months of spring and summer ahead. Then light the white candle that has your wishes for the year ahead around it and let it burn down through the night.

Give thanks to the four directions – complete the ceremony and then take some seeds out into the garden and spread them around – both as feed for the little creatures who struggle in winter and as a promise of faith in spring renewed.

Have a safe week in these wild times and be kind to each other xx


Shamanic Bodywork and Sound Healing – August 23rd – 24th 2014

shamanic healing 2


The workshop for Shamanic Bodywork and Sound Healing is being offered in August 23rd – 24th – 2014

This exciting workshop will teach you how to enter your client’s spiritual landscape and meet them as their Totemic being – their medicine – their connection with Spirit nature and how to navigate that landscape in the service of the client – and this will also incorporated powerful sound techniques for healing – setting up a vibrational field in which  nothing that is disharmonious to the client may remain within.

When any part of the Human system is out of balance – it is important to look at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of what is going on along with the map of the world of which they are a part.

shamans mask

Then by entering the client’s landscape – their stream of consciousness – the practitioner learns how to enter the stream of alternate possibilities, moving by being still – a foot in both worlds. A transformative process occurs within this from binding to freedom – from passivity and non movement to energy and movement.

When balance is restored in this landscape – so then does this healing flow out into the life of the client in the here and now.

I will be co-facilitating this workshop with Tim Healy from The Western Most Omastry – who has been working with sound healing for over 20 years and is an amazing teacher and practitioner!

shamans journey

I am sooo looking forward to this one and follow the link at
to book your place and register!!

We have shifted this around a bit everyone and sorry to mess you about – it will be worth the wait though!!

You will learn about visionary practice – state change – how all elements of the self are available in multiple streams of consciousness – how to enter those streams in the service of your client – enact change – gain the gifts therein and return with them to this ordinary waking world we inhabit.

You will learn about the power of sound as a healing tool – vibrationary medicine and how to apply it – both with sound instruments and your own voice

This is going to be fun peeps – book now at the link above and sooooo looking forward to sharing it with you lol xxx



shamanic healing 2

Shamanic healing is a very ancient form of working with a client and these practitioners have been around in recorded history for over 60,000 years – from the Tungus in Siberia, from the rock art deep in the mountains of Europe, to the living art of the first people of Oz – in fact they are recorded in all cultures that have occupied this planet through the rituals and ceremonies handed down through the ages.

This profound and powerful way of release and renewal is based upon the principle that what ever is occurring in your current life – break down, break up, illness, grief and loss, guilt and shame, addiction, anxiety and terror, inadequacy and feelings of lack of worth or value – what ever pain or life circumstances you are currently dealing with – it is all based on a disturbance of equilibrium within you.

Something is out of balance. And if it is manifesting in external or internal symptoms to point this out to you, it is doing so that you may do what ever is required to restore balance.

shamans mask

This presupposes a very deep truth. That you are never a victim. That what ever is occurring for you is being co-created by you – with others or with your own physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual reality in order for you to heal [not cure] yourself of the imbalance and allow your life to return to equilibrium.

And you have the power to do this – absolutely. The placebo effect is a classic observation of this ability.

We are taught in the west that an illness is beyond your control and must be medicated or cut in order to subdue it, control or eliminate it and the same with your emotional and psychological world – that it is like a Newtonian clock in that when it breaks – replace the broken bit and all will be well.

Again let us drug the heart and mind into submission. And as for spirituality – well we actually don’t get much of that on the planet currently – we have religion instead which is all about giving your power to the priest and they will get you to “god” lol. Crowd control really.


From the moment of your birth unto the moment of your death everything is connected to the web of life – of all creation and your life is a rhythm of ebb and flow, waxing and waning and we are forever experiencing the ‘little deaths’ of life’s changes, release and renewal.

But we are also taught in the west that we can only flow – forward – forcefully – and that change is to be resisted at all costs and the only movement allowed is expansion – there is no room for letting go, for the cycles of life, the seasons, we are death deniers and terrified of our own mortality and this whole process creates an immense imbalance that leads absolutely to the pain and heartache that has become the given norm of the world we currently dwell in.

When a client comes to a Shamanic practitioner for a healing – all of this is understood and woven into the experience. Where the client is – in the long journey between life and death – in the fabric of their social world, included or excluded, valued or not – in the balance of their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual bodies – is all taken into account as they present – willing to change.

shamans journey

A Shamanic healer will have already done a divination for the client before they present for the treatment – to see what is there in the landscape of the soul’s journey.
And when the client arrives and the process begins – the healer enters this landscape to see what is there – they meet the client as their medicine – their connection with spirit nature – bird, animal, a creature that may swim or crawl – and if that creature is bound or trapped or wounded in that landscape – that deep and primordial landscape – then that is resolved in that world in the service of the client.

The are the earliest navigators of consciousness, skillful to a high degree in journeying and bringing back the resources needed to aid the client in the ‘here and now’ process of their lives.
They have many resources and skills at their disposal to ascertain what has led to the client’s symptoms – as they present to them. No matter what the problem, while addressing those symptoms and restoring balance to the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual realms of the client – they are always at heart observing the flight of the soul and where the client is in the journey of their life between birth and death.

soul flight

The Shaman is a healer, a priest or priestess, a medium and story teller, an actor or entertainer, a trickster and prophet, a world builder and sorcerer, a mage and magician and many possibilities besides. There is a great deal of misinformation out there but in truth it is a lens through which the world can be viewed in new and visionary ways and is the oldest medicine ways practiced in human society.

