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friday 13th


What an interesting day is next Friday 13th – along with all the usual brouhaha of the mysterious bad luck of such a day [the only one for this year] it is also a Full Moon in Sagittarius – highlighting these serendipitous nuances – and this wont be seen again until 2049.

Thirteen has long been associated with the mysteries – 13 moons in a year which was the old calendar of the world lol, 13 witches in a coven, the last supper of death and betrayal with 13 members, 13 is all over the american flag and symbology, 13 Buddha’s, 13 snake gods of the Mexicans, and many hotels and motels refuse to have a 13th floor or rooms with that number and on and on it goes. Friday for similar reasons to do with the feminine and superstition and fear of Freya – the Norse Goddess whose day it is. This is not the place for a discussion on such foolishness of demonising the feminine – just be mindful that for those who are aware, the number 13 holds other powers of Dominion and Strength.


The month began with Mercury retrograde in Cancer from June 7th until July 1st with all the usual communication glitches that can flow here although the introspection here in this watery sign is very much about the examination of old emotional issues surfacing now – people from the past and issues may surface now for re-examination as we figure out what works and what no longer does at this time of tumultuous and ongoing change. Because of the square to Neptune there is also real possibility of getting caught in the illusion and delusion of rumours and mischief making – pay attention to your intuition here rather than what you are told or shown. We are invited by the interplay back and forth in Gemini to rise above the meanderings of the mind – for it to be the servant of our being rather than dictating energy movements.

On the actual Friday the 13th Mercury also interacts with a most unpredictable and potentially explosive continuance of the Cardinal Grand Cross with Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn and this baby is not done with us yet lol. The energies with be very volatile and it will behove us to stay zen and not react to the madness we will in all probability be obliged to deal with. All of your angst and demons are a self generated state of mind and control your mind and you will control your reality.

sag-moon june 14

The weather around the place is likely to be quite mad this day also and seismic activity is also highlighted around the globe. Again stay zen, observe, be kind and compassionate to all you encounter – everyone is struggling now. And what ever the drama is about that you are invited to? It is not worth it – quite simple really.

This will be made easier on the day by Venus being in her ruling of sign of Taurus at the Full Moon also and this will invite us [along with the Grand Trine of Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter [with Mercury] in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio] to allow the healing qualities of the waters to nourish and sustain us – so on the day spend some time at the water, or bathing in luxurious salts and pay close attention – very close attention to your dreams on the 3 days either side of this Moon. This is a moon of portents so if you are paying attention a sign post of importance will be shown to you. With Chiron thrown into the mix here the healing potentials are very real.

On the 9th [just before the Full Moon] Neptune in Pisces moves into retrograde and this can cause confusion to come into the mix for this magical moon. The illusions and delusions can rise very quickly now and don’t be surprised to see lots of folks escaping into alternate realities with what ever means possible – all things in moderation peeps and while some pathways can open you up to what is possible – it is also very easy at this time to get led down a rabbit hole you may struggle to arise from.

shamans drum

The key is to be open to what your Soul wants for you now – remember the Soul in its journey seeks intensity – it truly does not matter whether this is good bad or indifferent from its perspective – the more intense the better for that facilitates movement and growth. Let love guide you not fear and you will be taken where you need to be for insight and renewal.

As the Full Moon in Sagittarius rises at 22 degrees on the 13th trust that emotions may run high and the wave of energy of righteousness can get right out of hand here. People will be passionate about their causes and what injustice they may be perceiving going on at this time and it will be important not to get caught in arguments about what is truth. Seven billion people on the planet and seven billion truths – who are we to say that ours is the ‘right’ truth lol.

The cosmic alignments here with star systems will also awaken the dark depths of our psyche and this will come hard and out of left field with this Moon. Forbidden fruit may beckon, that which we know is not ours or not good for us can rise like a dark addiction – be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and wants to be sorted once and for all. There is trickery here and we may be in an old pattern before we are aware – looking for someone to blame and punish.

soul journey

Remember your shadow is as much a part of you as any other pretty light aspects that may have more appeal to your ego and requires expression and integration if you are to become whole and complete. It is only in the shadow because it was unacceptable to your primary carers and is as much unrealised potential as the mad Id and its desires for chaos. So dance the dance well with these aspects as they rise – give them expression but moderate it well and see what is ready to come home to you to influence your life as your grow and evolve into a more authentic version of yourself. Jupiter’s alignment with the Moon here will give you a sense of humour and optimism and the Moon itself in Sagittarius opens you up to a more open and philosophical interpretation of what is on offer during this time.

The thing is there will be so many possibilities and potentials shown to you with this moon it will be important to let the net sweep wide and allow your thinking heart and feeling mind to make the decisions that best serve you and your community – with love and compassion and the master of calm being the guide here.

The Mars square Pluto at this moon [14th] is also likely to be reflected in political upheaval and social unrest as the population around the world see further and further into the corrupt and death making policies of those who have ruled this planet for far too long. It is not over yet peeps and yet with this aspect there is likely to be a sense of the absurd as we look around and see what is unfolding on the world stage.