This profound and deep healing will then flow out into the external world of the client – over the next hours, days, weeks, months and years and it continues to flow into the river of their life.


There may things that the client needs to do after the treatment – what is there is there and instructions are given as required however the balance is restored in a deep and powerful way that then allows other things of imbalance in the clients life to fall back into place.

If you wish to experience this unique and powerful way to discover the depths of your being and journey to that which awaits you – contact Prue on 0419819089 or at to set up an appointment x

feng shui everyday


Feng Shui for Health, Wealth and Happiness for 2014 will be held on May 10th and will involve Julie Machel [who has studied with Lillian Too for the past 25 years] presenting the Feng Shui information below to be followed by Transpersonal and Shamanic techniques for moving resistance to these changes out of the system – for although we all want these things to happen and want to be abundant in all that we do, there are very real parts of the Psyche that will sabotage that change and potential – absolutely – until we address them lol.

feng shui wheel

Julie Machell and Carolyn Mounce, experienced Feng Shui Practioner’s, trained by Lillian Too in Kula Lumpur, will step you through the simple charts and basic principles used by Feng Shui master’s to create Health, Wealth and Happiness in order to achieve a successful life.

feng shooey for love

There will be an over view of the basic Feng Shui principles, charts and formula’s to help you calculate your most auspicious personal locations. The discussion considers the major schools of feng shui: landscape, eight mansions, compass and flying stars.
We will demonstrate how artworks, symbols and plants can be arranged in the garden, home or office to help you increase your success and prosperity.

We will then break for lunch and there are many wonderful places to eat locally from the venue or you may bring your own.

beltane magic key

Post lunch we will look at the aspects of your psyche that need to be engaged to allow you to maximise the tools you will have gained in the morning and ensure that all parts of you are ready for change and renewal. This will involve utilising the keys of state enhanced learning, art therapy and body mapping to unlock, explore and release all that no longer serves you for the year ahead.

This exciting workshop will equip you in many and varied ways to really make the year and the energies available this year to work for you!!

So click on the link below to book your place and get in early as places are limited xx

thrive tree

cosmic connections

Stars for April 2014 – what a cracker of a month!

And now as we enter April proper following the Black Moon and its catalytic energies of yesterday – the Grand Cardinal Cross of April to June unfolds and we shall see a wide variety of geo-political crises that are the hall mark of this configuration as demonstrated over and again when they have formed in the past. Certainly it feeds into the most volatile time we have witnessed on the planet in the past few decades.

This energy is likely to produce acts of terrorism, seismic shifts and wild weather and a likely escalation of some regional conflict spilling over the borders.


These planets of change are all in cardinal signs and this means something happening – absolute action. Because they are all in such tension at 13 degrees it will be quite unpredictable and one will barely have one’s head around some chaos or conflict when another will emerge, then another. The economy may not fare well at all under these alignments either – triggered by a crisis somewhere on the globe.

This is all happening personally too – who here is currently dwelling in any kind of comfort zone lol? You know it is real – everyone is talking about the pressure within and without.

You will have a pretty clear idea about now – re what is needing to crack open in your own life. Remember that resistance is useless and the more you do that – the greater the pain will be – surrender and let go. A lot of people around the world will be doing that by the way – the rising of the people is coming – ‘occupy’ has barely begun and they are not happy lol.

I am quite glad to be going nowhere for the next little while and again I am glad we live here in Oz and would encourage anyone contemplating a non urgent trip overseas to maybe wait a while lol. And avoid large and unruly crowds for awhile – potential for explosiveness is high lol.

Dyonisus           Apollo3         prometheus

Dionysus [Pluto] is rising folks and you know what he did for the feminine and what he did to the walled city state [Apollo] and the Promethean [Uranus] Gift of the fire from the gods [who after all were created in our image lol] shall indeed burn through the dross!

This truly is a transpersonal energy within and without and look to your own chart to see where these planets sit and at what degree and anyone with points or positions near 13 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn ought pay attention. And where normally Mars in Libra would play diplomat – because it is retrograding it will only add to the conflicting energy.

lunar eclipse 15th april_n

And on the 15th we will have a total Lunar Eclipse in Libra. This rising energy will be influenced by the series of eclipses that follow on April 29th, October 8th and 23rd of this year. All lending themselves to increases in what ever gyrating unpredictability occurs in markets, weather, geo-political struggles and revolutions that will tear down institutions that can finally be seen for what they are.

Governments are likely to appear frozen and powerless – which in truth they are anyway for they serve the corporation not the citizen – and the high pace of technological and interestingly pharmaceutical [read personally programmed mind altering] change will add to the seeming chaos.

As this Full Moon Eclipse is in Libra of course it emphasizes relationships. Eclipses shine the light in the dark – allowing things to be seen that are not normally so – emotions will be heightened and old ideas that no longer work exposed to make way for transformation.

They will have been on the cards for awhile these relationship changes and now may just happen – be mindful – you will not be the only one affected and what you do to others you ultimately do to yourself so look to your chart to see where you are affected and stay focused on the north node of the moon in your chart – it is where you are heading after all lol.


Balance and harmony matter here – this is the end of a 19 year eclipse cycle so what is going on may well be reflected by where you were and what was going on for you then. Before you throw relationships away – ask your self first – what can I do to improve them – there will be a strong desire to simply up and run with these energies and this may be something you come to seriously regret further down the track.

Eclipses can also mean loss so if something needs to go then let it go gracefully – learn what you need to learn from this and then move forward.

At this same time the Grand Cross is reforming and you will feel pulled in a million directions – hard. What ever you decide – let your spiritual practice guide you for this is the life you are moving towards. Where ever you have felt trapped, stagnant, imprisoned and have not been able to see your way out of – will with this eclipse – suddenly have a surprising outcome and that which held you tight will surprise you with the ease by which it can melt away at this time.

Just to add to all this cheer you will find the south node of the moon in Aries along with the Sun and Mercury [rebellion, breaking free the chains, driving force, innovative thinking, fiery honesty] directly oppositional to Moon, north node and Mars [group resolution, co-operation, sensuality] and so the whole month – depending on your own chart – will be explosive but whether that is a penny bunger or a Krakatoa for you personally remains to be seen.


Remember as doors close – so do they open – what ever needs to be released it is only to make room for the next step of your journey – some of this will be more painful than others depending on whether you are initiating it or not however what ever door opens for you have the courage to step through and trust the universe.

The polarities between yin and yang – masculine and feminine – materialism and spirituality – individual and group – truth and lies – will continue to rise after this until we come to the New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse [particularly over Oz and Antarctica] on the 29th April in Taurus.

These eclipses bring new energies into motion so all that has been sown will now flood out into the world. This is part of a series influenced by Neptune and so will dissolve and release as well – this may mean a sudden and powerful loss of a treasured something or someone or an unfulfilled promise or wasted resources. What ever comes just go with the flow.

vajra eclipse

Because it is in Taurus all the things we value are up for grabs including our personal security of family and loved ones and as a fixed sign does not like to let go but a South Node Solar eclipse here will just as likely force the issue – something we may not like to see ending will end and look to the south node in your chart currently to see what this is likely to be and where you may need to re-evaluate your position.

As this is conjunct to Mercury in the same sign it means we can deal with this effectively and as it trines Pluto we can guarantee transformation out of what ever comes and this will be sudden and not too painful – a bit like pulling a bandaid off – better done suddenly lol.

Saturn in the picture as well [in tough Scorpio] will allow us to review all this with a fairly jaundiced eye about what is real here and what is truthfully in our best interests and so the answers you need will be apparent whether you like them or not of course is up to you.

Mars aligned with Venus here will bring more of the spotlight onto relationships. You know what they say about Mars and Venus – war and peace – so this will add to the volatility and instability in relationships over the next 6 months which may in fact be the icing on the cake for some of them – personal, business or intra-psychic lol.

sacred feminine

The fixed star relationships in this eclipse are also interesting and again highlight the Feminine principles of intuition and compassion – maternal strength with dignity for all. It will be curious to see if we get a new world leader who is female during the next 6 months or whether the issues of what is happening to women in the world take center stage for some reason! Long overdue if so lol.

The changes coming can be so complete that within 6 months from now you may look back on this time here currently as something out of a dream. And then as Jupiter powers towards Leo you will approach your new life with enthusiasm and a light heart.

But first we must navigate through them. The tension will build over the Cardinal [action] aspects over May and June also so it is really important to stay Zen – what ever turns up.
For review!

10 April 2014 – Mercury heads N in declination
14 April 2014 – Pluto stations retrograde
15 April 2014 – New Moon and Lunar Eclipse at 25-Libra

20 April 2014 – Jupiter squares Uranus
20 Apr 2014 – Jupiter opposes Pluto
21 Apr 2014 – 5th Uranus square Pluto, exact aspect

20-23 April – Strong cardinal transits

The Eostre [Goddess of Fertility – rabbits and eggs – oestrogen etc- despite the bullshit of the patriarchal religion wanna be’s lol] week of April 2014 is highlighted for much of the cardinal crisis energies.

egg break

We are at a tipping point folks – no more no less and as explained before, the world and each of us individually will appear to be lurching from one crisis to another as we dance around the cardinal configuration of the planets and because of the unfavourable aspects we will indeed be Unable to resolve some of these things – so again the admonition is to stay Zen and wait.

Do this personally as it certainly is unlikely to happen out there in the world – quite the opposite as those in “power” begin to realise they have no power at all – never did – and will do everything they can to hang on to their status quo lol.

The Uranus-Pluto world squares will bring about more revolutionary sentiments, violence and disruption that forces the status quo into what I consider to be suicidal attempts to regain ‘control,’as the status quo is actually losing power.
Again I would be leery of being overseas too much during this cycle – there are some places you may not wish to get stuck in lol.

As one reviews previous alignments like this we can certainly expect an upsurge in counter cultural activity, the drive for personal freedom including in what have appeared to be stable democracies [there may be hope for the wizards of oz yet lol] and we shall see increasingly extreme measures taken by the corporate toadies against the citizenry of their own nations – we should all adopt Iceland’s attitude I say lol

So hang onto your hats, enjoy the ride [and remember it is all just a ride lol] and remember you came here for this lol!!!