There is a strong predatory energy to this with deep sexual disturbances rising from the depths so the likelihood of seeing corruption and scandal exposed is high and in our own lives we are likely to see violence and bullying occurring in the lives of those around us if not directly. Vastly clever and determined this energy may bring some very disturbing trends and manipulations to the surface so be aware of this in yourself and those around you. This can really fire up political activism too as the sense of outrage and injustice rises seeking vengeance at this time.

And so the Moon will summon the people to be real and the aspects of an exalted Jupiter will give them the faith that the time is right – here – now – to take risks, to feel strong and powerful in their desire for a better world and this will be fed by all kind of unresolved dark matter needing exposure and resolution – all in a mix of illusion and delusion and dark sexual power and predation all hidden under a smiling exterior – you can see why it is going to be a kind of crazy week lol. The oppositions here are potent however this is also the possibility of the Warrior Spirit rising with strength and love that can provide insight, understanding and a clear recognition that this is no longer how we wish to live.

After the moon from the 14th to the 25th Mars in Libra continues to make some very tense aspects to the Uranus – Pluto square and its machinations and the intensity will continue to rise during this time and there will be an internal demand to address that which has been illuminated by the Moon. Again the choice is yours how you deal with this – you can use this intensity to revitalise your path and the movement forward or to rail against the machine and go to war in your personal world. It will play out in interesting ways in the global sphere as well now.

Look to areas in your life where issues of power, sexuality, trust and cooperation are highlighted to see where you are likely to be challenged here lol. These are the energies to provide long term solutions to entrenched patterns if you work with it.

solstice tree winter

During this time also we will experience the Winter Solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere and we will be taking a group of women up into the hills to weave these fated energies to work for us for the year ahead as we work also to use these magical times to release all that no longer serves – if you wish to come to this follow the link to register and it is truly a magical night of weaving the fates to our desires for growth lol

http://wp.me/p2FxkF-7v   We had such fun with this last year and I am still amazed at how much my life has changed since that time!!

The Sun also enters the home and hearth of Cancer at this time – highlighting our personal lives, family, emotional maturity, love and compassion for our larger family of humanity and all other life we share the planet with. A couple of days later Venus enters Gemini and this will allow for the community of humans to interact and share ideas that have emerged from the cauldron of energies been shaken and stirred and the new moon that arrives in Cancer on the 27th allows us to plant the seeds of all this into what our new family looks like – the family of man – how to nourish and sustain us all as well as all other life forms among us. The tight Neptune trine at this moon encourages us to be open to the divine and allow extraordinary creativity available here to flow with ease.

We will be holding a Full Moon Meditation on the evening of the Friday the 13th to maximise these energies and if you wish to attend let me know as places as you know are limited. Contact me at prue.blackmore@thrivebydesign.com.au if you wish to book a place.

witch tips

A Ritual for the Moon

If you are not joining us for the meditation or for the Solstice Night – here is a beautiful simple thing to do at this moon.

During the day gather some things from nature that represent what it is that your have endured this year and what it is that you are ready to release. Has a relationship ended, an illness been experienced, a job finished, a pattern of behaviour that causes disruption in your life recognised, a broken heart that wants to heal or an addiction that regularly disrupts your life been exposed? Gather things from nature and bind them into a fetish or representation of what it is and bring it before your sacred place as the moon rises.

Also during the day make a list of what you want to bring into the year ahead and write it down on a piece of paper. Take a white candle and mark it with oil from the centre to the top and the centre to the bottom and then carve your name into the candle, then wrap the list of what you desire around the candle. Place this in the centre of your space.

Open the four directions with some smudge or incense and welcome the energies of water, earth, fire and air into the cosmic wheel of life with the four directions – giving thanks for what they have taught you this year. Light a candle for each of the four directions as you do this. Thank them for the gifts of abundance, new beginnings, creativity, healing, acceptance, shadow, and the ebb and flow of your life as you have moved through the many little deaths of the year.

Speak aloud and acknowledge what you are releasing – with gratitude for all it has taught you – and then light a fire [in a metal bowl if you are inside] and offer the effigy into the fire – offering it up to spirit as you do.

Then take a sip of wine and some seeded cake and eat of these with gratitude for the promise of renewal they offer for the year ahead as the sun returns to its zenith in the months of spring and summer ahead. Then light the white candle that has your wishes for the year ahead around it and let it burn down through the night.

Give thanks to the four directions – complete the ceremony and then take some seeds out into the garden and spread them around – both as feed for the little creatures who struggle in winter and as a promise of faith in spring renewed.

Have a safe week in these wild times and be kind to each other xx


Full Moon in Scorpio – Wesak – Buddha’s Birth, Awakening and Ascension


At 5.52 in Adelaide on the 15th the full moon rises in a dance of planetary activity that continues the tearing down and surgical clean out of all that does not work for you and the trajectory that the human species is on.

The Cardinal Grand Cross, the eclipses, the retrogrades and alignments of all of this, along with the greater cosmos forming powerful symmetry with Neptune, Lillith and Mars amongst other things, cast us all into the depths of our being, the murky waters down in the swamp that we have avoided most of our life if not life times.