There will be Meditations with the Vajra energies on both eclipses and other occasions – if you wish to attend contact me via facebook inbox or the number available – they are seriously life changing and liberating lol xxx


This black moon in Aries has things rumbling away in us – a bit like a volcano really and this is a good day to plant seeds for the changes that are coming – will you have them or will they have you – for coming they are.

April is possibly the most volatile month seen in a generation and as this moon leads into the Full Moon in Libra Lunar eclipse on April 15th – then pay attention to the seeds that are required in relationships. There will be a tension between cutting the deadwood out of your life – where do you need to claim your independence and where you attenuate with others for the good of all.
Autumn and winter are coming here in the Southern Water based Feminine Hemisphere however Aries is also the beginning sign of the Zodiac year and so the wonderful energies of Aries will facilitate you having flashes of inspiration and the courage to act on them, however you may have yet to clear some of the deadwood out of the way.
Pay attention to your thoughts at this moon – only contemplate that which you desire – do not let your thoughts go to the dark for there will be plenty enough of that this month and thoughts are powerful – we create our reality absolutely with them – for the transformational time ahead let them be clear!

scorpio eclipse
With both a Lunar eclipse as outlined and then a Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 29th April – this brings a rush of intensity to all things happening global and personal and will bring into your conscious awareness all things relationship [with yourself and others] that are here for change.
This is a very powerful Moon as it is the instigator of the month that also includes the Cardinal Grand Cross – part of which is another Uranus – Pluto hit!
This is seriously going to push your life forward in strange and unexpected ways so the more you can work with this – stay calm in the face of what ever comes this month – the better equipped you will be to shake off the dust at the end and keep going.

aquarian moon
The old patterns, the old ways of communicating, reacting, feeling and thinking are here to be shed. Very few of us dwell in the present – there are karmic wounds that keep us dwelling in the past of this life or life times ago – much to our detriment. An event occurs and there we are – dealing with it as we did an aeon ago. All of it has value and has served you – neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong – all a step in the evolutionary path however the old iron age of Pisces is dying. The antagonistic way of the fish swimming against each other is being replaced by the water bearer of Aquarius pouring insights into the collective now.

Whilst this has been building steadily for years now – this coming month of April is certainly one of the flash points for growth and all the line ups point to a tense and explosive kind of growth – the magma has been steadily building pressure in the volcano and now the cap is about to be blown off. No regrets – no blame – it is just now time for freedom and the personal responsibility that goes with that.

You will see this reflected in the world this month – there will be much turmoil, collapse of institutions of church and state and finance. It all begins this month and will continue for about 18 months. It is all seriously OK however, for these institutions have simply fed the ‘have’s’ at the expense of the ‘have nots’ – they are soulless entities who exist only for maintaining the status quo so it is quite appropriate they go. For anything that is devoid of the collective awareness – of spirit – has no place in the future life. It will not yield – that much is clear, so that only leaves one option. And from the chaos and mud a new lotus shall emerge lol.

This Moon will provide the Oomph we need to open the heart, to bring about changes we may never have considered before – doing it in the old way will simply bring more of the same. This Aries moon frees us from the shackles of the belief that we are not enough, not worthy, not capable to become ourselves. It will provide possibilities of regeneration and transformation – to embrace who we really are.


And as with all new moons use it to sweep clean the house – do this physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Clean your house, open the windows this Sunday – smudge – throw away that which you have not worn for a year or 10 lol.
Be aware that people [including us] can become quite zealous with this energy and again we are likely to see this played out in the world as well as our families. Be cautious here and seek wiser counsel – particularly from a mother figure or female elder in your life – this is most appropriate for the month of April as the feminine is what is returning for this age and the alignments this month point to the elder feminine being the one most aware. This may actually help you become more independent of old patterns that bind you.
For things will change this month – relationships, living arrangements, careers or anything else that has kept us bound and what is triggered ahead for the month of April will ensure you get what you need for change – not necessarily what you desire! It truly is a new cycle beginning.
So a beautiful and simple ritual if you are unable to make the meditation on the Sunday night at 7pm is as follows.

red candle
Take a red candle – from the centre of it coat it with olive oil or coconut oil from the centre to the top and then from the centre to the bottom. This magnetises it powerfully for what you want it to do.
Carve your name into one side of it – and then a word or two on the other side that represents what changes you seek – this can be symbolic also.
Then write on a piece of paper what you wish to release – light the candle and then light the paper which becomes a funeral pyre of what you are releasing and as you look up and see the new lunar crescent that sends the light of renewal and trust – write another list of what you want to achieve this month – using words like useful anger, constructive changes, respectful power, assertive accomplishment, positive resourcefulness – you get the picture – to formulate powerful change.

So if you wish to join us for the meditation this Sunday to set the tone for the month ahead [and there will be a lot more about the mad month ahead in the newsletter which will be out tomorrow [you can subscribe at the website at] then inbox me to book a place as they are strictly limited xxx

moon runes

The Full Moon is in Virgo with the Sun in Pisces – Jupiter has gone direct in Cancer – Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio – the Lunar nodes are back in Libra – the T-Square continues with Pluto in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer and both in square to Uranus in Aries – and Mars continues his retro journey in Libra.

Holy crap – this perfect storm continues to shake the very foundations of our being. Some of this was spelt out in the last meditation report for the Pisces New Moon a fortnight ago and it carries us powerfully and catalytically to the next black moon – the New Moon in Aries on the 30th of this month that triggers the volatile eclipse season that begins Autumn here in the Southern – water based feminine hemisphere.

With Jupiter going direct in Cancer there will be feelings of renewal – particularly around matters of family, devotion, the higher mind – transcendent and immanent – and possibly a huge up-swelling of emotions here. As the Full Moon approaches this weekend this ‘great benefic’ will sweep you into the inner planes of soulful yearning and will challenge you to look at what kind of attitude to life do you want to have – fear of the glass half empty or love of knowing it will always hold what you need.


This is important for as the Eclipse cycle approaches with the new moon on the 30th we are likely to be pushed powerfully over the edge of what ever attitude we take – chaos or calm – the choice can be made now so as to build a foundation for what you want when the storm of change arises. Your inner landscape will be guiding you so please make the effort to notice and record your dreams and meditations for they will reveal where you are being led for your own awakening.

We will see this chaos and the tidal shifts operating in the world as much as we will feel it within. The corruption of the banking, religious and political spheres will be on show again – the most painful hotspots of mercurial change in Egypt, Ukraine, Korea and Syria will bend and fluctuate through this time – we may be invited to believe that we are out of control and we will be asked to review our attitudes – are we victims of failures, undeserving and condemned to be trapped in our plight or are we co-creators of the shifting sands of reality – awakening our selves from the dream that we may lead ourselves to freedom – only we can decide which posture we take.

Turn off your televisions – they are much more toxic a drug than you realise – do not listen to the doomsayers with all there horror stories for it has you dwell in the negative mind state which allows the shades to feed upon the fears of your mind.

Be with like minded souls – meditate – seek healers and body workers and other souls to help you navigate through these tumultuous times. How will you choose to be as your soul swims through the magical, dreamy waters of Pisces – going against the tides of change? Or floating on your back under the beautiful Virgo moon – letting her bathe you and cleanse you in her light, washing your fear away that you may hear the voice of spirit.

Or as the great Bard once said “To be or not to be – that is the question”

The moon rules the subconscious – the deep memories of the soul family – past lives and incarnations – deep karma – the gifts of those realities on this world and other worlds and dimensions and they can be mined to help your diamond heart rise from the tar of genetic baggage and unresolved pain.

mother goddess earth pregnant

This moon in Virgo – the sign of the Virgin – that which is known only unto it self before it is touched by any one – both light and dark – represents the womb – the archetype of the great Mother and tells us we belong to ourselves – a part of the whole but a unique drop in the ocean of consciousness.

We are here to do our part – what does your DNA blueprint ask of you – what does it want you to awaken to. The great feminine is returning – what face of her beauty and grace will you wear – whether you are a man or a woman is irrelevant – she comes to all of us now. Perhaps in the light of this moon we can see who we are born to become by illuminating that which we are.
This Moons great gift under Virgo is discernment – knowing what to keep and what to let go of – knowing where things fit and what to do to bring it all into alignment. How well have we integrated our spiritual journey with our physical reality. As this is the end of the astrological year it will bring Karmic reality to the surface for resolution as we gain greater insight into how we can be of service for the well being of all that lives. What do you need to release now that now longer serves. This being fed by Mars retro in Libra that asks us to review all of our relationships – romantic, family, business – are they honest – are we behaving with integrity and if we are not this time will blow it out of the waters in which we drift.

saturn in scorpio
Saturn retrograde in Scorpio enhances these issues powerfully as all issues of terror, past hurts, abandonment and betrayal, fantasy and obsession are brought to the surface – ours and the projections of those around us. This is the sign of sex, death and rebirth – here in lies the alchemical possibility of examining and rewriting our deepest neuroses and Saturn gives us the responsibility and discipline to do this well – to look into our own shadow realm and see what we really are – to acknowledge the dark within and own and integrate it. To stop projecting it on to our nearest and dearest and instead to see the hidden treasures there that make us complete when we own and release the pain. With the retro motion we can let it go now – we can see that it is us and us alone that dances in our own head and licks the wounds and picks the scabs and it is us and us alone that can own and transform it finallyl
The Moons nodes assist the collective race mind here with the south node in Aries requiring us to acknowledge selfish attitudes and the need for co-operation with others and the north node in Libra requiring us to bring ourselves into balance – yin and yang – to facilitate a new and balanced world.
Neptune in Pisces and Chiron here as well continue the healing of the race mind and show us new ways of being with our selves and each other – with the inner planes being the focus for true and genuine healing which will then flow out into the dream world of which we are a part.
Venus at this moon offers us love and grace and beauty and the power of the feminine intuition to heal and release so it is a powerful time of inner journey work – for renewal and remembrance of who we really are and why we are really here.

karmic relationships
All of this energy prepares us well for the volcanic power of April with the Cardinal Grand Cross and eclipse season set to explode onto the world – so let us take time with this moon – to know what is right for the greater good and ourselves – to develop the ability to stay calm when it hits – to know we are in the right place at the right time and we create it all – to trust we are enough – and that as the walls come tumbling down it is because we are ready for the freedom of responsibility and cease looking externally for the answers that will never come from out there lol. Bathe in this energy well and prepare the ground.