The boil that has to be lanced, the festering wound that has to be surgically cauterised, compounded by Venus conjunct the Uranus – Pluto square. We shall indeed plummet the depths of magical journeys, mystical meetings, red eyed demons in the night.

This Moon carries wonderful energies for emptying the proverbial slop bucket we persist in carrying around to our own and other’s detriment. You are being asked to lighten the load, to make sacrifices for your own evolution. After this Moon do a detox – physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

full moon

That which causes pain asks for patience – be patient no more, do not listen to such entreaties within or without. Cut it out of your zietgiest. And with the moon conjunct Saturn you are being asked to be responsible and approach the world with impeccable integrity.

Scopio rules the 8th House of sex, death, other peoples money and transformation. This is really very intense energy and can go either way – inflamed or explosive or darkly brooding or great joyous passion for something. A time for secrets to be revealed and permanent decisions to be made.

Relationships are again the playground of these energies as are the global events that will draw the whole worlds attention and demand for action.

So this is a time for inner reflection – responsibility – non judgement to be practiced. The Buddha’s birthday and transformation is here. We will be celebrating this on the evening to maximise all the energies available. Follow the link if you wish to come.

spirit transcends

These energies genuinely will promote a rising of ideas and examinations so question everything, examine why you do the things you do. The Mercury, Venus and Uranus connection will open your mind to wonderful ideas and solutions, to what have sometimes been felt impossible situations or intractable problems – any thing is possible here so be open.

This unusual line up actually opens avenues to the other dimensions allowing us to avail ourselves of higher levels of insight, communication and awareness are possible. The unique individual inside the ever evolving mass consciousness.

Because of the recent eclipse and the very close alignments of the Moon to Saturn, the energy is ramped up significantly and will – will – reach deeply within you, opening the path to your own soul and what is now required for your fulfillment. Look at your motivations in life – what are they about.

As you willingly work with what ever arises during this time and consciously seek healing and letting go, then so shall it be. You are ready and it is time. Because of the nature of the energies at play, some of the wounds may hold an intense emotional power which can lead to addictive processes or obsession or rage and terror.


All that you are being shown is what holds you back from self love and self acceptance. Just because you have been taught to feel guilty or ashamed in certain realities does not mean the feelings are appropriate to the reality – you are carrying someone else’s emotional baggage there is all and it is time to shine the light in – with gratitude for what it has taught you and love for all of its journey which was only designed to help you survive at the time. It is no longer needed and you can be free.

And look on the world’s events that will come with this with the same compassion and empathy for all concerned – with blessings in your heart for the victims of suffering, blessings in your heart for the perpetrators of it and with blessings in your heart for all who witness such things. Here is where you will change things lol.

There are likely to be many endings and beginnings with this moon and her cosmic companions. Ride the waves peeps and pick carefully which ones you want to surf lol.

We will grow through this and in the weeks and months ahead – the crescendo is building so stay zen and allow yourself new steps forward.

phoenix rising - libra

This Moon is all about the deep feminine power and she will express the depths of herself through transformation, intimacy and emotional truth. She will not tolerate us hanging on to any thing that is not essential for the next step and here the symbol of the final stage of Scorpio – the Phoenix rising from the ashes – comes powerfully into play.

So be of brave heart as the Cosmic doors open with this Moon – the initiatory field has been set in readiness – the frequencies are rising and we are now strong enough to face what needs to be faced. And as we do this for ourselves so do we do it for the collective.

Journey well with her divine self dear peeps and see you on the other side lol xx


Wesak Festival – On May the 15th this year is the Wesak Full Moon and a very powerful full moon it is – we will be holding space for this in a venue yet to be discovered and will be inviting all to attend for a minimal cost for a full blown Tibetan Buddhist Ceremony for this and a meditation with St Germaine and whom ever else arrives lol.

This is a powerful time of year when the great energies of the east and west come together for the enlightenment of mankind.

The Energy to Gautama Buddha from the East comes together in the closest spiritual union with the Christ Consciousness of the West to develop love, wisdom and awakening within the minds of humanity.

This occurs each year at this full moon under the sign of Taurus – the eye of the bull and under the full moon itself in Scorpio.

TAURUS – I see and when the eye is opened, all is illuminated

SCORPIO – Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant.

This is a blessing for the world – Buddha custodian and Christ recipient and from there transmitted to all of humanity.

We welcome this energy to bathe us all, to uplift us, transform and initiate us. We ask that the blessings of this moon and Wesak flow to us throughout this ceremony and flow into this bowl of water in the wheel so that when we drink of it in the morning we receive its blessing in the body itself – the temple of the soul

When the sun enters Taurus at this time a great stream of light charges humanity and we experience the opening of our third eye – the eye of the bull
Insight deepens, new values are seen, visions and meanings in life unfold and our whole life and relationships are illuminated.
The light in this constellation is the penetrating light of the path.
This allows contact with the highest fire within you, with the fire of spirit and with the center where all things are known.