So crazy days are coming energetically and I am sure you have all been feeling it of late in your self or in all of those around you . The very things that we have been using to stay safe and sane are the very things that are actually killing us and keeping our souls buried under the mud and it is no longer working peeps. So if you wish to come along and experience real change on the inside as we are guided by St Germaine and whom ever journeys with him on these amazing meditations then inbox me at the face book page at http://www.facebook/thrivebydesign – or contact me on 0419819089 to book as places are strictly limited. And in the interim – stay Zen.

leo moon 2014

This powerful Full Moon in Leo is combined with many other energies to bring everything that has been simmering – to the boil this week. The Mercury retro period amongst this – first in Pisces, adding to the power and insight of your journey work and meditations and the space between worlds – where vision forms – is stretched and open – and will allow you to see beyond the ordinary this week. Not always in ways you might like.

It is about to enter Aquarius the day before the full moon however as it does not turn direct until the 28th of the month it may be wise to tune into the moons energies until then and see and peruse what is there.  The mad energies of March followed by the eclipse season in April will really be benefited by some quiet time here.

The Full Moon is in Leo while the Sun is in Aquarius and this polar opposite of energies – whilst creating and building tension within is actually primed for a good harmony between the power, authenticity and noble largesse of of Leo – which wants to shine brightly – against the backdrop of the social consciousness of Aquarius and the emotional detachment that is in direct counter to Leo’s fullness of expression.
leo new moon
This speaks powerfully of a marriage of the Heart of Leo with the Mind of Aquarius – on their own neither functions particularly well, however the thinking heart and feeling mind associated with the power of Leo bending it’s authentic all to Self to shine – along with the recognition of the greater good and group consciousness – is a wonderful combination for right action.

These energies also form a trine with Mars in Libra [highlighting relationships] which will push the energies of the day into intense spheres – it is up to you which way you are guided at this time – for good or ill as both are possible lol.  Mercury also plays a hand here, bringing the past and old energies into play. Mars will push you out of your comfort zone with regard to others – let it – see where it takes you – there are fated stars here – seriously.

So as the energies rise for the rest of this week pay attention to your internal world. There may be longings and impulses not felt for quite awhile wanting expression as the moon waxes towards her zenith.

This is a powerful time to shine this week as with all things Leo and it is important to know your strength and desires and reach beyond the limitations of your ego into what is possible within your authentic self.

These energies will help you see your self fully, have insight into how others perceive you and if you really pay attention and seek to grow – you may begin to get glimpses of who you really are!

And as mercury moves into Aquarius now it will free the mind to think around corners, outside the box and even into other realms, dimensions, universes and systems of worlds that are always present but which the small self ego will not contemplate for it is considered too overwhelming. Much genius can flow from these energies – so pay attention to inventive ideas that will work for you and the greater good and write them down!

transformation may 2013
There is much coming in terms of star crossed, past life or fated relationships soon after this beautiful full moon as the North Node of the Moon enters Libra.

These are all potent energies for the full moon tomorrow night and remember Leo likes to be seen and retro Mercury in Aquarius will shake things up and then we have Saturn in Scorpio squaring it all – beefing up the unexpected, the creative and even the dramatic – how it flows out into your world is up to each of you lol.

And remember from the last blog [or was it the last newsletter] that the cardinal grand cross involving Venus, Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus is at play here also and so the potential for sparks to fly is actually quite high!

Remind yourself that the only thing that is real on this planet is love – it will genuinely help you stay grounded through this chaotic energy. be your authentic self – do not be swept up by the desire to take an emotional bath – love your inner self, the magical child within – respect yourself  and what is needed to grow and unfold – the thinking heart and the feeling mind.

This is the time to see beyond the masks and work with what is really there – it may be painful, emotions long buried will struggle to be contained here so deal with them as an adult and be your genuine self and just allow yourself to experience them and be free. Do not project them or make it about others – that is the old game of the mask – your authentic self does not require this – at all.

With all that is going on here with all this planetary action you are still being called to be in balance with your depths and all facets of your life. Be in the Yin and Yang of your self – allow all facets of your masculine and feminine perspectives to express their creativity with this moon and allow the ebb and flow of your existence to be honoured.

In the west we do not have much ‘ebb’ – all of this insane society is pushing towards ‘flow’ all the time so it is hard to maintain the balance here however this moon invites you to remember that you are a great deal more than the human monkey running around being ‘busy’ – a great deal more.

Make sure there is balance in what you give and what you receive – we are all so brainwashed, trained and conditioned to give endlessly, to fix it for others, even if it is killing us and there will always be someone in your life to exploit that conditioning – it is how you learn not to do it in fact lol.  Just be your authentic self – is what ever I am about to do life giving and life sustaining to me or life taking and life destroying – and if it is the latter then ask your self – why in all that is sacred’s name, would I do that to myself and then stop.  There is no greater gift you can give your fellow human [even though they wont thank you at the time lol] for it shows them that it is possible to be real and not die

invocation motif from within
The newsletter will be out and available at the website at in a few days with all kinds of information about the next Feng Shui – Transformation workshop, the Journey to the Desert for the women at Easter and other cool things! Enjoy the Moon xxx

Taurus moon

November 17th – a Taurus Full Moon Sweat @ 10am this Sunday

The moon shines in all her fully illumintated glory this day as she opposes the earth from the sun and as always this is a time of completion and celebration.

The Taurean Full Moon is an earthy, get down and feel everything, sensual energy ripe for he celebration of the now moment in the flesh as it were lol.

The powerful energy of All things Scorpio continue to bring intensity to this time and allowing us to truly see the power and grace of all things in creation.

This is a beautiful time to celebrate life and a sweat lodge is a wonderful, sensual, connected and alive way to embrace who we are and honour the power and reality of the physical form.

creating new worlds

These physical forms we are walking around in are an extraordinary art form that allows us to experience what we came to experience as a spiritual being – having a human experience.

We have been so conditioned to see ourselves as apart from nature – above or separate to nature – that we have genuinely lost the mystery and magic of acknowledging we are indeed nature.

We are nature aware of itself but nature none the less – and in our desperate bid to not be nature, we have lost a vast swathe of our true power. The earthed feminine.

spirit transcends

Our bodies speak to us all day every day – about our reality and what works for us and what does not.

We are so conditioned not to listen to it we will actually cut bits of it off, or out, that are too uncomfortable for our western paranoid mind to hear – we will cut it out rather than hear what we need to hear about what needs to change in our insane world lol.

This moon is for the opposite of that – it is to celebrate the body – to journey with it – to hear what it wants us to know and to change accordingly. It is a time to celebrate the sacred vehicle of the soul.

sacred bath 2

This is also a time to pamper and honour the body – to indulge in some very basic and clear nurturing of it – for your body is the vehicle of change and as we are awakening and shifting in consciousness – it is the vehicle that is being rewired as it were, hormonally adjusted – and thus is the vehicle that experiences first hand the brunt of the chaos.

It is the one doing a lot of the hard work and it is time to stop punishing it for the aches and pains, the knocks and bumps it offers you as part of your awakening and to start listening instead – to start asking the questions – what do I need to know to release this tension and to listen to the answers.

There is much to be learned in this simple process.

sweat lodge 3

So at 10 am this Sunday 17th, we shall journey around the medicine wheel in the lodge and we shall journey with the body and gain the wisdom and insights that are held there – into any issue we are currently wrestling with – physical or otherwise.

This matters now. We have been so taught to distrust our bodies, the repository of all wisdom of our karmic journey, our unresolved wounds, that what we don’t cut out we drug into submission. The recent expose on the complete futility and travesty of prescribing cholestrol medication in preventing heart attacks, shows just how monstrous the lie has become.

So pamper the body this weekend – a sweat, a swim at the beach, a wonderful brunch at all the secret and not so secret wineries and exceptional cafes while you are down in the Vales – or any other way you can find to tune in and indulge your greatest gift in this life – your physical form

If you wish to come for this beautiful experience – to discover what your body wants you to know for healing, to hear and release this, to gain insight into your future steps then contact me at or inbox me on facebook or contact me on 0419819019 to gain the mudmap to come.

thrive tree

For more info on the sweat lodges visit us at and see if this amazing accelerated healing tool speaks to you xxx

seasonal wheel

OCTOBER 31st – Beltane

Here in the Southern Water based Feminine Hemisphere we are celebrating Beltane while in the northern hemisphere they are celebrating Halloween or Samhain.

This is the first official day of Summer or the Summer Quarter in the Goddess Calendar.

The festival of warming lands, baby animals and birds everywhere and flowers blooming celebrating the fertility of the Goddess and the Fire energy of the God as represented by the Sun returning to full power.

beltane blessing

This is a wonderful time to celebrate what is desired for growth in the summer ahead. A growth in work or new career, babies, a garden full of vegetables, a more loving and compassionate heart.

Celebrated approximately halfway between the spring equinox and the midsummer Solstice – Beltane traditionally marked the arrival of summer in ancient times. The Sun is returned the King from the icy winter’s bondage and bring life renewed to all.


This time [like Halloween] is a time when the veil between this world and all other worlds is thin and we can journey out and all manner of creatures can journey in and magic is rife lol.

The faeries come out of their winter seclusion, the divas return to nourish plant life, a carefree and joyous energy fills the air.

We all begin to stretch and grow and enjoy the fruits of the earth after winters harsh fare. We feel the warm winds return and are drawn to the ocean to bathe in her still cool waters to cleanse from the winters gloom.

Beltane translated means “fire of Bel” or “bright fire” – the “bale-fire”. And is known as the bright and shinning one, a Celtic Sun God. Bel is the father, protector, and the husband of the Mother Goddess.
The Bel fire is a sacred fire with healing and purifying powers.

beltane fire

The fires further celebrate the return of life, fruitfulness to the earth and the burning away of winter.

The main color of Beltane is green.
Green is the color of growth, abundance, plentiful harvest, abundant crops, fertility, and luck. White is another color that is customary. White brings the energies of cleansing, peace, spirituality, and the power to dispel negativity.
Another color is red which brings along the qualities of energy, strength, sex, vibrancy, quickening, health, consummation and retention.
Sun energy, life force and happiness are brought to Beltane by the color yellow.

beltane bread

The foods used to celebrate Beltane are vibrant seasonal fruits and bread filled with spices like cinnamon and cloves etc.

A Beltane Ritual

beltane box

As this is a time for bringing dreams and aspirations to life it can be wonderful to create a magical box to usher in your desires.

Remember that we reap what we sow and so now is a time to let go of what troubles you and put your energy into what you desire.