This is the time in which opportunity is given to you to expand your consciousness and enter into a new level of divine awareness.
Here our being is filled with energies from the source of all, which supports us during which time we are absorbed in our inner divinity.

The moon in Scorpio allows us to come out of Maya and deception. Here we must conquer the love of illusive phenomena and cease deceiving ourselves. We must set our will to give up our attachment to the false self, the drama and then we may use this energy of Scorpio for spiritual advancement.

This is the energy of the warrior and the battle is waged upon the field of the personality, upon the fields of the body, emotion and mind. This is the time to register great victories upon our own natures.

We are always triumphant here if we set our intention will and desire  for there is a wave in the ocean of our lives which always keeps us up.

The light that shines on this path is called the light of day. The full power of the Inner Self, the Soul shines on the path and in that light we walk as the triumphant Warrior

So on this afternoon and evening there will be ceremony, chanting and meditation to maximise the benefits of this sacred time for all of us and the planet


moon runes

The Full Moon is in Virgo with the Sun in Pisces – Jupiter has gone direct in Cancer – Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio – the Lunar nodes are back in Libra – the T-Square continues with Pluto in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer and both in square to Uranus in Aries – and Mars continues his retro journey in Libra.

Holy crap – this perfect storm continues to shake the very foundations of our being. Some of this was spelt out in the last meditation report for the Pisces New Moon a fortnight ago and it carries us powerfully and catalytically to the next black moon – the New Moon in Aries on the 30th of this month that triggers the volatile eclipse season that begins Autumn here in the Southern – water based feminine hemisphere.

With Jupiter going direct in Cancer there will be feelings of renewal – particularly around matters of family, devotion, the higher mind – transcendent and immanent – and possibly a huge up-swelling of emotions here. As the Full Moon approaches this weekend this ‘great benefic’ will sweep you into the inner planes of soulful yearning and will challenge you to look at what kind of attitude to life do you want to have – fear of the glass half empty or love of knowing it will always hold what you need.


This is important for as the Eclipse cycle approaches with the new moon on the 30th we are likely to be pushed powerfully over the edge of what ever attitude we take – chaos or calm – the choice can be made now so as to build a foundation for what you want when the storm of change arises. Your inner landscape will be guiding you so please make the effort to notice and record your dreams and meditations for they will reveal where you are being led for your own awakening.

We will see this chaos and the tidal shifts operating in the world as much as we will feel it within. The corruption of the banking, religious and political spheres will be on show again – the most painful hotspots of mercurial change in Egypt, Ukraine, Korea and Syria will bend and fluctuate through this time – we may be invited to believe that we are out of control and we will be asked to review our attitudes – are we victims of failures, undeserving and condemned to be trapped in our plight or are we co-creators of the shifting sands of reality – awakening our selves from the dream that we may lead ourselves to freedom – only we can decide which posture we take.

Turn off your televisions – they are much more toxic a drug than you realise – do not listen to the doomsayers with all there horror stories for it has you dwell in the negative mind state which allows the shades to feed upon the fears of your mind.

Be with like minded souls – meditate – seek healers and body workers and other souls to help you navigate through these tumultuous times. How will you choose to be as your soul swims through the magical, dreamy waters of Pisces – going against the tides of change? Or floating on your back under the beautiful Virgo moon – letting her bathe you and cleanse you in her light, washing your fear away that you may hear the voice of spirit.

Or as the great Bard once said “To be or not to be – that is the question”

The moon rules the subconscious – the deep memories of the soul family – past lives and incarnations – deep karma – the gifts of those realities on this world and other worlds and dimensions and they can be mined to help your diamond heart rise from the tar of genetic baggage and unresolved pain.

mother goddess earth pregnant

This moon in Virgo – the sign of the Virgin – that which is known only unto it self before it is touched by any one – both light and dark – represents the womb – the archetype of the great Mother and tells us we belong to ourselves – a part of the whole but a unique drop in the ocean of consciousness.

We are here to do our part – what does your DNA blueprint ask of you – what does it want you to awaken to. The great feminine is returning – what face of her beauty and grace will you wear – whether you are a man or a woman is irrelevant – she comes to all of us now. Perhaps in the light of this moon we can see who we are born to become by illuminating that which we are.
This Moons great gift under Virgo is discernment – knowing what to keep and what to let go of – knowing where things fit and what to do to bring it all into alignment. How well have we integrated our spiritual journey with our physical reality. As this is the end of the astrological year it will bring Karmic reality to the surface for resolution as we gain greater insight into how we can be of service for the well being of all that lives. What do you need to release now that now longer serves. This being fed by Mars retro in Libra that asks us to review all of our relationships – romantic, family, business – are they honest – are we behaving with integrity and if we are not this time will blow it out of the waters in which we drift.

saturn in scorpio
Saturn retrograde in Scorpio enhances these issues powerfully as all issues of terror, past hurts, abandonment and betrayal, fantasy and obsession are brought to the surface – ours and the projections of those around us. This is the sign of sex, death and rebirth – here in lies the alchemical possibility of examining and rewriting our deepest neuroses and Saturn gives us the responsibility and discipline to do this well – to look into our own shadow realm and see what we really are – to acknowledge the dark within and own and integrate it. To stop projecting it on to our nearest and dearest and instead to see the hidden treasures there that make us complete when we own and release the pain. With the retro motion we can let it go now – we can see that it is us and us alone that dances in our own head and licks the wounds and picks the scabs and it is us and us alone that can own and transform it finallyl
The Moons nodes assist the collective race mind here with the south node in Aries requiring us to acknowledge selfish attitudes and the need for co-operation with others and the north node in Libra requiring us to bring ourselves into balance – yin and yang – to facilitate a new and balanced world.
Neptune in Pisces and Chiron here as well continue the healing of the race mind and show us new ways of being with our selves and each other – with the inner planes being the focus for true and genuine healing which will then flow out into the dream world of which we are a part.
Venus at this moon offers us love and grace and beauty and the power of the feminine intuition to heal and release so it is a powerful time of inner journey work – for renewal and remembrance of who we really are and why we are really here.

karmic relationships
All of this energy prepares us well for the volcanic power of April with the Cardinal Grand Cross and eclipse season set to explode onto the world – so let us take time with this moon – to know what is right for the greater good and ourselves – to develop the ability to stay calm when it hits – to know we are in the right place at the right time and we create it all – to trust we are enough – and that as the walls come tumbling down it is because we are ready for the freedom of responsibility and cease looking externally for the answers that will never come from out there lol. Bathe in this energy well and prepare the ground.

So crazy days are coming energetically and I am sure you have all been feeling it of late in your self or in all of those around you . The very things that we have been using to stay safe and sane are the very things that are actually killing us and keeping our souls buried under the mud and it is no longer working peeps. So if you wish to come along and experience real change on the inside as we are guided by St Germaine and whom ever journeys with him on these amazing meditations then inbox me at the face book page at http://www.facebook/thrivebydesign – or contact me on 0419819089 to book as places are strictly limited. And in the interim – stay Zen.

Solstice Full Moon Sweat and Ceremony


This Saturday the 22nd June we will be holding a Full Moon and Solstice Sweat at 9am – however due to the nature of the ceremony it is important to be there at 8.30am sharp.

At the winter solstice the divine light reaches into us and into the earth, signifying the rebirth of the sun, a new growth cycle begins and we are made ready for a fresh beginning. All that has transpired through the year before can be sorted and released and the new seed of the new sun is implanted as we step into a new cycle of the light, heightened and aware.
when women wake - mountains move

For the women attending the Mid Winter Retreat later that day this will be a wonderful process for opening to be ready for the magical journey ahead for the rest of the weekend!!

super moon

We are well into the Grand Water Trine now and this is powerfully affecting the already strong pull of the Super Moon in Capricorn under the Sun sign of Cancer – known as the Super Moon due to it being the closest to the earth it has been for nearly 3 years now! This will have a strong pull on us all and the grand water trine acutely adds to the energy.

This all is having a powerful effect at this time of the Sun Standing Still or Winter Solstice!

Cancer is most powerfully associated with the Luna or Moon reality and when the Sun is here there is lots of active energy that runs on the feeling state.
Capricorn is oppositional to this state however provides strength and focus for the powerful work of transition and transmutation from the old to the new that is available under these most auspicious of stars for transcendence.

The tides rise and fall based on the pulling power of this energy and so do the emotions as the family and past are observed for anything that needs shedding.
The Wild Hunt

This beautiful Sweat will start the day well for you as we journey in the sacred space of the lodge – riding with the wild hunt – without fear and in exhilaration at the release of all from the end of the solar year and the death of the sun and the summoning of what is to come.

Before we begin there will be a ritual burning of the effigy of all that is being let go of from the year just gone and after the ceremony the ritual of lighting the candle and offering a blessing to the person next to you and the gift of seeds.

As we journey around the medicine wheel in this ceremony it is to cast off the dead wood that binds us to old ways of being.
We seek to know what holds us and we call upon the journey with Spirit and with our personal medicine – our totem, our connection with spirit nature to release these old binds.

To journey to the wall of our obstacles, to see them for what they are – the wounds carried inside us – reflected back to us in the external world for our illumination and release.
To offer them up with gratitude for all that they have taught us and then to flow within the earth – deep within the womb to connect with all that is.

And then to connect with our ancestors and guides to inform us how to bring this new world into life.

spiritual rebirth
The grand water trine which began on June 11th has Jupiter lining up in Cancer [from the 26th] along with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces and all three of these outer giants all in retro now facilitating a deep introspection and connection with the divine self to guide your journey back to remembrance of who you really are.

Jupiter in Cancer will open up the past for you – to examine who you are, where have you come from, what fires forged you and what connections matter. It will facilitate an expansion of security and groundedness based on where you have come from – over the whole of your journey on this planet.