So get a shoe box [or a similar cardboard box], some rose petals, sunflower and poppy seeds, some brightly coloured paper, a piece of willow and an acorn and a fetish to represent your wish [instructions below]

beltane magic key

Suggested Symbols For Your Wish Box:

Love & Marriage – gingerbread
New Job – copper coin
Abundance – silver coin
Difficult Task – glove
Hearth & Home – thimble
Seeking the Truth – sprig of rosemary
Health, Healing, Renewed Strength – blue & green ribbon entwined
Happiness, Good Luck – cinnamon stick
Seeking Knowledge – apple
To Find A Lost Item – feather
Protection – key (an old iron key is best if you have one)

Now take a piece of paper and write your wish on it while visualizing it coming to life and growing.

You can do this alone or with friends and children or as part of a community.

beltane triple moon

You can decorate the lid of the box with the triple moon, a pentacle, a heart or diamond or any symbol of your choice. Put some holes in the lid to help your wish – your plants to grow lol.

Sprinkle some earth in the box and then what you have written on the paper and your fetish and some of the seeds, willow and acorn.
Cover it all with earth again.
Mix the rose petals with some more of the seeds and scatter it on top. Cover with a final layer of earth – put the lid on [leaving enough seeds for a final layer for when you bury the box]

Planting the Wish

You can do this on the day of the new moon [On Sunday the 3rd here – a most potent eclipsed new moon] or any time after a good downpour to freshen the air and the earth.

Dig a hole a couple of inches deeper than your box and lower it in while concentrating and visualizing your wish already coming true.

beltane spell

Say the following…

“Dreams that lie within the earth – awaken to me now.
Rise and ripen to the sky – the stars await and so do I
I summon you, come home to me – by my will so mote it be
Summer faeries, divas and sprites – unfold for me what is mine by right
With thanks to all that dances with me – gratitude and blessed be”

Remember your wish cannot involve another person – you cannot ask for a specific person to love you for example but you can draw the perfect love to you – in whatever form it takes lol.

Other Beltane Activities

Stay out all night, gathering the green, watch the sunrise and make love. Wash your face in the morning dew.

Dress your home and/or altar with greenery – Ask permission from the tree before you take anything.

Dress a tree. This is the perfect time to go out and celebrate a tree. Especially a hawthorn, rowan or birch – but the tree spirit will welcome you attention whichever kind of tree it is. Sit with it, talk to it, dance around it (maypole), honour the tree and its fertility. Hang ribbons from its branches, each ribbon represents a wish or prayer.

beltane flowers

Flowers, flowers and more flowers. This is the festival of Flora. Make a flower crown to wear – the daisy chain in the simplest of all. Make a traditional flower basket. Fill it with Beltane greenery and all the flowers and herbs you can find. Think about, and honour, their magical and healing properties while you do so. Give it someone you love.

Make some Hawthorn Brandy. You will need a bottle of brandy and at least one cup of hawthorn flowers, plus a little sugar to taste. Mix the ingredients together and leave away from direct light, for at least two weeks. Shake occasionally. Strain, bottle and enjoy. Hawthorn is renowned as a tonic for the heart.

A meditation with Cemunnos the Horned Warrior God


[this is a wonderful meditation to discover both sides of the paradox of your journey – what it is to be the hunter and the hunted – an interesting insight for these awakening times]

You can do this around the medicine wheel or by an alter you regularly use or any other meditative space you use.

Centre your self – regulate your breathing and begin.

You will need a symbolic weapon. This needn’t be large or elaborate. A small stone pendant shaped like an arrow can be used.
Even a pointed stone would do, or a small stick with the point sharpened.

Pick up your symbolic weapon. Hold it in both hands as you invoke the god:

“Cemunnos the mighty – thou art the grey mist, the forests of the green.
Cemunnos, lord of the creatures of the earth – in thee is the sacred victory of my life as seen by me
Cemunnos I await thee”

Stand in meditation, visualizing before you the figure of a horned warrior. He may seem frightening or foreign, but you should not be afraid. He may appear sitting cross-legged on the ground or on an altar, and is frequently joined by one or more animals.

Hold out your weapon to him:

“Cemunnos – ancient god – accept this gift in thy honour – may my actions be swift and true as the arrow of the hunter – show me what I need to know”

Remain in meditation for a moment, concentrating on the forest surrounding you. Hold your sacred weapon in your dominant (power) hand (for most people, the right), with the point facing outward and your arm extended

“I am the hunter!”

Journey now with the god and see what is there to be hunted down – complete the journey with him.

Observe everything and when it is done, write it down.

Put your symbolic weapon in your non-dominant hand, with the point facing toward yourself. Take a few steps backward, and with each one repeat:

“I am the hunted!”

Visualize yourself as a forest animal, the target of hunters.
You can be any animal (a deer can be most useful but trust your instincts), choose one with whom you have some knowledge and feel some understanding or resonance.

What do you do to preserve your life?

This may depend quite a bit on the nature of the animal you have chosen.

This time, do not let your unconscious decide the outcome.
Decide that you will escape from the hunters, and visualize yourself doing so.

beltane writing

Write down what you have learned – thank Cemunnos and release him back to the wild.

beltane trick or treat

And because we are all under the global influence of the American reality – of course most people will be looking at this night as Halloween – so have your bags of goodies ready for any small people that come knocking for they are not yet aware of the reality of it all lol xx