Saturn in Scorpio in here continues to push on your relationships and require you to sort the wheat from the chaff and to move beyond the poison of the mind to take responsibility not just for yourself but for your co-operation with others – to work towards a better understanding in relationship and to bring this into the world as well from a place of love only.

divine nature

And Neptune in Pisces awakens the numinous nature of our being, the mystery of the life force, the fecund, expansive and unfettered imagination of creativity and the soul’s journey here. To remind us of our divine nature and the unconditional love that we truly are – despite appearances to the contrary and the story we are told. This powerful energy asks us to rise above the mundane of our existence and meld with the force that guides us in our transformation.

The transformation Back to who we are. Creator gods – beginning to work out how powerfully we have been conditioned to think a certain way to maintain the status quo – without awareness of our power or our susceptibility to such manipulation – but not for much longer.

The three retro planets together reveal a serious review of our terrors of change, our blind spots, our addictions and denials. However the power of Neptune is again to remind us of the collective – the recognition that is powerfully growing – that we are all one reality, one consciousness, that we create it all absolutely – we are simply conditioned to create in a certain way that is powerfully destructive and conducive to forgetting who we are.

It is an opportunity to enter the collective womb as it were and truly examine what is working for us and what is not. A rebirth will follow – from the powerful, primal, formless, fruitful darkness of the magnetic feminine void – the place of mystery from which all creation flows.

So do come and connect with yourself and with all – for release and renewal. Jump the bonfire back into life, plummet into your true nature and divine essence and return to the world one step closer to the transformation that is coming – as inevitable as the light returns from the dark at the Winter Solstice.

violet flame

And as a special treat we are working to have a special guest present that day to lead us in meditation as part of the ceremony. This is not confirmed yet but with all good juju working with us we will have a llama from the Tibetan Buddhist journey who has worked for years with the Dalia Llama himself to be with us on this day to bring the blessings of all that journey with him to our journey.

To prepare for this create an effigy during the week of all that you are letting go of out of things of nature that they may be brought to the fire for the letting up and letting go.

Bring a beautiful plate of something scrumptious to eat – involving seeds if possible to represent this time of year. Contact me at prue.blackmore@thrivebydesign.com.au or inbox me on facebook if you want to come along and I will send you the mud map!!

sag moon may 2013

This eclipse is a particularly powerful one simply because it is the third in a row and because of what is lining up and rolling with it.

This is the last in a long line of Sagittarius/ Gemini eclipses [for 8 years anyway] and will impact most over north and south America, Europe and west Africa.

uranus pluto square

What makes this one particularly potent is the first of the exact Pluto-Uranus squares for this year hits on the 20th – just a few days before the eclipse and while all keep banging on about the power of this for transformation – it is stressed again and again – that is what it is doing!!

This whole week leading up to the eclipse is going to be very rocky and a lot of people I know are dealing with major illness, shocking respiratory issues [lungs=grief] and a general shaking up of their lives.

sweat lodge 3

On the actual day of the eclipse – the 25th – we will be holding a sweat for both men and women to embrace these energies for change and release, to work with it rather than hide in fear from it – for there are several factors at play here that would likely have us skive off and go to lala land lol!!

The Full Moon will be in Sagittarius and the Sun is in Gemini lining up to form a rather unpleasant T-Square with Neptune in Pisces – a powerful invitation to look to mind altering substances to pretend that all is well in our world.

The likelihood of overindulging this week and weekend in particular is actually very high so do yourself a favour and don’t – and avoid the roads, clubs and other places where you are likely to encounter a whole heap of people who are!!

And they will be over the top! Bogan behavior, drunken violence, gross acts of stupidity are all very likely here – be warned, be flexible and aware.


It is important to remember that the outer three planets involved in this – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – really are the initiators of spiritual transformation.

That is what they do.

They regularly trigger the blueprint within us for evolution, they initiate the expansionist push from within that would have us rise up all that contracts, hardens, contains and constricts us.

All the social order rules put in place by greedy and corrupt men [yes it is predominately men that do this] to keep us from becoming ourselves because we are too distracted by the economic slavery they have created for us – they don’t use metal chains any more but the slavery is just as real!

transformation may 2013

These gifts of the cosmos steer us more powerfully onto a clearer more radical path of fulfillment.

Uranus summons us to rise above the petty mundane dramas of our existences and dwell in the higher mind.

Neptune calls us beyond the dramas of eros, the similacre of romantic love, towards Agape – the love and compassion for all and Pluto leads us to move beyond the need to control and manipulate others to the force of the higher Will – the Will to Being.

Each time they come around in this way they bring transformation to financial, technological and political structures – there is much information out there about that – this is not the place to rehash it – it is what happens however.

This eclipse brings all these elements in to play and will allow you to witness something playing out in your life in which the perceptions you have of how it all ‘works’ is actually getting in the way of you seeing your “Truth”.

What you ‘think’ you know is actually detracting from what you actually ‘know’ and this blind spot may cause a lot of grief for you – better to be open and curious about any situation playing out in which you feel ‘correct’ or ‘righteous’ and seek and allow the shadow to emerge here for you to embrace and integrate!

You will be much better off if you can do this.

Then act – change what needs to be changed to move forward in love.

There has been so much upheaval in our personal lives during this eclipse season. Huge impacts on health, relationships, work, security etc.

Many things are ending and many things are beginning. If something is not right in your life at the moment – if something is feeling out of alignment with who you are becoming – that is because it is true!!

This last lunar eclipse is designed for you to be guided by your higher mind, love and will – towards your higher purpose.

no more conforming

It is designed for you to see the blind spot and barrier to what holds you back from taking the next step and it will be brutal with you if you do not give yourself permission to go with the flow and embrace the change.

You may be holding on out of fear and the thought of loss of security, however you know it is slowing killing you or your spirit.

The changes needed may bring about complete chaos in your life and so is fearful in contemplation to move forward. Things can change within a situation however that requires commitment by all parties for such a re-birthing to occur.

Ask yourself the simple question – does this situation make my heart sing to be a part of it? If the answer to that is no – there is your answer and the longer you stay in a situation that has passed its use by date the more ground down and slow you will become.

sound of spirit

Straight up. If you dare to change the universe will support you in this – synchronicity will abound – you will be guided. Trust. Take that leap of faith in yourself!!

Everything is accelerating – yes you too.

The world is going to get very rocky over the next few years.

It looks as though everything is still limping along, however blow by blow the foundational pillars of this old world are being chopped out at the base, the system has started to slide, however it is so slow most are not seeing it – but it is gathering momentum and when it reaches the tipping point it will all come down with a crash – that is ok – it is time.

As this old world crumbles – it is up to us – each and every one of us – to reach in and awaken the part of us that knows what to do here, that knows there is nothing to fear – for we are the world we seek and we are the agents of change we desire.

No one is coming to save us – we are saving ourselves and our species by daring to be the change we want.

As we each clean out willingly the old and outmoded ways of relating, consuming and communing so does the freight train of change gather momentum.

The energies of this moon are working with us to move us towards an unfolding of self realization that allows for personal freedom along with responsibility for the collective all.

The ever expanding liberation of the soul that challenges the status quo and powerfully says “No” cannot be stopped.

Protect your sacred space within, be true to yourself and recognize that everyone is fighting the same hard battle – so compassion for all as you change now.

medicine wheel

In the sweat we shall journey around the medicine wheel to the East, to discover the blind spot that keeps us held, we shall journey to the North for the strength to face it, own it and let it go and to the West for the healing of all that has been done to lock us down and then to the South, for the guidance of our ancestors and medicine for the days ahead.

Join us – on Saturday the 25th of May at 9am for a journey of discovery and renewal – followed by a self divination at the end – to help you further understand what needs to change most powerfully now!

if you wish to attend inbox me on facebook, contact me at prue.blackmore@thrivebydesign.com.au and if you have fallen off the text list feel free to contact me with your mobile so I can add you again – bloody technology lol.

How ever you travel through these turbulent times – be true to your self, ask all that loves and supports you for daily guidance and remember it is all a dream and all just a ride and dont sweat the small stuff!!! xx

libra moon

There has been an interesting build up to this coming Full Moon in Libra with the sun and lots of other things lining up in fiery Aries and the sweat on the 26th at 6pm will meld all these divine energies together – particularly the Mar’s [masculine god aspect of self] and Venus [feminine goddess aspect of self] both being here for balance [very Libran quality] and this is perfect for it is only from the place of perfect balance can we move forward.

sweat lodge 3

So in the Sweat we will draw on these powerful aspects of self to come to balance – we will also honour the dark goddess to whom we are returning for the winter and seek abundance in the year ahead as we husk ourselves of that which no longer serves.

Imagine it like a bird with one wing caught behind it – not much flying getting done. However with both wings in balance with each other – the sky is indeed the limit!!

equinox autumn

On the 20th the Sun entered Aries and this is the day of the Autumn Equinox.

This is an interesting time due to the changes in the earths magnetic field for as the day and night are of equal time the sun predominately hovers over the equator at this time – the effect of which is to reduce the magnetic field of the earth.
The magnetic field is what holds everything in place – including memory and our addiction to the story of what we think we are.

Ergo this means it is easier during this time to break out of what holds us and reach for the greater reality or dimensions of what we are.

Maximize this folks – do a little ritual for your self on the day to open up to all possibilities for remembering more of your inherent nature outside of the story. You will find such a ritual below if you cannot make the sweat itself.

The more you learn to work with the rhythms and cycles of the seasons the better equipped you are not to be swept by the natural events of change that are a normal part of our lives. Invite yourself to grow into your true nature even though this will be resisted by your nearest and dearest.

Change is the only constant and it is the thing we resist the most. Everything that has gone in the month before this encourages you to step up so don’t resist now.

It looks like being a stormy autumn following the equinox, so be prepared. For unshackling and real change, for movement to the collective while being individuated within and the system does not like it when this happens remember so gird your loins and enjoy the Aries strength that will boost you.

Do not let it boost you into conflict or war with others though. Let it be used to move you onward and upward on your journey – nothing else.

god and goddess as tree

The cardinal fire sign of Aries with both Sun and Mars here will shake us completely out of our dreamy Piscean interlude.
The sun here impels us to life it self and Mars injects us with an impetus to make it happen now – the god of war indeed!

On the 21st Venus also enters Aries and this enlivens her feminine energy to partake in all kinds of social activities to see what shall be brought closer to her divine enticing energies!

Here the Goddess [Venus] and God [Mars] come together in divine union and this can get very arduous on the amorous side lol. Seriously folks it can be a bit like being possessed and ridden by a Verdun god and while this can be very entertaining it can also leave everyone a bit exhausted at the end!

harvest moon

On the 27th we encounter the full moon in Libra [to be celebrated on evening of 26th].
As always the lunacy factor is at play at the full moon and as with all things in this cycle nothing is quite straight forward.
With retro Saturn in conjunction with this Moon along with a T-square with the sun and Pluto squaring it all – this makes this a Moon with oomph and plenty of room for power plays in this normally relationship oriented Libran energy.

Seeking balance is very likely to be replaced by seeking weapons so another good moon to go within and see what is going on inside you in terms of the struggle before you act out the struggle on the outside!

Remember we are all fighting the good fight on the inside folks as we burn off the dross of the ages to begin a new chapter in this transformation.

Libra seeks balance within and without. Between our needs and the needs of others, between the needs of the individual and the needs of the collective.

With the God and the Goddess both here, the will of the self is heightened to maximize and move forward into life, the power and magic of the transcendent growth period just preceding it.

So this is powerful moon to be aware of the path upon which you work and what you seek for future to hold – it is all achievable here!! And necessary for the next stage.


The sweat encompasses both beginnings and endings. Each time we take part in a ceremony, we take a journey to the centre of our being, joined with the others in the process and yet also alone. It is about birth, death and rebirth. We change as a result of participating.

Great richness flows from maintaining this focus. We chant to help us concentrate on the journey and not the uncomfortable physical environment and our fears. Chanting also helps us to breathe easily and to compose ourselves.

Physiologically, the lodge helps to tune the autonomic nervous system, creating a new internal balance, smoothing out the peaks and lows of emotional and energetic changes.

Psychologically, it fosters feelings of well being, peace and self-worth. It is a powerful tool for growth and also for specific kinds of life difficulties, emotional turbulence and trauma.

mabon candles

A ritual for the Moon

Full moons are good times to get in touch with your spiritual center, to ask for awakening, for guidance, make spiritual requests and wishes.
The first Harvest Full Moon, is an exceptional time to perform this spell. Always, when doing a spell, follow the spiritual law of abundance – Ask, Believe, Receive.
Whenever we ask for anything, it’s always good to give thanks, first. That’s not just good manners, but gratitude is a powerful prayer. In fact, there may not be a more powerful one. (this is also a law of attraction. When you’re grateful, you’re aligned with abundance).

Increasing harvest is a two part process: first we give gratitude for the harvest we’ve already received, the abundant friends, lovers, passions, and support from the Universe. Then Ask for our cup to be full or re-filled, in balance. Anything you’d like to increase, desire more of, would like illumination about, put into this spell.

* What You need:

wine and candles

2 matching wine glasses filled with equal parts red wine

A red candle

Any other items related to your wish!

Here are some ideas: almonds for success and prosperity; vanilla bean for love and abundance; musk incense for passion; moonstone for intuition; bloodstone for healing; fools gold or jade for money; tiger’s eye for protection and luck; quartz to amplify wish and for general healing; carnelian for courage and resolving issues related to expression of anger.

The ritual

Set up your items, outside or in the path of moonlight. Draw a circle, or simply make a space sacred with intent. Take a few deep breaths, grounding and centering yourself. Look at the full moon in the sky and take your time to connect to the energy of the moon, the spiritual energy of the God & Goddess, of illumination, the perfect harmony of life’s cycles. Feel the energy in your body, in your womb. As you watch the moon imagine your will, which you experience in your solar plexus, working together with your emotions, in your heart. Feel them join together. Allow your self to fully feel that harmony and perfection. When you are ready recite the following:

“Water and fire
Chalice in balance
This is the hour
Of my spiritual power

Hecate, Selene, Moon Goddesses, ye
I draw down the moon’s power aligned with thee
Creatures great and small,
Oceans vast and wide,
Mountains strong and quiet,
Winds howling in the dark night
I offer, in gratitude, this harvest for the next
I ask to receive a wish, a bequest”

mabon feast

Now give silent gratitude for your harvest, blessing everyone and everything which has contributed to your blessed abundance. As you silently ask for more – love, insight, awareness, help, healing – put your heart into your wish. Take your time; ask for the moon! When you are done, thank God/Goddess, breathe deeply. If you want to, sit awhile with the energy of the full moon & your harvest wish. Know that you will receive.

If you wish to come to the sweat and ritual contact me at prue.blackmore@thrivebydesign.com.au and I will send you details and for the regulars bring something to feast that involves seeds in some part!